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  1. The Gazebo Fine Art Studio (Sancta Nova)
  2. [Sancta Nova - Residence] Tchotchke's Folly
  3. [Location] The Rodenti Warrens of Prime
  4. [Location] The Nidifice
  5. [Solace Isle] Annael's Bush-Hut
  6. Miller's Lane Clinic [Sancta Nova]
  7. New Dawn Engineering (Sancta Nova)
  8. [Discussion] The Dicaearchy of Nexus Prime
  9. Arconis Reinforcements (private: Amalthea & Kaar only)
  10. Arconis Realmcraft
  11. [RC] The Alchemist's Spring
  12. [Nexus] The Imperial Wassenberghe {WIP}
  13. Sid's Perfumery
  14. Marko's Meats
  15. Old Prime Rebuilding efforts
  16. The Condensed History?
  17. Ongoing Development of Forty Winks [Staff/Patrons]
  18. [Discussion] CoF, Holy Crusade?
  19. Location: Holding of the Yellow Mushroom Peaks*, Draft 2
  20. [GM Office] Ragboy
  21. Mixie's Nest of Vipers
  22. [Personal Office] Trevan Dalkist
  23. Poe's Peer-Mod Office
  24. [Arium, Nexus] West Wardens
  25. [Location] The Ziel Aerca Free-Trade House {WIP}
  26. [Location]Savvy Servants (WIP)
  27. [Aslangrad Location] Naz'Lev Peskulot (Little Lion Pawn Shops)
  28. GM Shalafi's Moderating Quick Reference Guides
  29. [Nexus] Bogtown
  30. [Fire Keepers] Write Up/ Draft
  31. [Paxia] Rhaa ti Kaeridi (K'Tesh Dojo)
  32. [AP Realmcraft] University of Aelyria's College of Princely Affairs
  33. [AGM Office] Carnival of Souls
  34. Nexus Prime, Katta Quarter Project
  35. [Aelyria Prime] Mapping...
  36. [Aelyria Prime] NPC List and Details
  37. [Aelyria Prime] Peer/Guest Moderation Guidelines
  38. [Agm office] Neko's Litter Box
  39. Status of Paxia
  40. [Castle District] House of the Silk Spider
  41. [Aelyria Prime] OOC Politics in the First City
  42. [Office] Leave Your Body and Soul at the Door.
  43. [Paxia] Stadt Präfektur
  44. [Faction] Merchant Consortium for the Northern Camp
  45. [AGM Office] Robert
  46. [Trysvale] Soul Garden (The inside) Redesigned - Awaiting GM Bahamut's Approval
  47. [Nexus Prime] Hammerfist Spirits
  48. [Trysvale] Soul Garden (The outside) Redesigned.. Awaiting GM Bahamut's approval
  49. AGM Office: JadeDragon
  50. [Paxia Location] Fire Ridge Farm
  51. [AGM Office] Ragboy : Dressed In Rags
  52. [Nexus Prime-location] United Arium Trading & Shipping Company
  53. Hammerfist Spirits [Nexus Prime]
  54. Tor Nommak (Center of Good Health)
  55. Discussion on Arcane Academia
  56. [Port Alyxandrya] NPCs
  57. Better Than All Other Offices
  58. [location] United Arium Trading & Shipping Company
  59. [Paxia location] Office of the City Council President
  60. Discussion- Nardaquilli Trading Co
  61. [Paxia Location] The Ruins of Rygrove Castle
  62. [location] The Black Den
  63. [Lore] Heroes of Dargis
  64. Arium Highlands Profile - Redeux
  65. [Paxia Location] Aslangrad Dept. of Trade and Commerce - Paxia Satellite Facility
  66. [Leonardes] Black Diamond Forge (Imperia)
  67. [Landmark] The Rainbow Towers
  68. [location] Nardaquilli Shipping & Trading Company- Vortex department
  69. [Location] Goldbrick Theater Complex and Gemma's Actor's Studio
  70. [Leonardes] Arium Agriculture
  71. [Nexus Location] Mandraevan Theater
  72. [Leonardes] Eagle's Claw Mesa
  73. [Leonardes] West Phoenix Keep
  74. [AGM Office] Central Lockdown
  75. Vortex Politics WIP
  76. [Refugee Camp Location] Dosnost Aslangradia
  77. [Northern Refugee camp] Chapel of Phedos
  78. [Paxia Location] Pearl Exports
  79. [Northern Refugee camp] The Frozen Rose
  80. [Northern Refugee camp] The Sheepworks
  81. [Nexus location] Starbright Manor
  82. [Kremlin Location] Offices of the Provincial Triumvirate
  83. [Haunted Castles] Three Towers
  84. [AGM Office] The Frozen Kitchen
  85. Traditional weapons of Arium
  86. [Paxia Location] Drakin Weapons and Defense
  87. AGM Office: The Mad One
  88. [Nexus] Fox Hollow Slaves
  89. [Paxia Location] Aslankirk an Erlau (von Erlau Cathedral of Aslan)
  90. [Disscussion] High Dwarven - Ancient Written Language (dwarven ikos)
  91. [Nexus Prime location] Nexus Academy of Music.
  92. [The Gut] Eran's Brokerage
  93. [Undertown] Griffen's salvage
  94. [The Gut] Constable's Watch Tower #13
  95. [The Gut] Red Suns Fire and Salvage Brigade
  96. [Aslangrad] The Disfigured - Brainstorming
  97. [AGM Office - Aslangrad] Cristobal's Place
  98. The Northern Blockade
  99. [The Gut] The Undertow
  100. Paxia Welcome Center
  101. [Nexus Prime location] Littletown
  102. [Rework] Paxia City Profile and Linkmap
  103. Let's update the Enamorian duchies map!
  104. Don't Mess With Faeries! - Military & other bits
  105. [Demios RC] The Ivory Wings Universitas Library
  106. [The Gut] Royal Vista Residential Block
  107. [The Gut] Uncle Able's Advance and Accomodations
  108. [The Gut] Statue of the Masked Squirrel
  109. [The Gut] Queen of Queens Gambling Den
  110. [The Gut] Road's End Undertakers
  111. [The Gut] Jorun's Ripper Clinic
  112. [Demios RC] Aedile's Office
  113. [Location] Office and Residence of the Harbor Master (Paxia)
  114. [Discussion] The Falcon Legion Recruitment Process
  115. Arium Nobility
  116. Le bureau de la loi imperial
  117. [reformation] Vortexjugend
  118. The Paxia Newspaper
  119. [Militärbezirk] The Crowns of Hope
  120. [Wilde Lande] Die Verrueckte Asyl
  121. [Discussion/Development] Dwarven Society within Zer after the fall of the king
  122. [GM Office] Zerdargia
  123. Sapphire District Employment Office
  124. Silver Moon Tea Shop
  125. [Silrosia] Lisse'orn Sweets Shop (Draft)
  126. Paxian Cooking Festival
  127. [Silrosia] Starsong Weaponry & Armory (Draft)
  128. [Silrosia] Nine Roads Trade House & Wagon Stall (Draft)
  129. [GM Office] Finch's Front Porch
  130. [Silrosia] The Den of Dreams (Draft)
  131. [Silrosia] Link Map (Draft)
  132. Pie's Dashingly Delinquent Designs for Daltina
  133. Enamoria Senators
  134. [Discussion] The Imperial Senate in Medonia
  135. Arium Senators
  136. [AGM Office] Aonyx's Studio
  137. [Silrosia] The Crowing Cockerel Inn (Draft)
  138. [Terramarique] The real 'Rename Freeport and win a special prize!' thread
  139. [Silrosia] The Tafheel Hunting Shop (Draft)
  140. [Location] Hegemony Security Services (Port Alyxandrya)
  141. [AGM Office] Michelle's Slumber Party
  142. Doha Dova - Missionary Hall - Church of Aslan - Aslangrad
  143. [Silrosia] Moonwillow Keep (Draft)
  144. [Silrosia] Laughingwater Grove
  145. Drafting - Church of Aslan - Draft 2
  146. [Silrosia] The Temple of Dreams (Draft)
  147. [Isle of Modisia] Castle Leadam Inspiration
  148. [Silrosia] E'rremius, the Messenger (Draft)
  149. [Silrosia] The Emerald Gardens (Draft)
  150. [Silrosia] Amethyst Court (Draft)
  151. [The Harbour] Serothabie's by the Sea
  152. [Silrosia] Silrosian Guard Hall (Draft)
  153. [Silrosia] Laeh'Syrr Namaarie Fortress (Draft)
  154. [Silrosia]The Softwood Lodge & Hospice of The Benedictus Servants of Hospitality
  155. [GM Office] Tauro's Pen
  156. [Silrosia] The Silk Web Weaver (Draft)
  157. [Silrosia] The Trepwood Stables (Draft)
  158. [Location] Maarkan Mansion in the Faille Grove District
  159. [Silrosia] Ahm'ronasti, University of the Eldar (Draft)
  160. [GM Office] Maker's Workshop
  161. [Syl'rosyan Valley] The Enchanted Starflower Grove (Draft)
  162. [Silrosia] Bank of Silrosia (Draft)
  163. [Silrosia] Citadel of Elm (Draft)
  164. [Silrosia] The Aedile's Office (Draft)
  165. [Discussion] Retes
  166. [Silrosia]The Oracle of Oak (Draft)
  167. [Silrosia] The Tempest Ferry (Draft)
  168. [Silrosia] Celestial Amethyst Arch (Draft)
  169. Location [ Palace Grand Ballroom] Empire Day preparations
  170. [Silrosia] Eldarin Monument Park (Draft)
  171. [AGM Office] Ivy's Lair
  172. The Silrosia & Syl'rosyan Forest Link Map [Draft]
  173. [Jaedaxia] Le Fouet
  174. [GM Office] Heartbreaker's Forest Home
  175. Pie's Pretty Little Port A Playground
  176. [GM Office] Pie's Safe
  177. [Jaedaxia] Chateau Fleurs d'Hiver
  178. [Location] Samhradh 'sa Coille (Austerfield Estate)
  179. NPC Master List - Mystique (Work in Progress)
  180. [Location] The Quadrangle
  181. [Location] Temple of Eternal Summer & Masters Discussion
  182. Undertown Hegemony
  183. Lotus Noir, Exclusive Brothel
  184. [Information Gathering] Charisme
  185. [PA Location] Thanal Offices
  186. [Overview] The Primus Countryside (revision)
  187. [Location; Shop] Stardust's Edge
  188. [AGM Office] Gormgwrm and the Talyx
  189. [Location] Aelyria Prime's Constabulary
  190. Nobility of Enamoria
  191. [AoM-Location]Halls Of Mysticism [New location]
  192. Rynum & Lake Rynus
  193. [Trysvale RC] Black Shoal Cove
  194. The Siren's Song (WIP)
  195. [Medonia] NPC List
  196. The Quarreling Quandary (WIP)
  197. [Arconis Location] The Soaring Dragon Theater
  198. [Outskirts of Trysvale] The Captain's Daughter [Tavern]
  199. [Battle of Aidhne Convent] OOC Coordination Thread
  200. Bordello Of Stars
  201. Raisin Argent Vinyard (work in progress)
  202. Renaming the City of Diana
  203. [Discussion] 5th Legion, Rynosian Legion
  204. [AGM Office] Luring Shadow
  205. The Hollow Valley
  206. The Green Anvil Weaponsmiths
  207. [Realmcraft] The Coast between Sariste and Fersoun - after the Cyclone
  208. [Jaedaxia Location] Le Sutler Étouffant : The Sultry Sutler (WIP)
  209. [Medonia] Development - Bringing the City to Life
  210. [AGM Den] Fox's Burrow
  211. [ AGM Office ] The Night Den
  212. [Location] Lysandria
  213. [Idea]new location - Pawn Brokers
  214. [GM Office] ~USS Serendipity~
  215. [The Sea Docks] Flusshof
  216. Enamorian Culture
  217. [AGM Office] The Loom
  218. Dartmoor Hall
  219. [GM Office] Aglets Art Studio
  220. [GM Office] Cupcake Storage Space
  221. New Reqime in Paxia
  222. Akisohida's Living Quarters
  223. [Discussion] Organizing the Government
  224. [Faction] The Church of Aslan
  225. [Realmcrafting Diana] - Location Rewrites: Help Wanted!
  226. [GM Cave] Ladon's Lair
  227. [Kitova Station] Trysvale Trading House (Aslangrad)
  228. [Location] Godrend's Monstrology Research Center
  229. [Location] Blackwing Manor
  230. fetch and Finch's AGM undertakers office
  231. [Ieffreon, Location] Anakritikós Grafeía, Inquisitorial Offices
  232. [Medius Plaga] Westenhof
  233. [Mystique Location] The Timeless Tome (rewrite)
  234. The Nobles of Vortex
  235. Paxia Player Resources
  236. [Location] Rage Forges in the Talyx
  237. Paxia Links Map (Revised Edition 2.0)
  238. Paxia City Profile (Revised Edition 2.0)
  239. [Aslangrad] Mage Hunters Crafting
  240. [Information] Realmcrafting - Tips, Tricks, and Helpful Links
  241. Arios - Carmelya's Hospice, A Respite for Animals
  242. [Location - Diana] Concilium Sodalitatis
  243. [Brainstorming] Aslangrad - Church of Aslan views
  244. [Location - CoF Diana] Templum Ioannolius
  245. [Jaedaxia Location] A Sea of Books
  246. [GM Office] Village of Doom!
  247. [GM Office] The Glitter Grove
  248. [Paxia Location] Büro der Restauration (Office of the Restoration)
  249. [GM Office] Fox's Den
  250. [Sven's AGM Office] - World of Trinkets