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  1. Seeking Grapes
  2. The great... cheese Highst? [privat Lyric & Ratzelle ]
  3. Mastering the Hammer; a first step (Paareth)
  4. [Skill Training] Thier be gold in that thar junk!
  5. Tev At The Cloud Swift Stables And Equine Supplies
  6. [Stardust's Edge] Again we march... (Private)
  7. [Stardust's Edge] The Not So New Companion [Private]
  8. What We Believe In Is Just What We Are [Kailin|Igrainne]
  9. [Forty Winks] Sweet Welcome? (Charlotte pls)
  10. Chitin and Gossamer (Private)
  11. [Forty Winks] Seeking Employment
  12. [Forty Winks] Stables (Corespondence)
  13. [Forty Winks] Primehiems Party (Closed to New PCs)
  14. [Forty Winks] Chasing Chance is for the Brave [Charlotte]
  15. [Forty Winks] Frozen Ground or roof over head._Charlotte Al'lende.
  16. [Forty Winks] Who Can Rest At A Time Like This?
  17. Call Me a Sinner, Call Me a Saint - [Triel Xythan'tor - Private]
  18. [Forty Winks] To rest a weary head (Any PC staff member)
  19. Tinker at Work (Amber pls)
  20. Walls to Hold Us (Indefinite)
  21. [Shopping] Extreme Makeover, Druid Edition (Madeline)
  22. Aux Armes, Ithuriel's Archery etc.
  23. [Stardust's Edge]A Piece Of Land [Tylag]
  24. [Aelyria Prime Leather]The many uses of leather
  25. [Forty Winks] Forty winks and a Felicio [Charlotte/Private]
  26. [Ithuriel's Archery]How to pierce from a distance
  27. [CFW&A]Another skin may save your life
  28. [Aelyria Prime Leather]Keep it simple, keep it useful
  29. Location: Ithuriel's Archery (Buying a Bow)
  30. [Stardust's Edge] Meeting a friend. (Blasia)
  31. [Stardust's Edge] Irmandade de Espadas
  32. [Arael]
  33. [Social - Stardust's Edge] Mortis est solum initium. (Private)
  34. So... we meat again [Aden]
  35. Is your heart three sizes too small? [Limbus]
  36. [Kalamus Meat Market] Iím Not Making The Expected Pun (Aden)
  37. [Celestial Fury] Errands
  38. NOT otter nonesense! [L.J. Lotholdt]
  39. Willing to do Overtime? [Rosalie]
  40. A Green Thumb [Tyana]
  41. Many hands make light work [Invite]
  42. [Location] Forty Winks
  43. [Private] Celestial Fury Weaponry & Armory
  44. [Bank of Aelyria] Searching For Memories Of A Dead God [Private]
  45. [ Kalamus Meat Market and Butchery]
  46. [Aelyria Prime Leather] The Souvenir (Private)
  47. Play With Gems [Private]
  48. Stardust's Edge
  49. Thar be pirates 'ere! [NiX]
  50. Old Property
  51. [Stardust's Edge] Bad news travel fast (Private)
  52. [Location] Adventurer's Hall
  53. Lukewarm Pursuit! [Self-Mod]
  54. What the heart wants...(Private, Moderator Please)
  55. [Location] Kalamus Meat Market and Butchery
  56. [Location] Cook's Emporium and Groceries
  57. [Location] Ithuriel's Archery
  58. [Location] The Ebon Rose Restaurant & Tavern
  59. [Location] The Silk Leaf
  60. [Location] Dio's Runic Hunters
  61. [Location] Cloud Swift Stables and Equine Supplies
  62. [Location] Sabin's Glass & Wood
  63. [Location] Aelyria Prime Leather
  64. [Location] The Three Gates Tavern & Inn
  65. [Location] Celestial Fury Weaponry & Armory
  66. [Location] The Vibrant Greenhouse Herbal Shoppe
  67. [Location] Bank of Aelyria - Prime Branch
  68. [OOC] The Mercantile District: Link Map
  69. Reagent you say? (Private, mod please)
  70. A sexy silent Knife! [Goldstein]
  71. Discrete Business [Private]
  72. A lady that knocks on Edge's door. [Maar private]
  73. Keep your hat on! [Private, Peer-modder Gaktak]
  74. Hard labor! [Private, Lightem Massani]
  75. [Location] Stardust Edge
  76. [The Silk Leaf] Plain Dresses First (Eden, Priv)
  77. [The Silk Leaf] Rags for riches
  78. The way of the White Wolverine [Maar]
  79. [Bank] Establishing the Austerfield Account (J'lyara)
  80. [Stardust's Edge] Prologue (Aelwynd, Gaktak, Irmaon)
  81. [Quest]A Message? Why?, what? and who? [Holland / Eriale]
  82. Revenge of the Sticky Pixie (open!)
  83. [Cloud Swift Stablery] To ride a horse... again [self mod Intermediate Horse Riding]
  84. [Training]Abow is not a stick - [Basic longbow-Lambert Berengar]
  85. [Quest/Training]To gain a bounty, 1st you track [Basic Tracking, Jhon Voratus]
  86. [Duselby Parva Plaza] Experience Is not Improvised (Ice Queen Of Prime))
  87. [Cloud Swift Stablery] To the hands we give reins (Adeline)
  88. [The Three Gates] When it Rains, it Pours (Limbus)
  89. Is it time to go out on my own? [Journeyman Blacksmithing Training]
  90. No Good Deed Goes Unrewarded [Tristan Please]
  91. [The Three Gates] When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd (Limbus)
  92. Strolling the stalls... (Open)
  93. Let's get ready to tumble! [basic acrobatics, Angela please!]
  94. [Auction House] A Gift for the Star-crossed Lover
  95. To unto some is preferred the gift of cake unto others a sword...
  96. Alley Cat Jakk (Self-mod, Private)
  97. Flow Like Water (Ataa Training Flashback)
  98. [Flashback] Hide and Go Sneak (K'Tesh Training | Self-Mod)
  99. [Location] Kalamus Meat Market and Butchery
  100. Sharp things and pig tails. (Duncan Sythe)
  101. [Location] Fruit Market and Teahouse
  102. Ioannes is Watching You [Invite Only]
  103. Novice Horsemanship (self-modded)
  104. A Meeting in the Market place (Niven & Open)
  105. The Apprentice's Lunch Hour [Gov]
  106. Bad Blood (Open)
  107. Patrol in the Market (Invite)
  108. [Location] The Vibrant Greenhouse Herbal Shoppe
  109. Excitement turns to worry (Private)
  110. Looking for a job for jobs abound. Jobby job job.
  111. A Darkening of the Unexpected[Duncan]
  112. [Flashback] Welcome to the Jungle (K'Tesh Training | Self-Mod)
  113. [Location] The Ebon Rose Restaurant and Tavern
  114. Watch the Pretty Birdie (Akirak )
  115. [Circus]Spinning Out of Control? (Basic Acrobatics - Miro)
  116. [Location] A Nondescript Warehouse
  117. [OOC] The Mercantile District Forum Information Thread
  118. Hand to Hand, Fate to Fate (Heartbreaker, Duncan)
  119. Minding One's Own Business [Private]
  120. Hey, Mr! (Grom)
  121. The Moon, The Darkening; An Old Friend for Dinner [Private -- Ouroboros]
  122. Searching the Shadows (Tali'yae, Rhakesh)
  123. [Location] The Exotic Market
  124. [Quest] The Price of Luxury (Open)
  125. [Location] Celestial Fury Weapons and Armor
  126. Of friends and dresses [Sabinia please]
  127. Making a new friend [Location Fruit Market Tea House] Sabinia Please
  128. [Location] The Bounty Hunter's Guild Hall
  129. [OOC] Merchant Princes Unite!
  130. Mercantile District Description & Link Map
  131. Making a sword
  132. Sometimes it pays to be afraid of the dark... (Angela; Open)
  133. Me?! an a.... apprentice?! [Angela's apprentice blacksmith training]
  134. To hammer or not to hammer [Location Divine Fury Celestial Forge]
  135. In the Darkened Streets (Open)
  136. [Three Suns] An Unlikely Bounty Hunter (Wilhelm, Please)
  137. Shoppin' around
  138. Pretty dresses for pretty ladies (Larien)
  139. Den of Thieves - The Business of Acquisition [Vashael's Office]
  140. Mooney
  141. The Sons of Sacrifice (Basic Runes)
  142. Public Notice of Meeting! (All prime pcs please read)
  143. A Viper's Touch (Basic Poison Training)
  144. [Location] Hazbones's Healing Station
  145. [Location] Ithuriel's Archery
  146. [The Market Plaza] Fruit Market and Teahouse
  147. [The Market Plaza] Livestock Market
  148. [Location] The Three Gates Tavern & Inn
  149. [Location] The Three Suns Trading House
  150. [Location] Dio's Runic Hunters
  151. [Location] Bank of Aelyria, Prime Branch
  152. [Location] Cloud Swift Stablery and Equine Supplies
  153. [Location] Windsor's Traveling Supplies
  154. [Location] Celestial Fury Weaponry and Armory
  155. [Location] The Sugar Tooth Candy Shop
  156. [Location] The Silk Leaf
  157. [Location] Sweet Bread Bakery & Treats
  158. [Location] The Vibrant Greenhouse Herbal Shoppe
  159. [Location] Kalamus' Meat Market and Butchery
  160. [Location] Aelyria Prime's Bounty Hall
  161. [Location] The Aelyria Prime Circus
  162. Plaza Underground
  163. [Store] Jaleiya's Cook's Emporium and Groceries
  164. [Store] Aelyria Prime Leather
  165. [Location] Laseya's Fine Spirits and Essences