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  1. The elven nation wasn't built in a day (Shalafi)
  2. Sins of the Father (Immael)
  3. [Basilica] Swimmin' Deep in a Sinner's Sea [Kael]
  4. The Sword and the Alembic [Temp. Location]
  5. A Mystery Abounds [Nanai]
  6. A Terrible Homecoming [Nanai]
  7. Options [Private]
  8. In Darkness There Is Strength (Private - Amber)
  9. [Location - House Brightwing] Former Inquisitor meets Former Thane - [Amber]
  10. The Old Thane’s Estate – House Brightwing
  11. Swords & Diamonds [Amber]
  12. Endgame (Shal, Private)
  13. [Golden Dragon Tavern] Trouble with a Capital T (Felicio)
  14. [Flashback] The Green eyed Monster
  15. The Darkness' alure [Necromancy Initiation/Shalafi]
  16. Embracing Death (Indefinite)
  17. Preying Necromantic (Gul'zyr)
  18. The Dark Knights of Vortex (Private)
  19. [Location] Office of the Imperial Inquisitor of Vortex
  20. Inquisitorial Inquiries (Poe please)
  21. A New Beginning [Private]
  22. Letter to Serion D'Rinishad, King of House D'Rinishad
  23. Open to the Will of Orod
  24. [D'Rinishad Estate] A leaf on the wind (Shalafi)
  25. Swinging the Scorpion's tail [selfmod]
  26. The start of a new life [Adolfina]
  27. Dare Not Disregard the D'Rinishad. [Private, D'Rinishad only]
  28. And a New Dead... Born? [Ewe]
  29. Is Evil really THAT Evil? [Private Jace]
  30. Playthings are fun [Shalafi]
  31. [D'Rinishad Estate] The man behind the curtain (Faust)
  32. Trading Troubles [Shalafi]
  33. [location] Nardaquilli Shipping & Trading Company- Vortex department
  34. [Blackwing Manor] Of Minions and Masters [Faust, Serion]
  35. [Upper Quarter] D'Rinishad Estate
  36. It's the green it's the green, it's the green I need [Shalafi]
  37. The Fear of the Many, the Cleverness of the Few [Krait]
  38. Dear Serion, My Friend.
  39. The Devil Went Down to Vortex (Serion)
  40. Dual Axe Training (GM mod needed?)
  41. The Elegant Blades Weapon Shop MOD NEEDED
  42. A knock on the door (Blackwing Manor, Creed)
  43. The D'Rinishad Mining Company
  44. Can you drive out darkness with more darkness? [self-mod]
  45. Political Pillow Talk [Serion]
  46. Cleaning House [GiR]
  47. [Southern Quarter] Light travels fast, but darkness is always there waiting (Faust)
  48. [Location] The Ironhoof Stables
  49. White Night's Last Drink [mod plz]
  50. [Dracon Quarter] The gilding only fools the birds (open)
  51. In Jalat's Name [Self Mod]
  52. [Upper Quarter] Noble Intentions (Private)
  53. Prodigious Birth [Éclair Izumi, Mansome]
  54. Easy Way Out [Private]
  55. Addiena's Initiate Necromancy Training (private)
  56. Oh Kamikaze [Private]
  57. A necromancer's plea [private, mod plz]
  58. [Location] Raisin d'Argent Vineyard
  59. [location]Blackwing Manor
  60. Stalking the Night (Tristan)
  61. Magical Mayhem (Nor, Basic Sorcery)
  62. Significance of The Boney Claw [Quest, Oceanus, Private]
  63. Job Hunting [Open, Mod please]
  64. [Golden Dragon] Dinner Conversations (Creed)
  65. From Below [open/mod please]
  66. Where to go When No One's Watching (private, Faust)
  67. Queen Nakasha's Pets (Nor)
  68. Location: Vrok's Shack
  69. [Morbid House Asylum] Simple Cut and Assembly (Creed)
  70. A Priest of Death needs Instruments of Death [self-mod, dagger]
  71. Bring out your dead, and your lonely hearts (Parreyon)
  72. [Damask Estate] Death is Terrifying Because it is so Ordinary [Adara]
  73. [Damask Estate] Cracked Porcelain (Shapeshifting)
  74. [Damask Estate] When your good to mama, she'll be good to you (Adara)
  75. The perfect arc, sword sharpening.
  76. Sunny Smiles (Shrin)
  77. Katana Training, Sword Cleaning.
  78. Katana Training
  79. Of Stings And Claws (Creed)
  80. The Scorpion of Vortex (Creed)
  81. [Faust - Private] Meetings Long Overdue... Yet Forced.
  82. [Quest] Thrashers of Moraga (PM for invite)
  83. [Temple of Jalat] Earthly money to fund heavenly pursuits
  84. [City Gaol] One Last Chance (Creed, Kalinda)
  85. Becoming Whole Again
  86. I Will Fight To Live. I Will Live To Get Revenge. [Basic K'tesh]
  87. A job for me, a house for you.
  88. [D'Rinishad Academy] Sorcerous Beginnings (Phaedra)
  89. Like Mother Like Son (Masa)
  90. An evening's stroll (Creed please)
  91. If you can't stand the heat ... (Masa)
  92. The Local Checkup [Mod Please]
  93. Masa's Home!! (Self Modded)
  94. [Number 2] The Devil in the Details (Shrin please)
  95. [Location] Tholth's Quarters (Toherro's School)
  96. Nardaquilli, Scorpio Argentum Estate
  97. [Location] Crawtch Brothers Lair
  98. [Location] Cyric's Outpost
  99. Winter Rendezvous (Breeze)
  100. [Location] Cirque du Revenant
  101. [Story] Cirque du Revenant (Shrin only)
  102. Waking up in the dark...all welcome
  103. Waking up in the dark...
  104. Waking up in an abandoned dark alley
  105. Establishing the Gang [kalinda plz]
  106. Chasing Shadows (Kalinda please)
  107. Initiate Necromancy (KiRa)
  108. [Toherro’s Dark Teachings] A Cherry on the Cake
  109. Hammers to Horseshoes (Private/Self-mod exp)
  110. [Location] Draccoon's Exotics
  111. Haffa's Humble Abode
  112. Deliverer of nightmares (private, self-mod, necromancy experience)
  113. KiRa's House(Open)
  114. Fitness and Bones ~ Hämmarhaj training
  115. Basic Blacksmithing (Private/Self-Mod)
  116. Who brings a sword to a fist fight? (Private-Creed)
  117. Tango de Moon [Private]
  118. Prefect's Office
  119. The Zen Master--Basic Meditation (Private/Self-Mod)
  120. Proving his Worth (Private/Mod Please)
  121. [Training] A Pixie and a Mystic (Basic Mysticism)
  122. [Location: Slums] Acts of Merit (Open, Mod Please)
  123. Walking the Valley of the Shadow of Death (Open)
  124. Basic Shaasskah (Private/Self mod)
  125. Ninty-nine mugs of ale on the wall.... (Open)
  126. Basic Rhingorda (Self-mod/Private)
  127. Another 'Simple' Delivery? (Kalinda Please!)
  128. The Rehab program [open, mod plz]
  129. The Point Of No Return [Initiate Necromancy]
  130. Timberrrrrr! (Basic Battle-Axe Training)
  131. Hot on the Trail [The streets of Vortex] [Open to all, mod if neccessary please]
  132. A Package For Thy Coin
  133. [Private] Great gifts for great people
  134. [location] The Constabulary
  135. World between Worlds [Private]
  136. At the gates
  137. If your looking for a Show (Creed)
  138. Storm on the Loose (Faust)
  139. The Fear is Gone (Kellen)
  140. Darkest Desire [Dark Delights] (Closed)
  141. A Most Humble Abode (Residence of Kellen Duvalle)
  142. Pit-Fighting 101, Part 1 (Basic Shaasskah)
  143. A simple delivery? (Kellen)
  144. [Location, PC Modded] Elegant Blades Weapon Shop
  145. The Dark Discourse (Vortex OOC)
  146. Skull Column Tavern [A Private Party]
  147. Fight For Your Freedom! (Kalinda please)
  148. One Fateful Night (the Path of the Elementalist)
  149. In Search of a Memory [Ceva, Private]
  150. Plotting and planning [open]
  151. Picking Up Some Knife Skills (Basic Dagger, Valaryn please)
  152. Some people don't like owls (Kellen)
  153. Street Rat, Scoundrel.....Take That (Open, Valaryn )
  154. So, you want to be a thief? [OPEN, Iasha plz]
  155. K'Tesh - Can't Stop Until You See Blood On The Wall-A Pugilist, Pure Defensive Savant
  156. A Reluctant Homecoming (Open, El please)
  157. Dark Streets, Darker Secrets (Straylor ^.^)
  158. Meeting the Thane and Not Driving a Husband Insane (Private)
  159. To Make a Blade (Novice Weaponsmithing - Arsenic please ^.^)
  160. The Shadow Skill [Basic Training of K'tesh, Mod please :)]
  161. The Demon amongst Us. [Open]
  162. Vortex OOC Thread 5
  163. Predator and prey (Sheaves pls, Valaryn as peer-mod)
  164. Unlikely Circumstances [Open]
  165. Those who walk in starlight [Valaryn, pls]
  166. Learning to fight, [Shaasskha Basice] Mod Please
  167. Of Taverns and Travels(Kementarie please)
  168. Enslaved
  169. [Flashback] A Moment Of Your Time
  170. The Outskirts of Vortex [Wide, wide open]
  171. This could prove a double edged blade. [basic blade training, mod pretty please.]
  172. [Practice] Spices and Imagination
  173. And It Was Death She Chose [Amber]
  174. Close encounters [Angelica plz]
  175. Filling his Father’s Footsteps
  176. Life's Little Surprises (Liselle)
  177. Cutting the edge off [basic swordtraining, mod please]
  178. Will true strength be enough ...? (Mixie pls)
  179. Time For Something Bigger (Dresden)
  180. Icecold proposal[open,Mixie plz]
  181. [Training] Mastering the Mind [Basic Mystism ~ Mod Please]
  182. [Golden Dragon Tavern] Searchin' for an urchin (Zera please, open)
  183. Descending into Darkness [mod. please, open for all]
  184. Unusual business partners [Amber & Kalinda] GF'd
  185. [Mini Adventure] The Observatory
  186. [Location Vortex Orphanage] After Longest Winter
  187. To Kill a Mocking Bird... [Obalym Poe, Kalinda Please]
  188. Return to Darkness... (Moderator please)
  189. "Bring Out Your Dead!"
  190. The beginning of...something (open)
  191. For the Children [Location Vortex Orphanage]
  192. Don't Be Shy (Open)
  193. [Adventure] Serenity Lake Sign-Ups
  194. Teepo's First Job?
  195. Digging Up Bones [Mod, Pls]
  196. [Toherro’s] Winged Darkness (Vyndros)
  197. [Toherro’s] Initiation into the Sacred Sphere (Allestronna)
  198. Necromancer...what lies ahead?
  199. [Fitness and Bones] How Many Season Have Passed
  200. Walking the Streets (Wide Open)
  201. Sweet Li'l Child of my Dreams ... [Ceva]
  202. [Location] Dark Delights
  203. Vortex Link Map And Profile
  204. Wham, Bam, Shazaam (closed)
  205. The Unexpected Visitor (Viskyia)
  206. (Alleys of Vortex) To Protect One's Own Freedom (Twin Short sword training)
  207. Anything for a Crown (Dresden)
  208. Too Hardcore at 164
  209. Just How Do You Point This Thing? [Basic Sorcery, Mod Please!]
  210. K'tesh is for Kowards
  211. 3 masters = 1 adept (yeah okay)
  212. A Prideful Reckoning
  213. [WND]Essence Addiction (Amber)
  214. The Horrific Gork(Mixie-Open)
  215. (Dark Alleys of Vortex) Taking to the Shadows
  216. A Sinner's Mind Is A Sanctum [Ceva]
  217. Awkward Silences... (Niven)
  218. Say Uncle (Flashback Thread, Closed)
  219. [Square of Lady Fire] New Friends (Tyrstaline, Private)
  220. [Dark Alleys of Vortex]The Silent One (Private|Dresden)
  221. Magic Man (Basic Myticism, Self Mod)
  222. BareBack Horse Riding Training
  223. Making a Living (Open)
  224. Dark Dwelling (Ceva's Abode)
  225. [The Golden Dragon Inn and Tavern ] A good time ( Raya, ‎Ministra)
  226. Death Becomes Her [Ministra, closed]
  227. [Slave Trade] Broken wings and Shattered Hearts (Open, Mod)
  228. Those Urges (Olvann)
  229. Mastering Death
  230. The Safe Word (Basic Torture)
  231. [Temple of Jalat]An Unstoppable Force, An Immovable Object (Infireus)
  232. Make Them Pay (Basic Zan Zu)
  233. [Vortex Park] Meeting in the shadows
  234. The Price Of Blood [Kalinda]
  235. The Best Training Thread EVER! (Self-Mod: Basic Battleaxe)
  236. Out for a good time? [Jade Alanon Please]
  237. No Fury Like A Sanguine Scorned [Eyvind]
  238. The Effects of Ale on Judgement: A Giant's Tale (All Welcome!)
  239. Until you break, until you yield (Flashback, Closed)
  240. [The Desecrated Basilica] If It Ain't Broke [Faust]
  241. [Issar] The Thirst for Immortality [Beginning Alchemy]
  242. The darker path of demon hunting [private]
  243. Hatred Is Not Skin Deep [Anora]
  244. Basic Shasskah (Grendor)
  245. Intermediate Shaasskah
  246. [Adventure] Dangerous Demon Discovered [Open]
  247. [Temple of Jalat] Death's Crucible [Infireus]
  248. [Location] Final Rest
  249. Smernost Avenue 17
  250. Sanctuary - Stone and Nectar