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  1. [Malnaghi] A Menagerie of Tragedy [Private]
  2. "So sweetly she bade me adieu, I thought that she bade me return."
  3. [ Villa Parádeisos ] Resolve and Formalities [ Private ]
  4. [ Villa Parádeisos ] Sins of the Father [ Tristan ]
  5. On the Beach (Private Milo)
  6. [Villa Parádeisos] A family discussion (Milo and Rioughe, please) xxxx
  7. [Villa Parádeisos] Sandcastles of the Past and Present...(Rioughe Please)
  8. [Villa Parádeisos] A Question of Aesthetics
  9. [Villa Parádeisos] Beach Brightenings
  10. "Rebirthing" (Private, Mod please)
  11. The Littlest Interloper [ Tia please - Private ]
  12. [Mount Tuli, at the Oracle] "The One True Way" (Private)
  13. Dance in the Dark (Tiarela, Moderator please)
  14. [At the Oracle on Mount Tuli] "You can have the streets, because we've got the skies"
  15. Not your average garden party [ Straylor ]
  16. Appearances are vital (open)
  17. House Doni Estates
  18. House Malnaghi Estates
  19. House Sciacca Estates
  20. [Mount Tuli] Certosa - The Graveyard
  21. [Piazza del Mare] Duchess Chelseanna Heraldic Museum
  22. [Porti di Celsianna] Distretto del Magazzino
  23. [Piazza del Mare] The Podium of the Speakers
  24. [The Piazza de Mare] Celestial Markets
  25. The Plata
  26. [Mount Tuli] The Dueling Grounds
  27. [Piazza del Mare] The Weeping Militiamen
  28. [The Plata] Il Conservatorio
  29. [Piazza del Mare] The Angry Sea Trout
  30. [Piazza del Mare] Pro Loco (Employment Office)
  31. [Piazza del Mare] The String Sanctum
  32. [Piazza del Mare] The Marquis & Spider
  33. [Mount Tuli] Castle Chelseanna
  34. [Mount Tuli] The Oracle of Chelseanna
  35. [Piazza del Mare] Golden Heart Puppets
  36. Kountouras Fields
  37. [Piazza del Mare] Tower of the Thane
  38. [OOC] Moderation Notices, Requests & OOC Comments
  39. [Main Gates] Porto Di Celsianna
  40. [OOC] Chelseanna Link Map
  41. [OOC] Chelseanna City Profile
  42. [OOC] Chelseanna Character Respository
  43. The Showdown of the Century! [Etienne -- Private]
  44. [OOC] Chat and Chitter, Chelseanna!
  45. Villa Parádeisos
  46. Dead to the World [Nell please]
  47. The Marquis and Spider] [café] [Chance Encounter] ~ Pala and Anvael]
  48. Oracle of Answers [Tarot]
  49. Pirate Hunting (Venn)
  50. ~*~ Silver Moon Teashop ~*~
  51. Two Wizards and a Disgruntled Eunesian [Erenthril please…Private]
  52. Golden Heart Puppets
  53. House Sciacca
  54. House Malnaghi
  55. House Doni
  56. Certosa (the Graveyard)
  57. The Duelgrounds
  58. The Weeping Militiaman
  59. Let the melody shine, let it cleanse my mind (Initiate Song)
  60. The String Sanctum
  61. Business is business [Calairiel please]
  62. Far from the Madding Crowd [Open]
  63. Duty at Delot's Fencing Acadamy
  64. The Perfect Storm [Open to everyone]
  65. Pro Loco [Tourism Board and Employment Office]
  66. Explanations and Retribution [Pala and J’lyara have a serious conversation]
  67. Introductions - Dawn
  68. [House Doni] Because it was meant to be... (Pala, Tarot Please)
  69. Mount Tuli and Castle Chelseanna
  70. The Oracle
  71. Duchess Chelseanna Heraldic Museum
  72. Master Architect (Open)
  73. Il Conservatorio
  74. The Oracle - Erenthril
  75. Whispers and Murmurs [Chelseannan Rumors]
  76. From One Wizard to Another [Erenthril please]
  77. A Little Corner of Aetheria on Telath (open to the L'Evienne party)
  78. Pulling Strings (Private, Milo)
  79. Someone New (open to L'Evienne party)
  80. Between Two Worlds....(Private: Calairiel & Nimavel)
  81. Forever More (Private)
  82. Unravelling the Past at the Marquis and Spider
  83. Welcome to the Caribbean, Love
  84. The Fugue (J'lyara)
  85. When business and vacation collide...(Shortround)
  86. So This Is Chelseanna (open)
  87. Beginning Anew (Private)
  88. Humble beginnings
  89. Chelseanna Character Repository
  90. Thanal Tower
  91. Distretto del Magazzino
  92. Speaker's Podium
  93. The Angry Sea Trout
  94. The Marquis and Spider
  95. Kountouras Fields
  96. Piazza del Mare
  97. The Plata
  98. Porto Di Celsianna [Main Gates- Post here first!]
  99. Port Chelseanna City Profile and Linkmap
  100. Island Profile
  101. [OOC] Under Construction! Spring XIV