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  1. Senator From Orckon
  2. A Message For Lysst
  3. Pig ugly in the woods
  4. Dzrg's Favorite Weapon
  5. Jobs Are Available At The Office Of The City Chieftan
  6. The Office Of The City Chieftan
  7. The Slave Market
  8. The Overlooked Establishment
  9. Inspecting The Animal Enclosure (fetch)
  10. [Spinerippa Hill] Beginning A Personal Regime
  11. A Place To Stay
  12. Fire and Deep Wells [open] [Lysst and Braaz ~ open]
  13. Spinerippa Hill [Location]
  14. The state of the Orc’s [Background Only]
  15. Hell hath no fury like a Vysstichi's scorn (GM Fetch)
  16. The Orc's of Orckon
  17. Flashback, submission to the black marks ~ Mystic
  18. [Ral’s House] A new edge on an old axe (Self-Mod)
  19. Filthy holes are for orc's - Haywire
  20. Cop a squat…er (Open)
  21. Respect your Elders (Rushnak, Coulter & Others)
  22. I am in charge now. What are you going to do about it? (Open Plot to PC's of Orckon!)
  23. [Event] No mercy for the weak
  24. [Event] The Longest Winter & Chronicle of the Past
  25. [OOC] PC Registration, Mod & Experience Requests!
  26. Survival... A Blessing? (Trinity)
  27. Orcish Booty!
  28. Curse the Gods, Long live ORC!
  29. [Event] The Blackened Silence of the Horde
  30. Waking Up Confused (Gauls)
  31. [Mission] Live, Learn, Smash! (1st SK Fury)
  32. [Castellum] Basic Shield-as-Weapon (13th Fury 5th LU)
  33. [Mission] Worgs, Orcs, and Blood (Gauls, private)
  34. [Castellum] Shield as a Weapon (14th Fury 7th Ushtar)
  35. Public Annoucement [crier]
  36. [Beer Tent] Orkish Language (Grik)
  37. [Castellum] Shati Training (Basic Spear)
  38. Finding a Friend(Bloodlust Training)AGM Gauls please
  39. Laying The Shanks on The Table - Just Outside The Freetrade District [Open/Mod]
  40. Jagged Fang's Way; Spinerippa Hill [Location/Home]
  41. [Castellum] Shield as a Weapon (1st mini Horde) *guide*
  42. [Castellum]1st Kaugzi Horde (Basic Shortbow) *guide*
  43. [Castellum] Sapat Training (2nd mini horde) *guide*
  44. Ogrim's Basic Shamenism [Shamen Cave]
  45. [Castellum] Shati Training (1st mini horde) *guide*
  46. ~Great Hall~ Messengers go out
  47. Basic Axe Training (Self-Modded)
  48. Allies (GM Steve or AGM Gauls please)
  49. Beer Tent - Another day in Orckon (open)
  50. Jorel Spire - Poison Lore Training (Private)
  51. Training Fields - Orcish K'Tesh Training (Private)
  52. Absence of AGM Gauls
  53. Infiltrator in Orckon! [Open]
  54. A Tough Job Ahead [Basic Axe] Orog
  55. [Location] The Ruins of Narim (Sea Docks)
  56. [Location] The Ruins of Narim (The Shvakkim)
  57. [Location] The Ruins of Narim (Armada/docks)
  58. [Ire] Delivering a gift (Open to all)
  59. Laying Hammer to Stone [Open to all]
  60. [Location] Ire Hayan Spire- Temple
  61. [Location] Ire Aslan Spire- temple
  62. [Location] Ire Jorel Spire- Temple
  63. [Location] Ire The Beer Tent (district)
  64. [Location] Ire The Pit
  65. [Location] Ire City Defenses
  66. [Location] Ire Great Hall District- Great Hall
  67. [Location] Ire Training Field
  68. [Location] Ire Shatroful Onreinn
  69. [Location] Ire Recuitment Hovel
  70. [Location] Ire Rowdy Tents
  71. [Location] Ire Forge
  72. [Location] Ire Armory
  73. [Location] Ire Trade District
  74. [Location] Ire Animal Enclosure
  75. [Location] Ire Shamen Caves
  76. [Location] Ire work Crew Spire
  77. [Location] Ire Goblin Village- Thief Guild
  78. [Location] Ire Goblin Village
  79. [Location] Ire Great Hall Enclosure
  80. [Location] Ire Dark Race Village
  81. [Location] Ire North Gate
  82. [Location] Ire Main Gate
  83. [OOC] Ire "Orckon" Comments Thread
  84. [OOC] ~ Ire "Orckon" Information and LinkMap ~
  85. (Ire) The Orkish City of Ire
  86. [Orkon] Fait Waits... For Now
  87. [Orkon] Shelter or sanctuary?
  88. [Orckon]My life for Ire! (Open, Peermodded)
  89. Stalking the Outskirts
  90. the horde - open
  91. Free trade zone - forge
  92. OOC Thread for Ire
  93. "We Only Roll With Motherfethers Who Kill For Me." [Basic Axe/Mod Please]
  94. Jag Fang Way; Gorefist Hill [Location/Home]
  95. [Hayan Spire]
  96. Laying The Shanks On The Table [Just Outside The Free Trade District: City Bound]
  97. [Free Trade District]
  98. [Animal Enclosure]
  99. [Fortress Gates]
  100. Someday I Will Kill You. (Open
  101. [Raid] Orckon Moves Out
  102. What to do
  103. Basic Battle Axe - Ralzari
  104. [Raid] Storm Clouds Gather (open to all)
  105. "Carpe Diem", hombre...
  106. Lughorn training - Yarran
  107. NPCs/ assets - use them or lose them
  108. A Hole in my Memory
  109. A Drink at the Beer Tent-Private(GM Adder)
  110. A journey begins with a small step [Adder plz]
  111. A lizardman shouts a challenge, fight. Open
  112. Looking Out For Some Intermed Axe Training ~ Adder
  113. Lord of the Claws: The Return Of The Mentor (Intermediate K'Tesh - Private)
  114. Welcome to Orckon! (start here)
  115. Wandering {Thorg}
  116. hi
  117. [Location - Free Trade] The Golden Axe Tavern and Inn
  118. [Location - Free Trade] Trade District
  119. [Location] City Gates
  120. [Location] City Gates {Late Spring}
  121. City Map
  122. Beer Tent Gossip
  123. [Location] The Gates - Spring. Post here first
  124. [Training] Lughorn {Trakghash}
  125. [Training] Lughorn {Ralzari}
  126. [Training] Lughorn {Goorg}
  127. Nights under the stars
  128. [Shatroful Onreinn] Taralon Caravan Preparation (Ralzari, open for pcs)
  129. [Training] Lughorn (Ralzari, Goorg, Thrakghash)
  130. Wandering
  131. ooc: Orckon comments
  132. [Skull Hammer Clan Stronghold] Initiation Grak, private!
  133. [Shatroful Onreinn] Caravan Preparation (open for pcs)
  134. [Skull Hammer Clan Stronghold] Urck, Private!
  135. The orc's go blacksmithing ~ Private.
  136. [Training Field] Faust and his fellows
  137. Shatroful Onreinn [a Merchant's Guild]
  138. Da streetz
  139. [Animal Enclosure] Rhuz's job
  140. [Festival] The Burning Thirst
  141. [Shamen Cave] Faust in a cell
  142. Intermediate Warhammer [Lil' Haz]
  143. [Stronghold] The Skull Hammer Clan
  144. The City Master and the elf
  145. Domicile of Tarak Vokurro
  146. [Basic Shati]Higroth
  147. [Drepa] Rhuz vs Troll
  148. Hosting of the SHC (Balthazor)
  149. Basic Warhammer (Lil' Haz)
  150. Bortrak's hovel
  151. The Yawning Sun
  152. The Den of Rhuzalakh
  153. Looking for a worthy sacrifice
  154. [The Angry Pit]Balthazor vs Fos Rog
  155. [Great Hall]- Horde Recruitment Hovel
  156. [Goblin Village]- Thief Guild
  157. S'rillia's sacrifice
  158. A Lady taking a chance...
  159. [Festival] The Frigid Belly (all vistors beware)
  160. Lydia's mount
  161. Diamond and S'rillia haggling over prices
  162. Seeking any Local Merc groups. (Mod please)
  163. Shamen Cave
  164. Strongholds
  165. Goblin Village
  166. Dark Race Village
  167. Animal Enclosure
  168. The Forge
  169. Trade District
  170. Shorty Tents
  171. Hayan Spire
  172. Jorel Spire
  173. Astan Spire
  174. The Great Hall
  175. The Angry Pit
  176. The Work Crew Spire
  177. Armory
  178. Main Gate (must post here first)
  179. Beer tent
  180. Training Field
  181. General Plots
  182. Roadmap of Orckon (active places)
  183. Welcome to Orckon! (start here)