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  1. Silver Drake Inn and Tavern [Phoenix Clan Intro thread]
  2. Business Tip #145: Form Valuable Connections (Razu)
  3. Holy mother of....! (Private)
  4. Hey, watch where you point that thing! (Eldwen please)
  5. And No, My Pants Are NOT On Fire
  6. Jump, twist then spin... don't forget to breath [Lyna] closed
  7. Momma Always Said Yer Life's In The Soles Of Yer Feet
  8. A Wolf in Shepherd's Clothing (Lyna, Sima, Thamayl)
  9. Rats Of A Feather (Ratzelle)
  10. Sentiments of Success (Willow, Mimesis)
  11. Bring the Pain
  12. Small Bricks: The Foundation of Our Success (Porta)
  13. The Notice Board
  14. The Unpleasant Deeds of Good People (Tiyribi, Porta)
  15. [Outskirts] Natural Selection (Porta, Lanceor, Vil'dhar)
  16. [Villa di Legatus] Tools of the Trade (Alchemy Stuff)
  17. Beyond The Iron Door
  18. [Hidden City] Your Skin is a Canvas, Your Body is a Work of Art (PM for Invite)
  19. When Lullabies Become Songs of Fear (Barthelme)
  20. Gotta Love Them Fiesty Ladies [Porta]
  21. It's only taboo if you don't enjoy it (Private)
  22. [Villa di Legatus] Hanky Code (Willow, Eldwen)
  23. Ignorance is not always bliss (Porta)
  24. No Vaishen Allowed [Willow]
  25. Hard Hat (Jade)
  26. A Fit Of Sentimentality (Shal)
  27. “Drink With Me” (Open)
  28. When I Was Your Age (Vance)
  29. Get In, Loser (Jade, Willow)
  30. [Dreamscape] The Sky Has Fallen (Sima)
  31. What Day Is It? [mod plz?/pm me to join(PCs)]
  32. Does Your Shirt Make Me Look Fat? [Iggy/Vai]
  33. Growth in the Garden of Our Souls (Igrainne, Parhus, Porta)
  34. [Outskirts] Villa di Legatus
  35. Saving Our Saviors (Tyav'ondo, Shiro)
  36. We offer this in prayer or something (Lyna please)
  37. [Hegemony] Many hands make light work: A meeting. (Vaishen)
  38. [Hegemony] If That Offer Still Stands (Vaishen)
  39. "Quoth The Raven, 'Eat My Shorts'"
  40. Captain Grisby's savage waffles
  41. A Tale of Faith and Uncertainty (Dalía, Faen, Eldwen)
  42. Cue The Imperial March (Vaishen)
  43. Hegemony Security Services
  44. A feel it's time...for crime! (straylor please, level 4 thievery)
  45. A rough night
  46. The Sword and The Cause (Private)
  47. Go Giant or Go Home (Veleraen-Level 1 Zan Zu)
  48. [Training] Elite Axe
  49. [Southgate Forge] Steelwork, Weapons and Home
  50. [Southgate - Forge] A Dagger for the Heart
  51. To Dance With A Sword
  52. [Southern City - Forge] A home is like a heart
  53. Food for a growing group... [Private] (Seraph, please)
  54. The fight club
  55. Breaking Through The Foundation of Reality, Part 1 (Private, Goldstein)
  56. Just a Whisper (private)
  57. Honey, I'm going to Malice. (Tiyribi)
  58. [Elementalism L1] Rocks and Roads
  59. The Echoes of the Future (Faust)
  60. In Need of Builders (MOD)
  61. [The Academy of Shadows] Just Another Game of Cloak and Quarrel (Stealth & Darts)
  62. A Correspondence for the Royal Consul [Marquis Darvin ap Barlin Ironfist]
  63. [Primus Bookstore] I Have Returned For My Book!
  64. An adventurer's tale continues... [Hengest]
  65. How Fares Centripax? [Mod Please]
  66. An evening at the Silver Drake (Open)
  67. [ooc] Moderation and XP Requests
  68. [Cutlers Guild] (makers of knives and other bladed weapons)
  69. Wood staff for me... good stuff for my nemesis
  70. Sword and Board, or Pen and Vellum?
  71. Ornangol Residence
  72. [Guildhall] Searching Our Souls (Theldor)
  73. Tears of ink
  74. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps [Diana de Lylles]
  75. A shady task for an honest lady? (Lindy Ravenswing)
  76. Splitting air, splitting wood (basic archery)
  77. Sharpstone Correspondence
  78. Children of Astartus
  79. A Flight too Close to the Sun (Hengest)
  80. [Temple of Cetheron]
  81. A Life For A Life, A Lie For A Lie [Vaishen]
  82. No Lips, No Lids, and No Lobes [Private, Akidai Triplets]
  83. The Lone Wolf and the Magnificent Huntress (Jade)
  84. The darkest corners of hidden courtyards (Jade)
  85. Primus Gaudeo Diamond - Winter Edition Era XVI/ XVII PF, Volume 17, No. 1
  86. [Pheonix Gates] Southern Entrance
  87. Primus Gaudeo Diamond - Autumn Edition Era XVI PF, Volume 16, No. 4
  88. [Goldsmiths Hall]
  89. [Blackforest] What's Silver Without the Gold? [Hengest]
  90. [ooc] City Map, Links etc
  91. [Ka-Zaar's Armor] The Fire Within The Forge [GF'ed, Keldon please]
  92. Meeting the Governer (Austin Please!)
  93. Announcement From the Governor
  94. Just Looking Around [open]
  95. [Adventurers/Fighters Guild] Basic Spear
  96. [Adventurers/Fighters Guild] Basic Military Tactics Training
  97. [Flashback thread] Silent Steps [Ceva, Surson, Private]
  98. Seeking Corporal Tain (Masamune please)
  99. Daylight Tours (Open)
  100. [The Rainbow Coffee House] For the love of... Coffee (Apakai)
  101. [Primus Guard Headquarters] Gearing Up (Private, Surson)
  102. [Primus Guard Headquarters] General Rardowia Careddyn's Office
  103. In the eye of the beholder...(Nimune, please)
  104. Off to see the Sorceress; Sorcery training
  105. The Bodyguard, Starring Korgar Kinslammer (Private)
  106. A Prayer, A Hope, A Message, A Promise (Masamune please)
  107. [Sorcerer's Guild Hall]
  108. [ooc]The PG Chatter Box
  109. [Mugg & Brew Inn] Drinkin' & Cussin' ain't ever been so good (Dyll)
  110. Primus Gaudeo Diamond, Spring Edition Era XV PF, Volume 15, No. 2
  111. 1st annual zerdargian games and festival
  112. AGM Sifu - Please read if he is moderating you.
  113. First Steps (Private: Charual Teken'ar)
  114. Announcement from the Governer
  115. [Flashback] Basic Theology (Aqua please)
  116. Assistance ---- Post here
  117. Searching for the Miner's Guild
  118. The Sherian War; will you answer the call? (Open, All Welcome)
  119. Some Unsuspecting Sculptor [Closed]
  120. Only after disaster can we be resurrected [Brawling]
  121. [Barber-Surgeon Training] How about a shave?
  122. [Mugg and Brew Inn]
  123. Primus Gaudeo Diamond, Winter Edition Era XV PF, Volume 15, No. 1
  124. Winter ooc: Link map and general chat.
  125. Remembering Never (flashback, adjuration)
  126. A question of Shadows (Lucian)
  127. [Phoenix Gates] Ralzari
  128. [AFG Training] Korgar - Axe
  129. Looking for the dark (open)
  130. [The Black Lust]
  131. [The King's Road Barber Salon]
  132. The murder of Thomat (Austin)
  133. [Rolfgars Apothecarum]
  134. [Caravan Square] Portshire Caravan - Three Suns Trading House
  135. [Ka-Zaar] The ways of Steel (Korgar, private)
  136. Primus Gaudeo Diamond, Autumn Edition Era XIV PF, Volume 14, No. 4
  137. Primus Gaudeo Diamond, Summer Edition Era XIV PF, Volume 14, No. 3
  138. Autumn ooc: Link map and general chat
  139. You can take the ranger out of the woods, but you can't... (open)
  140. [Seer's Tent] Thirty Six Mirrors To The Truth
  141. [Caravan Square] Equipment Needs (Rhys)
  142. The Legend of Tom Barber
  143. [The Silver Woundwort] Silversmith
  144. [Caravan Square] Aelyria Prime Caravan - Three Suns Trading House
  145. Meeting the Shadows (Duncan)
  146. [Arial Factory]
  147. Exploring the Shadows (Nimavel)
  148. Arial returns home (open)
  149. [The City Hall]
  150. [AFG Guild Hall]
  151. [The Ravaged Sea Inn]
  152. [Headquarters of the Three Suns Trading House]
  153. [Hidden City] - Business of Another Kind (Eventually Open; Adder)
  154. Peer Modding
  155. North Field (Military Training)
  156. [Phoenix Mess Hall]
  157. [Phoenix Infirmary]
  158. [Phoenix Legions Armory]
  159. [Barracks]
  160. [Phoenix Tower]
  161. [Phoenix Legions Recruitment Office]
  162. Basic Law - Fyrano de Gauzewing
  163. Imaginatio's Hovel- Southern City
  164. [Brimstone & Bulletbiter Brewery]
  165. [Primus Academy]
  166. Correspondence For The Rynosian Legion, 5th Imperial Legion
  167. ooc: City Map, Links and Spring general chat.
  168. Primus Gaudeo Diamond, Spring Edition Era XIV PF, Volume 14, No. 2
  169. [Temple of Aslan - Catacombs]
  170. [Elementalists Guildhall]
  171. [Kendrick's Fine Furniture]
  172. [Kings Road Mercers]
  173. [Derkt Clelland - Gauntlets]
  174. [Reis Thumorage - Glover]
  175. ooc: City Map, Links and Winter general chat.
  176. [Rise of the Phoenix Knives and Blades]
  177. Fat & Grumpy
  178. [Ka-Zaar's Armour]
  179. Primus Gaudeo Diamond, Winter Edition Era XIV PF, Volume 14, No. 1
  180. [Ka-Zaar's] – The Reforging of Justice and the Making of Defiance (Private; Adder)
  181. Training Kyonos in Politics - Self Mod (Closed)
  182. Get Ready to Hurl
  183. [Training]Basic Politics (Kyonos)
  184. [The Rainbow - Coffee House]
  185. [AFG Training Facility]
  186. [Centripax Provincial Collegio]
  187. [Blackforest Inn]
  188. [Primus Library] Read All About It - OPEN
  189. Primus Gaudeo Diamond, Autumn Edition Era XIII PF, Volume 13, No. 4
  190. A New Beginning
  191. The Gathering (Open)
  192. Hidden City Hovel
  193. [Rynosian Legion] - Wood In The Wind
  194. [Ka-Zaar's Weapons and Armor]
  195. Hairy Feet Shuffling Along [Open]
  196. A Harvesting We Will Go (Zano, Kelly)
  197. Something rare and something new (Adder)
  198. Wilnor's Mercantile Empire Seed (Private, Adder, Keldor Elsdragon)
  199. [The Great Circle Livestock Market]
  200. Punishment of the wicked
  201. A Crazy Old Man and a Future (private)
  202. [Archer's Holt] - What Is On top... Must Come Down..
  203. Wilnor and Gems(Private, SelfMod)
  204. Wilnor and Magic(Private, Self Mod)
  205. Wilnor's New Home (Open)
  206. Primus Gaudeo Diamond, Summer Edition Era XIII PF, Volume 13, No. 3
  207. [Eastern City - Primus HQ] - Big Toys For Little Boys
  208. A suprise of a lifetime in a suprising place
  209. Camowildcats new home
  210. Home Sweet Home (Open)
  211. A Pineapple would be good....(Ankou)
  212. Feeling Ickie (Chocolate)
  213. Travels From Home (open)
  214. I'm back!
  215. A Night on Patrol (open)
  216. Dream house (open)
  217. Meeting Naresh (GM Adder)
  218. basic arts of weaving ( plz mod, or peer mod)
  219. [Ravaged Sea Inn] Caideline & Andrec
  220. Looking For an Ore Assayer
  221. [Consulate to the Northern Reaches ~Primus] Dirkish Drumpen ~ Provincial manager
  222. Letters from home
  223. Basic Dagger (Andrec, Raliric)
  224. Basic Longsword (Self-Moderated)
  225. [Archer's Holt] - Can We Say "Alarm Clock"?
  226. [Hidden City]Jarrik's Home
  227. Primus Gaudeo Diamond, Spring Edition Era XIII PF, Volume 13, No. 2
  228. [Hidden City] Survival of the Fiercest (Basic Gicha Hehan; Demda)
  229. Looking for a job [mod needed? gf]
  230. [Southern Quarter] - Causing a Ruckus (Invite Only, Rhys)
  231. Training Yarrow
  232. Archers Holt - What's That Racket?!
  233. Journey Man (Private)
  234. [KoAS] Recruitment Drive
  235. [Phoenix Legion] A Prelude (Arms Practice)
  236. The Grand Tour (Yarrow, private)
  237. In search for the lost love (open, mod?)
  238. Shame (Open)
  239. Guisant Harps
  240. No Men Allowed (Adrianna; Private)
  241. Seeking the Leader of the Legion of Justice ( Keldon)
  242. And another brightening ends... (open)
  243. [PG Alloys]
  244. Room With A View
  245. [The Arial Factory] Fulfilling a Dream
  246. Puppy Fun With A Funny Pup {open}
  247. [Pheonix Pavillion - Basic Sword] Victor
  248. Love is my Sword
  249. [Delerius Donthol's home]
  250. Basic Zan Zu