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  1. [Roundtable] Streamlining Tradeskills and the Like
  2. [Roundtable] What makes a good town/city to start in?
  3. [Roundtable] What makes a great Faction?
  4. [Roundtable] What makes a good location?
  5. [Colloquium] Quests Board
  6. [Roundtable] Examining Aelyria's Current Political Scene
  7. End of the Darkening Q&A / Discussion
  8. Arcana Revision is Live!
  9. Revising Arcana
  10. [Roundtable] How much OOC planning is too much OOC planning?
  11. [Colloquia] Starting Packages / Skills
  12. [Discussion]What is Lore?
  13. Poll for Skill Development
  14. Poll for Skill Development
  15. [Round table] Starting skills
  16. [Roundtable] Business Plans
  17. [Roundtable] Worldforge Write-up Publicity
  18. [RoundTable] War Master
  19. [Roundtable] Canonical Lore
  20. [Colloquium] Canonical Lore
  21. [Roundtable] Lore
  22. [Roundtable] The Origin of Dracons
  23. [Roundtable] High-powered Characters
  24. [Roundtable] The Player Team
  25. Data Recovery Project
  26. what about a birthday gift
  27. [Roundtable] Skills and Training
  28. [Roundtable] Faith and Followers - Whats in it for them?
  29. [Roundtable] Warcraft
  30. [Roundtable] The Aelyrian Economy
  31. [Colloquium] Map Edits
  32. [Roundtable] Combat Abilities
  33. [Tangent] The Business of Aelyria
  34. [Coloquium] Chronosynch
  35. [Roundtable] Level Up
  36. [Directive] Experience Curve
  37. [Coloquium] Skill Level Titles
  38. [Coloquium] What is a Race?
  39. [Logistics] The Nosferatu renaming poll
  40. [Roundtable] Player Run Cities
  41. [Logistics] Renaming Nosferatu
  42. [Colloquium] The Plane of Discourse
  43. [Colloquim] Procedures for Companion Only Adventures
  44. [Roundtable] - Aelyrian Imperial Army
  45. [Roundtable] The Plane of Discourse
  46. [Roundtable] Other Locations on the Map
  47. [Roundtable] Items
  48. A Thought On Companionships New Features.
  49. [Roundtable] Companion Only Adventures
  50. [Roundtable]Nobility
  51. [Roundtable] - Timestamping
  52. (Colloquium) Building a Better Community
  53. [Roundtable] Rules of Aelyria
  54. [Roundtable] Clothing in Aelyria
  55. Renaming Mythril!
  56. [Colloquium] Welcome PMs for New Players
  57. [Colloquium] Matchmaking Service - hooking new players up with experienced players
  58. [Logistics] Renaming Mythril
  59. [Roundtable] Sexism in Alleria
  60. [Roundtable] Tempting More People To Volunteer To AGM/GM (Moderator Recruitment)
  61. [Colloquium] Posting Speed
  62. [Roundtable] Reputation and Rumor
  63. [Roundtable] Fluid Time
  64. (Roundtable) Starting Packages
  65. [Roundtable] Adults and Children
  66. [Roundtable] Reducing Mundane Threads (For PC's AND Mods)
  67. [Roundtable] The Terms of Use
  68. [Roundtable] Collegio - thematic issues
  69. [Colloquium] Workflows and Timelines
  70. [Colloquium] Gods and Gameplay
  71. [Colloquium] Contributor Program
  72. [Roundtable] Aelyria Rapid Transit System
  73. [Roundtable] Aelyria: The Next Generation
  74. [Roundtable] XP and level up
  75. [Roundtable] Building a Better Community
  76. [Poll] Tirisfal/Tearsfall Rename
  77. [Roundtable] Are our rules too complex?
  78. [Colloquium] Foreign Theaters
  79. [Rountable] Mercantilism and Shopkeeping
  80. [Logistics] Tearsfall Rename
  81. [Roundtable] Gods and Gameplay: Implementing Gods
  82. [Roundtable] Free Form
  83. [Colloquium] Principles of the Epic Story
  84. Welcome to the Symposium!