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  1. Pride Turned Angels into Devils
  2. [Teaser] Pride Turned Angels into Devils
  3. [Indefinite] The Dawn of Velvet Conquest
  4. [Private, Indefinite] To Jump the Dragon's Gate
  5. How to Save a Life [self-mod]
  6. The Third And Final Act
  7. Fall Away from the Memories (When We Were One) [private]
  8. "What One Man Can Invent, Another Can Discover." [Noe]
  9. An Open Letter to the Aelyrian Peoples (Open)
  10. Fatherly Duties, Part II [Roslynn, Maddyn]
  11. ~Is this a dagger which I see before me~ (Private, GD Maddyn)
  12. [Kaldres-Lylles Wedding] Invitation for Lady Carilyn ap'Sael
  13. [Kaldres-Lylles Wedding] Invitation for Lord Burton Musgrave
  14. Over the Edge of the World [private, self-mod]
  15. Exhilaration
  16. ~Smoke and Bile~ [Elite Mixed Dagger]
  17. Checking on the South [Mod Please]
  18. Another Year Older [Roscarnis]
  19. You have a Message...[Nimavel/Open]
  20. The Ties That Bind [Roscarnis and Maddyn]
  21. [Palace of the Thane] A friendly House call...
  22. ~For Our Children's Future~ [Private, Roscarnis]
  23. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang [Private -- Noe]
  24. Being led astray... [open]
  25. The Assassin's Dilemma
  26. The Devil in the White City (Maddyn)
  27. Crystal Shops Under a Cold Moon
  28. [Basilica of Orod] Foundations of Faith
  29. A Palace Beneath the Starlight (Calairiel)
  30. Chapter One : Waif
  31. Cellophane... Should've Been My Name [Tiyribi]
  32. Steal Floes Thru Teh Vains uf His Storie [Maddyn]
  33. A Power Play and a Slap in the Face
  34. A minor disrespect, A major consquence [Maddyn]
  35. The Other Life [Private -- Maddyn]
  36. [Mercantile] The Coldmoon Crystal Works
  37. Can't see the Woodelves for the Tree's...
  38. [Government] The Al'lende Memorial Archives
  39. Katta on Patrol [Semi Open]
  40. In search of Golden Crowns [Maddyn, Open]
  41. Basic Archery [Tiala]
  42. [Shrine of Aslan] Look A Priest-I Want To Keep Him
  43. [Faith] The Basilica of Orod
  44. Union of the Soul [Maddyn Please]
  45. Cold? Pah! Back in my day... [Tiala]
  46. [Faith] The Garden of Carmelya
  47. [Faith] Church of Diana
  48. [Faith] The Shrine of Aslan
  49. So an Elf, a God and a Crazy go into a Temple...[Tiyribi]
  50. [Military] The Martial Academy
  51. [Military] Keryn Regiment Armory
  52. [Government] Palace of the Thane of Coldmoon
  53. [Government] New Coldmoon Aedile
  54. [Government] New Coldmoon Treasury
  55. [Mercantile] Hotel Coldmoon
  56. [Mercantile] The Five Torches Restaraunt
  57. [Mercantile] The Drunken Dwarf Inn
  58. [Mercantile] Frodera's Weaponry
  59. [Mercantile] The Lazy Sparrow - Fletcher, Bowyer and Leatherworking
  60. [Military] Keryn Regiment Barracks
  61. [Government] Coldmoon Prefecture
  62. [Mercantile] Janssen Stables
  63. [Mercantile] Tradewind Supplies
  64. [Mercantile] The Violet Parlor and Tattoo Emporium
  65. [IC] New Coldmoon Southern City Gates
  66. [OOC] Recent History of New Coldmoon
  67. [OOC] New Coldmoon City Link Map
  68. [OOC] New Coldmoon City Profile and Information
  69. [OOC] New Coldmoon Character Repository
  70. [OOC] Moderation Notices, Requests & OOC comments.
  71. [New Coldmoon] Crystal for Your Thoughts [Mai]
  72. [New Coldmoon] A Visit of Sorts... (Aqua)
  73. [New Coldmoon] A Message to Faust
  74. A Short Walk to the Senator [Faust]
  75. ...But boys would be gone without warmth from a woman's good, good heart. [Private]
  76. The Town Square[Message Center]
  77. The Lazy Sparrow – Fletcher, Bowyer, and Leathercrafter[Self Modded]
  78. [OOC Thread] New Coldmoon's Full Moon
  79. Link Map/Description[OOC Information]
  80. The General Store[Self Modded]
  81. The Grand Church of Diana
  82. Frodera's Weapons and Armor Shop[Self Modded]
  83. Available Jobs[OOC Information]
  84. The Gates of New Coldmoon[Self Modded]
  85. New Coldmoon under New Management!
  86. A new Adventure [Cassidy]
  87. [OOC] Old threads that need to be completed.
  88. A Letter for the Lady Protector
  89. New town, New home.
  90. Doctors Check-Up (Private/Cassidy)
  91. Last one to scale the walls is a rotten egg!
  92. OOC: General Thread
  93. A Message For Medea Quilde'ital's
  94. A Little Song and Dance at the Thanal Manor [Cassidy]
  95. To Arms! (All military members respond)
  96. OOC: New plot in New Coldmoon
  97. Terror in New Coldmoon (Private - Medea / PM for request to jion)
  98. OOC: All read regarding information on this subforum
  99. Sambuca's Fine Dining
  100. Hotel New Coldmoon
  101. Recruit Training Part One...
  102. Rebirth of the Rose
  103. A meeting with Princess Charming (Cassidy, Private)
  104. OOC: New Coldmoon City Map/Location Finder
  105. The Violet Parlor and Tattoo Emperium
  106. New Coldmoon: Office of the Prefect
  107. The New Coldmoon Financial Institution
  108. The Aedile's Office of New Coldmoon
  109. The Gates of New Coldmoon
  110. Frodera's Weapons and Armour Shop
  111. The Drunken Dwarf Inn and Tavern
  112. Correspondence: The Lifeline of a Friendship [Private]
  113. An Affair to Remember (Private: Duncan only)
  114. OOC: GM Moderation requests
  115. PC Self/Peer Mod requests and available Peer Mods
  116. OOC: New GM, a wonderful farewell
  117. A Trade to Take
  118. Corner of the City, Corner of the Tavern
  119. All you need is L-U-S-T...
  120. A Pleasurable Evening turns toward Business (Moranor Andares)
  121. The Open Bar and Smoking Section
  122. Golden Opportunities ~Open~
  123. The Games.
  124. Wildernessmen Test (Feldan)
  125. Escape from Nobility (Cassidy, who else?)
  126. Starting a New
  127. Let's Eat! (Create your own threads/post here)
  128. A Call to Order (GM pse)
  129. An Overdue Arrival (Private, Cassidy)
  130. Secrets In the Sewers (Cassidy pse)
  131. Save Us a Seat Will You?-Dinner Hall-(Open)
  132. The truth will set you free (Private, Roslynn)
  133. Money, money, money...
  134. The Powder Room (For Seperate PC use only)
  135. The Evil Human (Chapter 1, Open to All)
  136. A Letter to the Thane
  137. Medea's Apprentice Druidism (PC Jaali Desseren)
  138. Amusing the Ever Greedy (Cass)
  139. Lost in the Gardens (open)
  140. The Gardens (For seperate PC use)
  141. Taking after Trump...
  142. The moon still holds its shadows (Stephan, invite only)
  143. Intermediate Longsword (Feldan)
  144. Escape from the Revelry
  145. The "Interrogation" of Rilith
  146. An Audience with the Thane (Cassidy pse)
  147. Dinner Hall - Rice are food, not friends.
  148. Fairy Godmother? File Not Found... (private - Lunerith?)
  149. Politics, politics and politics... (Cassidy, Invite only)
  150. Getting a foot in the door (Cassidy please)
  151. The Dining Hall...(Let's party!)
  152. Arrival at the Thanal Palace (Cassidy, please)
  153. New Coldmoon's Thanal Palace - The Night of The Ball (Post here First)
  154. "Meat Room"
  155. OOC Questions and Mod Requests regarding the Ball
  156. OOC Squirrel Banter and Chatter
  157. Readme: Thread Organisation.
  158. Stealth Training (Feldan)
  159. Combat Training (Feldan)
  160. Room D-32 (Feldan)
  161. Preparing for the ball...(Lunerith's help please)
  162. Invitations to be sent...
  163. Local Uprising (all free to join, especially Cassidy)
  164. Spring Festival - Purity
  165. Negotiations with Cass'dae (Cassidy, Private)
  166. Ladies Out Shopping (Elanara, Cassdae)
  167. New Coldmoon Thanal Manor - Rooms
  168. New Coldmoon Thanal Manor
  169. Coliseum Program Board (Notice, Coliseum)
  170. Animal/Hospital Entrance (West, Coliseum)
  171. Forge Entrance (East, Coliseum)
  172. Spectator Entrance (South, Coliseum)
  173. Fighter Entrance (North, Coliseum)
  174. Outer Grounds (Coliseum)
  175. Ansins' Adventure In New Coldmoon
  176. Crisp Winter Morning... (newbie house)
  177. Duragin’s Fine Clothery
  178. The Lazy Sparrow – Fletcher, Bowyer, and Leathercrafter
  179. All Healed Up...(GM)
  180. Music in the Park of the Moon
  181. OOC: Present and Future of NC
  182. Wanted darkness (Boulder)
  183. An Encounter at Sunset (Windrek, Private)
  184. One Last Drink (Windrek, no mod needed)
  185. The Scroll of the "Horrible" OO(r)C
  186. Into the Night (Private, Solonor&Windrek)
  187. The Walk Of...Shame? (Private, AGM Castimoniatsu- TOP related)
  188. Marick's Office Drunkan Dwarf Tavern (Private)
  189. The Howling Wolfs Cellars (Invite Only)
  190. The Howling Wolf Pleasure Den
  191. Windrek's T.O.P. training
  192. Windrek's report to TOP
  193. Maldock & Sons Salvage
  194. The LeBeck Hovel
  195. Searching for Hidden Truths (Private, GM Boulder)
  196. A Plea at the Prefects & Watch Office (Open to All)
  197. Intrigue at the Vinyards (Espa Open)
  198. Livye's Home
  199. Military Patrol (Kajin & Sabar)
  200. First Aid Training (Keryn Regiment)
  201. First Aid Training (Windrek and Solonor)
  202. Dagger Training Kajin
  203. Long Sword training Kajin
  204. City Map Of New Coldmoon
  205. Bastille of the Prefect (Military/Government)
  206. Barracks of the New Coldmoon Legion (Millitary)
  207. Basilica of Orod (Religious)
  208. Office of the Prefect (Government)
  209. Newly Neutral
  210. Following in Grandfather's footsteps...
  211. An Emergency Gathering (to all...
  212. Katana Training for Sabar
  213. Tower of the Gods
  214. The Grand Church of Diana
  215. The temple of the sacred Three
  216. Shrine of Aslan
  217. The Stables and Tack (Mercantile)
  218. Stealth Training
  219. Quarterstaff Training (ARRAETH AND SABAR ONLY)
  220. Solonor's Sorcery Madness! (PRIVATE)
  221. Windrek's Longsword Training
  222. The Academy's Armoury (Military)
  223. Room D-31 (Sabar and Arraeth, private)
  224. The Hotel New Coldmoon (Hotel)-
  225. The Drunkan Dwarf Inn and Tavern (Mercantile)
  226. Night Walking
  227. Council Meeting (Private, Espa)
  228. Laucian's House
  229. Darkest before Dawn
  230. Re-construction of the Temple of Orod
  231. Assembling the aid
  232. Takerikeri Trains
  233. The Physical Test for Draconis
  234. Mental Tests for Draconis
  235. Galarandil's House
  236. Mental Tests for Solonor
  237. Physical Test for Solonor
  238. Mental Tests for Takerikeri
  239. Mental Tests for Windrek
  240. The Physical Test for Takerikeri
  241. The Physical Test for Windrek
  242. Recruitment Site for Elite Training Centre
  243. OOC: A farewell.
  244. The Five Torches Restaurant
  245. Kisha Kai's House
  246. City Square Debate for Thane (All Welcome, Cassidy)
  247. Eltrihnë's house
  248. Seeking a Thaumaturgist (Priv l Jimmy!!!)
  249. Vacation
  250. Lady Al'lende's rented abode.