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  1. Light Prayer
  2. This Giant needs a Job
  3. [Asylum of Sacrum] The Dream Quest of Unknown Sacrum
  4. [Basilica] Kindnesses Both Great and Small (Lenara)
  5. This is it, the Apocalypse [Duncan]
  6. [Basilica] Nothing That I Would Change [Veleraen]
  7. "Miserabile Visu" [Open Adventure]
  8. [The Basilica Ecclesiae]Pluma, Calculus & Cruor
  9. [Basilica Ecclesiae] To try a soul. Randolph.
  10. [Basilica Ecclesiae] Guidance (Dida)
  11. [Basilica Ecclesia]Maidens of Faith[Trinity and Dida]
  12. When faith finds proof, a spirit grows (Trinity)
  13. Heading Downtown [Pool]
  14. Let's Try Again Shall We? [Pool]
  15. Searching For The Faith? Nah! [Private]
  16. How much could one little girl do? [Dida]
  17. [The Basilica Ecclesiae]Sacrumficial Lamb (Pool)
  18. Making a Blood Stain on White Cloth [Saint Thms]
  19. [Letter] To The Church of Faith
  20. [Private - Trinity] Acolyte Heed Thy Vows
  21. [Basilica Ecclesiae] Providence fled, and the man followed it
  22. [Private - Trinity] A Not-So-Hostile Take Over.
  23. Proving that Loopholes Still Remain With In-Game Rules [Eleyna]
  24. Gardens of Hope [Dida]
  25. Providence or Happenstance? [Aurelius]
  26. [Training, private] To wield the power of light. (AGM Shade)
  27. [The Basilica Ecclesiae]Deciphering Desert Runes (Trinity)
  28. The Priestess and the Pantheri (Dida)
  29. [Cardonolet House] Rise and Shine, Dida!
  30. Size does not necessarily mean Strength. (Keagan please)
  31. To Command is to Serve, Nothing More, Nothing Less [Keagan]
  32. [Thaumaturgy] Thaumaturgy Soup for the Soul (self mod)
  33. A Giant and a Half Orc Walk Into a Bar ... [ Vel ]
  34. [Trinity, Private] To See the Unseen
  35. [Ziel Aerca] Many Men Wished Death on Us (Closed)
  36. [Ziel Aerca] The Masquerade Ball
  37. The Hearts Have It (Eclair Izumi)
  38. An Open Letter to the Aelyrian Peoples (Open)
  39. A Horse Is a Horse, of Course, of Course (private, Asial)
  40. [The Meratrix] It's Only Business...Honest (Vincent,Asial,Private)
  41. The Meratrix Tavern and Inn
  42. Spa and Bath House of Caelimontia
  43. The Lupanara Gentlemen's Club
  44. First Steps of a Paladin-Priestess (Trinity/Miyuki)
  45. Let Not Light See My Black and Deep Desires (private)
  46. [Basilica] "Speak the Truth, Always..." (Fizden)
  47. [Concilium Sodalitatis] The Imperial Inquisition (Mixie)
  48. The Report; Conciliation or Annihilation (Dego)
  49. A Few New Tricks [Self-Mod Training - Private]
  50. Was Mrs. O'leary's cow a dracon in disguise?
  51. [Temple of Aslan] Last Chance for Romance
  52. The Final Masquerade
  53. Riots and Alley ways
  54. The Ties That Bind Us....[Private, Dante]
  55. The pain of betrayal
  56. [City-Wide Event] "Project Extermination" [Open]
  57. Not A Moment Too Soon (Dante & Niven)
  58. Two Priests
  59. [The Chalice Rose] Powderkeg (Open)
  60. Wrecking ball
  61. Always a new blade [open/moderator/basic training]
  62. Beast in the Belly
  63. The Vigiles Greatest Hero
  64. [Exposition] Crisis of the Faith
  65. Veteran Longsword Boring Titled Training Thread
  66. [Temple of Aslan] Shepherd me, O Lord (mod please)
  67. Lady, have mercy [Basilica] (Trinity)
  68. Rhyme or Reason [Trinity & Iori]
  69. [Location] Praetorium Carmelinae Vigilum
  70. [Location] Templum Diana
  71. [OOC] Temple of the Holy Moderation Requests
  72. [Basilica - Trinity] A Place for Peace in the House of the Gods?
  73. [Location] Turris Tranquillitatis
  74. [Location] Portarum Sacraria (Post Here First!)
  75. [Location] Aedile's Office
  76. [Basilica] "Paurm ti Teila" (Valandil)
  77. [Basilica] A Council of Consuls (Roscarnis)
  78. [Location] Templum Ioannolius
  79. [Location] Concilium Sodalitatis
  80. The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing [duel wielding veteran Dante]
  81. A heart shaped box [Niven Please]
  82. Gone Like Whispers, Gone Like Rain... [Dego]
  83. A little hope and fewer expectations [Palacrisis and Trinity]
  84. Report on Aslangrad (Trinity)
  85. Gathering News [Mod Please]
  86. A new sister of faith! (Self-mod, Tower of Serenity)
  87. [Mail Call] Iori McKenzie
  88. The Winds Don't Always Bring Change (City Event)
  89. A day at the park (Niven)
  90. [Exposition - Closed] "Aiding an Island in Peril"
  91. [Letter] The Duchess to Ellie Snowborn [Private]
  92. One Can Never Have Enough Friends (Niven)
  93. Arrival of the Ancient (Niven please)
  94. Are you there Diana? It's me, Niven...(Private Trinity)
  95. Faith Comes in Many Forms [Trinity]
  96. A Woman's Touch on a Decidedly Masculine Space (Dante)
  97. A Walk in the Garden[Gardens of Hope; Veleraen pls]
  98. [Basilica] We are the Honourable Ones [Trinity!]
  99. We Want You As a New Recruit (Kakita)
  100. [OOC] Holy Chamber of Chit-Chat
  101. [OOC] Sacrum City Profile and Link Map
  102. "Miserabile Visu...Miserere Nobis." [Dante, Private]
  103. This is not a test... (Flashback)
  104. Office of the Almoner & Manager of Financial Affairs
  105. And that is so you Remember It [Dego Mernoff]
  106. A Relequi Is Going To Burst! (Private)
  107. A Giantess' Search For Further Light
  108. [Festival] The Bounty of Nature, Fermented [Open]
  109. Community Service
  110. Pain
  111. [Event - Main Thread] The Festival of Spiritual Renewal (Open to all!)
  112. [Location] The Basilica Ecclesiae
  113. Clerical and clerical duties (Trinity)
  114. Nobody expects the Aelyrian Inquisition!
  115. Bringing order to Ioannes' house... by the grace of Diana (private)
  116. [Basilica Ecclesiae] A Visitor from Northumbra [Keldon]
  117. Catching up [Aetheria Restaurant] (Private Niven)
  118. Nostrae fidei pilares
  119. You'll be swept off your feet! [Rossen Please]
  120. Friends and Companions, Through Order and Justice [Murphy please]
  121. [Temple of the Sacred Three] Catholicon for a Troubled Soul [Thaumaturgy Training]
  122. [L1 Whip] The Art of Discipline [Selfmod]
  123. Exploring the city (open)
  124. A gentle breeze, a rustling leaf, death comes unexpectedly (Private Murphy Please)
  125. Overdue (Aerianne)
  126. The Dance of the Golden Petal [L1 Ataa]
  127. My Hero...ine?! [Rossen Please]
  128. [Flashback] Learning the trade
  129. Sword Concepts I (Basic Sword Practice)
  130. Battle Formations (Basic Tactics)
  131. Impenetrable Protection (Basic Shield Work)
  132. Be very, very quiet... I'm hunting bandits! (all welcome)
  133. Chatting in the Foyer (Antonius, please!)
  134. The Asunder Wedding... [Invitation Only]
  135. Flowers, Tuxedo, Receptionhall, etc. [Private Dante]
  136. Getting a church appointment... (mod please)
  137. Great Minds Think Alike (Dante please, Open Social)
  138. The First Crises of Spring [Open~City Event]
  139. A Coin for the Faithless (Mod)
  140. Pennance for the Past
  141. The Summons (Priest PC)
  142. [Concilium Sodalitatis] Winter City Council Meeting (all welcome!)
  143. Church and State (Roland)
  144. Courage, Camaraderie, and Discipline: The Makings of a Vigile
  145. My Word is My Bond.
  146. Governor Moonstar's office at #1 Sarista Plaza
  147. The Bank of Diana
  148. New Places, New Faces (Dante please)
  149. Sparrowsong Manor - Thane's Office and Residence
  150. Virgil, Articles of Imperium, and a Pen
  151. Virgil working with the knowledge that he has (XP thread, open)
  152. Unto us a son is given?
  153. [Governor's Offices] We Always Seem to Run into Each Other, Don't We? (Roland)
  154. Fighting for Faith (private, Thoth please)
  155. A step down a long path (Joining the Vigiles, Thoth)
  156. A new recruit
  157. Tell her it's Roland
  158. To balance the scale and free the soul.
  159. Bladewyn: Basic Politics
  160. Visit from an old friend (open)
  161. Asunder Inc. Diana
  162. [Location] Aetherial Dining Restaurant
  163. Asunder Residence
  164. Walking the path of light [Self-Mod, Training, Thaumaturgy]
  165. Why when I try to do good do I always fail? [Private Thoth]
  166. Royal Mail Call for Archprelate Ovan ( Thoth please )
  167. To Prepare One Self and Present One Self (Kakita)
  168. Places to go people to see
  169. Offering Assistance in These Difficult Times (Thoth)
  170. Magic is in the air... Well that and a ton of snow. [Location: Tower of Serenity]
  171. Letter to the Governor of the Sodality of Carmelyn [Private]
  172. [Merchantile] The Blessings General Store
  173. To buy a deed and boot some squatters...
  174. A Dracon tries to make the bank an offer they cannot refuse...
  175. Looking for clues of the past and hopefully some work. (open)
  176. Kala teaches Dante to use the call (Apprentice Level Call self mod)
  177. To unite a people and defend a country...
  178. The de Vinci Catastrophe? [Location Art Museum]
  179. [Dante] Walking a fine edge...
  180. Divine News and Gossip Paper (IC City Events)
  181. Dante and Jirael go GQ [OPEN]
  182. Lady Vicereine Visits (invite only)
  183. Druidism Practice (Dante)
  184. Planning for the Hunt
  185. Veteran Axe Training (Carly Please)
  186. Short Blade Training (Carly Please)
  187. Basic Short Blade Training (Self Mod)
  188. Sometimes Who You Know, Not What You Know (Carnasch, Dante)
  189. GF Helping the Vigiles (Carnasch, Dante)
  190. Going Shopping (Self Mod)
  191. Dante vs. Carnasch the movie!!!
  192. When arrows sing... [Intermediate crossbow training] (Private Dante: Murphy please)
  193. Fresh new morning! Wake up with Woog!
  194. To catch a mocking bird... [Intermediate Stealth Training] (Dante Closed)
  195. A Dracon of Many Faces
  196. Can you hear what I hear? [Call practice thread]
  197. Intermediate dagger training (Private Dante) [Location Temple of Aslan]
  198. Don't Tread On Me! [private - Thoth]
  199. Apprentice Druidism (Dante)
  200. [Chalice Rose] Friends are the Gods apologies for family (Faust, please)
  201. The Last Straw [Thoth]
  202. Apprentice Thaumaturgy training [Location: Tower of Serenity]
  203. To Start a New Path, To a New Life (Private Jakki)
  204. Friends with Benefits (Dante)
  205. You guided my faith, now help me guide yours [Thoth, private]
  206. A mysterious meeting with Ovan [Thoth]
  207. One's First Big Break
  208. The Nature of Druidism
  209. Only the penetant man shall pass....(Thoth please)
  210. Stealing? ... Or Retrieving!
  211. Royal Mail Call [Thoth please]
  212. To Discuss Business ( Thoth)
  213. Lucky Meetings
  214. A proposal overdue?
  215. Sheras Practicing in her home
  216. Basic Thaum Training (Self-mod Sheras)
  217. Hmm What is this. (Aeri)
  218. The Aediles Office
  219. Becomeing familiar (open)
  220. Dinner and romancing.... (mod please)
  221. The Young Lady (Alexandra Wong)
  222. In the Name of Our Lord, Be Delivered [Closed]
  223. Offices and Estate of the Imperial Consul
  224. Reporter? (Dante)
  225. The Sleeping Moneybags (Ibus, Luit, Adelyn)
  226. Don't Cut Yourself (Longsword Luit)
  227. [Location]Asylum of Diana
  228. To learn of the past (Lilith Mistshadow)
  229. Begings(Luit)
  230. ~ A Pleasant Surprise (Elmaryia, private)
  231. Setting Up Shop (Invite Only)
  232. The Hunt for Aslan's Mightiest Begins...
  233. #69 Moraden Way, Dante Asunder's Studio Apartment (aka one room hovel)
  234. The Villa of the Governor (tag: Elmayria)
  235. To Rise Above All That Was Before - Ordination of a New Archprelate- All welcome
  236. Preperations for the Ordination (Llanwyn)
  237. Office of the ArchPrelate
  238. In Prayer... (private - Kaelon)
  239. Making mo' money
  240. Fulfilling potential (glide training) Dante
  241. New arrival
  242. Katie's Lame Day
  243. Hide and Seek, or Seek and Destroy? [Private, Motito]
  244. [CoF] Introductions... (Llanwyn & Aerienne)
  245. [CoF] Llanwyn & Aerienne Meet with the BSoH (Thoth)
  246. Of Magic and Mushrooms: The Study of Druidism
  247. In Which Our Heroine Discovers She May Have Overpaid [Open]
  248. Carmelyn Inn
  249. The Hovel of Ardyne D'Enae
  250. Katie's Cabin