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  1. A Dance of Blades...Wooden Ones, Anyway (Tavari training flashback, in Harrid)
  2. Night falls in the streets of Kstat (Conrad)
  3. [St Anthony Hostel] Ulrich Vandermark's Room
  4. The Heroes Gather
  5. Taking Justice to the Max
  6. Basilica de Sancta Sedes
  7. The Auxenbourg Estate
  8. Black Blades Carving Hearts Out of Stone [Dagger Experience]
  9. Shadows Fall... [xYou Know Who]
  10. [Temple of Divine War] Two faces. One man. (Luminor)
  11. [OOC] City Information; Link Map & Player Guide
  12. The Round
  13. Valkyrie Towers
  14. The Stockade
  15. [Merchant's Wharf] Brightsteel Swordsmith
  16. [Merchant's Wharf] Missus B's Bakery
  17. [Merchant's Wharf] Elucide's Clothing
  18. [Merchant's Wharf] Adzil's Butcher Shop
  19. Temple of Divine War
  20. The Drunken Ram
  21. [Merchant's Wharf] Johann the Bowyer
  22. The Bone Lady
  23. The Singing Stones
  24. Chittering Winds (OOC!)
  25. The Blue Gates (Southern Approach)
  26. Looking for a loving home; sheds a ton (open)
  27. Just a closer walk with me... (Private)
  28. [SFP] Do You Really Want to Hurt Me? (Open, PM to join; no houses, please)
  29. [Ivory Citadel] The Groundskeeper's Shed
  30. [Ivory Citadel] The Inquisitor-General's Office
  31. [Ivory Citadel] The Father-General's Office
  32. The Aedile's Office
  33. The Shepherd's Rest Inn
  34. [Ivory Citadel] Xander Trias Hall
  35. [Ivory Citadel] The Silver Gates
  36. The Town Bulletin Board
  37. Silverfall Park
  38. Pickford's Forge
  39. Colby's General Store
  40. Johann Wagner, Bowyer
  41. The Tipsy Ram Tavern
  42. Local Lore
  43. The Great Master Link Map
  44. The Gates [post here first]
  45. Openly Ostentatious Content [OOC Thread]