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  1. The Family Portrait (Hay’aan)
  2. Always Causing Trouble (Indefinite)
  3. Another Drunkard at the Crown (Open)
  4. Drinks at the Crown - Open
  5. Out from the Ivory Tower (Open)
  6. [Indefinite] For Whom the Bells of Meephos Toll
  7. A Chance Meeting (Duncan)
  8. Storms on the Horizon (open)
  9. Save Me From My Dreams (open)
  10. "Two strangers meet in a bar..." (Invite only)
  11. Just Another Feast Day (Private)
  12. Seeking A Fine Meal (open)
  13. Alonesomely alone open to all who also want to be alonesomely alone!!!
  14. The Musings of a Wandering Gypsy [OPEN]
  15. Used Tsu [Open]
  16. [Adventure] Empty Barstool
  17. Felicio: The Wanderer
  18. Linus: At the bar. Rare.
  19. Cyrus losing himself on a barstool
  20. Within the Crown (Open)
  21. A Man Walks into the Bar... [Markas]
  22. In Which Lyr Searches For His Mojo [Open!]
  23. Maene - Tiger's Blood
  24. An Old Friend, A New Song (private)
  25. He Who Kneels Not [Cieph]
  26. That Which Must Be Rediscovered [Markas]
  27. Tristen Rhine Empty Table
  28. A _____ Walks Into The Crown [open]
  29. Riven - Table at the Crown
  30. Vaishen - Empty Table at the Crown Inn
  31. Lyr: Wandering In
  32. Redsteel: An Empty Barstool Without Trouble
  33. A Visit to the Crown Inn
  34. Pavel: Fond memories at an empty table
  35. Vylle - Empty Barstool and Old Haunts
  36. [IC] The Crown Inn & Tavern Public Notice Board
  37. Crown Inn & Tavern: Adventure Hub
  38. [Location] The Crown Inn & Tavern: Front Desk - Menu - NPC Directory - Adventure Hub
  39. The Crown Suite-Archalen Andares [correspondence/meetings/etc.]
  40. [Front Desk] Crown Inn & Tavern
  41. [Location & Information] The Crown Inn & Tavern
  42. Wandering in Winter (open to all)
  43. Always have protection. (Harvengure)
  44. Ghost of the Past(open)
  45. "There and Back Again"
  46. A Long Brightening
  47. [Mellon Edhel] Faction meeting
  48. A Lightened Darkening {Open}
  49. Master of the Hunted [Open]
  50. Duck! Emily's Resolve to Buy Something Scrummy [Mod Please!]
  51. Beginning of a Cultural Revolution? (Elf/Half-Elf faction)
  52. Following in my Father's Footsteps
  53. Decisions and Plans (open)
  54. A Howling Riotous Affair (Open)
  55. The Hunt
  56. Home away from home
  57. Hitting Rock Bottom
  58. [Job]How to handle a Pint [Bartender - Kyr]
  59. [Crown Inn] When Opportunity Knocks... (Open)
  60. Tavern (OPEN/MOD)
  61. Inconvenient time for a job application?
  62. Uncle Milo Wants You [Private]
  63. City Living [Open]
  64. Presentment is the Requireage, Part II (Aglet)
  65. Hmm, So This Is Food, Tell Me More About It. (Privat Aeri)
  66. [The Crown] The Travelers: Part 1 (private)
  67. Even Healers Like A Drink (Open)
  68. This Is Not The Table For Tea (Arturus, Open)
  69. [The Crown] Stood up in a strange city (Tristan, please)
  70. An empire state of mind. (Open)
  71. Drinking? For Garth!?!
  72. [Crown Inn] So, About That Note...{Private; Closed}
  73. Correspondence for Nadina [Private]
  74. Angela Myrsa's Apartment [Crown Inn - Residence]
  75. A New Servant for the Crown
  76. Power Rosyun [Open]
  77. Exploring Inns (Open)
  78. [The Tavern] Invasion of the Molemen. (Open to all!)
  79. The Crown Inn & Tavern Public Notice Board
  80. Eat Every Meal Like It's Your Last (PM to join)
  81. Whiling away the hours (open)
  82. Beers for asterix!!!
  83. Birthbrightening (Open)
  84. [Crown Inn] Possibilities and Opportunities (Velerean)
  85. Heard You Had An Opening
  86. Settling in at the Common Housing... (Self moderated entrance)
  87. (The Crown Inn & Tavern) време да пијат (Open)
  88. A 'rigged' chance meeting (Open)
  89. The green glow of twilight falls gently on my pancakes (Open)
  90. To Find What is Hidden [AP City Quest]
  91. Vyssies and Dracons and Men, Oh My [Malik and Samuel Please!]
  92. A Reflective Drink (Open)
  93. [Crown Inn] What's Your's Is Mine (Duncan)
  94. Sword Slingin/ Agility Training
  95. A Titan and a Disciple walk into a bar... [Duncan & Liselle? GF'ed]
  96. looking for a good time (open)
  97. The Crown Inn & Tavern - Zenthia's Apartments
  98. The Crown Inn & Tavern - Player's Guide
  99. The Crown Inn & Tavern - Front Desk
  100. The Art of Persuasion (open)
  101. The Reason we are Who we are... (Jade, Private)
  102. "In Vino Pax" [Private -- Alexis, Vylle]
  103. Drinking, bathing. (Open, all welcome)
  104. Iron Law of Oligarchy
  105. [Anna Suite] Syl'lithar Room
  106. A New Beginging
  107. An Unfriendly Reunion (PVT)
  108. A Servant or a Stable Boy? (Lachlan)
  109. An Invite for Roscarnis de Lylles
  110. A lonely table (private Sabinia)
  111. [Crown Inn Tavern] Blades and Wine (Asial Pls)
  112. Nothing's Like Blood On Blood [Rafael LeBeau -- Private]
  113. The Soldality of Carmelyn A Mighty Fine Collection ( Alexis)
  114. Testing the Waters [To become a courtesan-help?-open thread]
  115. [Location:Crown Inn] The Dracon Brood...
  116. Looking to Cook (Mod of some kind)
  117. All of Aelyria Never Felt So Empty [Valanthia]
  118. A Formal Evening at the Crown [ Fox please ]
  119. Its Jorel Springer [Charybendipinitydd]
  120. Mummy dearest (Ebramsom, please)
  121. Transcending the Planes (Private)
  122. A Tryst in a Trice [Pala and Nikki]
  123. Old Friends and Cheap Ale (Duncan)
  124. Where Would We Be Without Chance Meetings? [Aerienne, Private]
  125. To a New Season [Private, Elm]
  126. High Tea [private, Duncan]
  127. Selling an old life
  128. I've met you before but I definitely don't know your name (Duncan, Private)
  129. Lets All Watch Flames Dance
  130. All dressed up and nowhere to go. [Duncan - private]
  131. A Meeting Amongst Gentlemen
  132. A new meal and new friends (Viskyia, M'ca and Poe)
  133. A messenger to his Lordship Kyle Linvail (private)
  134. Seeking Treasurehunters
  135. Chapter 23: In which bad news is received, and a surprise visitor arrives [Robyn]
  136. A New Aquaintance (Private, Romeo)
  137. A late night (ehtele pls)
  138. [Crown Inn] Silent Echoes [Letter]
  139. Wondering In For A Drink (Open)
  140. Mail Call for Kyle Linvail (Duncan Please)
  141. A nobleman's dinner
  142. A Lesson in Incivility [Open]
  143. Thamoire were are you tonight
  144. First drink, last bridge (Open)
  145. Keeping Old Promises [Need someone to Approve this probably]
  146. Oh to be lost (open)
  147. wish to learn some skills
  148. ~ One Last Kiss Before We Say Au Revoir (Elmaryia, PM to join)
  149. [The Crown Tavern] See All, Hear All...(Open)
  150. Public Notice of Meeting! (All Prime PCs Read)
  151. Arriving in Prime (Open)
  152. A Bite To Eat (Open)
  153. [Posting] Help Wanted
  154. [The Crown] Will work for gold or ale. (Open)
  155. [The Crown] An old friend with a new face (Duncan) [Character Development Thread]
  156. [The Crown] Palacrisis and J’lyara are hiring. [ Attention all Newbies!~ Open]
  157. [Crown Tavern] A toast to the end (Fidelis)
  158. [The Crown] At the bar (Open)
  159. [The Crown] Things Get Damaged, Things Get Broken (Open)
  160. [The Crown] Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves! [Val, gf'd]
  161. [The Crown Inn & Tavern] A Night of Haunting Tales
  162. [The Crown] The Underground Beckons (Jaedaxia Underground signups here!)
  163. [The Crown] Free Ale, almost no catch (open)
  164. [Crown Inn and Tavern]A Message Delivered Under Cloudy Skies [Duncan - Private]
  165. [Crown Tavern] Food and Whiskey (Open)
  166. [Crown Tavern] Blades and Beers (open!)
  167. [Crown Tavern] A drink a drink, my kingdom for a drink...and some good company (open)
  168. [Crown Inn & Tavern] A letter arrives (Raliric only)
  169. [Crown Tavern] The hunter stalks the prey (Alphonsus/Open)
  170. [Tavern] Come in from the Cold (Gazan, Tarfuss/Open)
  171. [Tavern] ..stuff (Aegis/open)
  172. [Tavern] Ruckus at the Crown (open)
  173. [Tavern | Closed (GF) ] Relaxing and Making Friends
  174. [Tavern|Shei|Closed (GF)] L'esprit de Jaedaxia
  175. [Tavern] A Master's Guise [Shei]
  176. [Tavern|Open] The Jaedaxian and the Crown
  177. [Tavern] Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there, with open arms and open eyes, yeah.
  178. [Tavern] Just a Pair of Mages [Atl please]
  179. A Little R and R (Mace Essex-Private)
  180. Back to Prime again <Private>
  181. Dinner for two lonely souls ~ Pala and Alicia
  182. First Time Out...
  183. Looking for some new friends...(OPEN!)
  184. The frozen hearts of Alleria Prime
  185. Some people just don't know how to behave... [open]
  186. Hatred Beckons (Open)
  187. My Alibi (Open, Please Play With Me)
  188. [Open] A Bard's Tale
  189. Sitting at the Tavern Inn, Wasting time... (Open!)
  190. Stone-cold sober.... again (Open)
  191. Stranger in a strange...place (open)
  192. Visiting the ol' Tavern...[Private]
  193. The Traveling Musician
  194. More Than a Normal Drink [Open]
  195. A Nice Quiet Meal
  196. Wild Blood Never Tells (open)
  197. Lovely Ladies (Open) [Mod Please]
  198. Curiosity killed the cat (Open)
  199. A New Friend (I Hope)
  200. Pay Me a Crown and I'll Sing You a Song (Open)
  201. Returning to the Crown (open, anyone who wants more than welcome!) (Mod please?)
  202. A Quiet Drink [Open]
  203. [Grandfathered] Barely Enough Room to Swing a Katta
  204. [Location] Zenthia's Apartments
  205. [Location] The Stables
  206. [Location] The Gardens
  207. An incident at the bar[Open][Mod Aesha]
  208. [Merchant Faire] The Crown Inn - Prime
  209. [Location] Front Desk
  210. Making Friends (Open)
  211. New to The Crown Inn and Tavern (Open)
  212. [Info] The Crown Tavern Menu
  213. Vacationing
  214. People Watching (Open to all-please join)
  215. Coincidence? I think not
  216. The Tired Soul Returns...(Open)
  217. Learning To Cook (Self Moderated)
  218. Wild Horses Wouldn't Drag Me Away
  219. [Open] Two Birchs Walk Into A Bar
  220. On a bender (Open to all)
  221. Fortunes, Fortunes [Mod Please]
  222. A meeting of old friends (Parreyon)
  223. [Location] The Crown Inn and Tavern - Player's Guide
  224. A New Face In The Crowd
  225. Stepping back in *very open*
  226. Introduction
  227. Some Old friends and an odd new one...
  228. Sitting alone looking for company!
  229. The Search for a Killer (Dmitri, Hazudar, Roland Dean; open - PM for permission)
  230. And so her story begins..
  231. The Mystic, the Sorcerer, and his Betrothed(Semi-private; Eri' and Duncan)
  232. Crawling out of a hole in the ground!
  233. Looking fer talk anyone welcome
  234. Looking for a party
  235. Revisit.
  236. Would anyone care to join for a drink?
  237. Seeking information..... and prehaps a companion (Open)
  238. A dwarf enters looking for someone with sense to talk to(open)
  239. Time off
  240. Anyone for Primus Gaudeo?
  241. Waiting for the Storm to Pass (Open)
  242. The Joy's of Reading - Private, Derkon
  243. A Curious Newcomer (Open to all)
  244. Looking for adventure
  245. Sitting down for a Drink (Open to All)
  246. Ovur Stonebane and Erilar come in for a drink (Private)
  247. A Mysterious Man in the Corner
  248. An Introduction
  249. A table and charity~
  250. Another drink(open)