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  1. A Pursuit of Knowledge (Aelwynd)
  2. The Forest Is Our Home, Protect Us [Vaschel]
  3. [The Rainbow Towers] Something Something Teleport (Aelwynd Maar)
  4. When Plans Change [Faust]
  5. [Fort Incolumnitas] Train More Now, Bleed Less Later
  6. [Great Tree] The Research Keeps On... [Straylor]
  7. To Work or Play? (open, adventure, spar?)
  8. Show Me The Blade, And I'll Show You The Knowledge [Droge]
  9. [Rainbow Towers] The Last Goal
  10. Playing With Small Blades [Carna]
  11. [Great Tree]Another Challenge, A New Knowledge.
  12. Not all that is dead is buried [Rhiannon]
  13. [Training Grounds] Jore Vs. Lightem
  14. Chains And Speed [Kusarigama Level Up]
  15. [The Colosseum] Now that is a LAWT of bull!{Jore please}
  16. Arise, elements to my beckoning hand (Anastacia please)
  17. Are you not entertained? (Open, Catalyst) [The Colosseum]
  18. Let's Break... Spells? [Saya]
  19. [Colosseum] Jack vs. Rhett
  20. How To Handle a Sword? No, Two Swords! [Zhuge Yi]
  21. [Temple of Aslan] Soldiering (Jace)
  22. [Colosseum] It's Just An Animal! [Jack]
  23. [Rainbow Towers]A Lightening In The Darkening [Ignisa]
  24. [Rainbow Towers]Let's Think! [Eulae]
  25. [Rainbow Towers] Elemental Growth! [Gaktak]
  26. [Rainbow Towers] A New View Of The World [Releven]
  27. [Rainbow Towers]Four Elements At Once! (Veric)
  28. [Great Tree] A New Student In The Big Tree (Zahkin)
  29. [Rainbow Towers] A moment of inspiration... [Private] (Jace, please)
  30. [Temple of Aslan] What Hides Behind the Cloak (Daggers Basic, Self-Mod)
  31. [Temple Of Aslan]Military Tactics! Begin! (Keagan)
  32. [Rainbow Towers]Let's Play With The Elements![Cherry]
  33. [Temple of Aslan] Accepting The Inevitable (Jace please!)
  34. [Temple of Aslan] The path of the scorpion (Elite lvl up, Jace)
  35. [Arcane Rainbow Towers - Sorcerer's Tower] Use the Force, Ein (Ceniel please)
  36. Just a Question Of Training, Aelwyind [Private]
  37. (Colosseum)A barbarian & a slave(Ryori)
  38. [Great Tree]It's Time To Grow Up, Light! (Journeyman lvl up - Private)
  39. [temple of Aslan] A scorpion's sting-Veteran level up thread (private, Jace)
  40. [Oriden Dojo] A Puncher's Chance (Ceniel, Private)
  41. [Colosseum] And in the Red Corner... (Jace, private)
  42. [Temple of Aslan] A Shimmer of Steel (Private, Jace)
  43. A Tool in the Killer's Hand [Basic Longsword, Jace]
  44. [City Hall] Precious Metalcraft, Anyone?
  45. A Not-So-Fine Day For a Stroll
  46. Oriden Dojo
  47. [Arcane Rainbow Towers] Raw Energy
  48. [Rainbow Towers] A Simple Request (Private, Catalyst)
  49. Unlocking Potential (Closed - Ceniel)
  50. [Rainbow Towers] Paxia Gloan and the Towers of Doom (Straylor please)
  51. A letter to the Archdruid (Felix)
  52. [Arcane Rainbow Towers - Sorcerer's Tower] Just brushing up (Ceniel)
  53. [The Rainbow Towers] The Library and The Mage (Private)
  54. A night full of stars, a day full of dreams (kiirion please)
  55. [Druid's Tower] To Smell The Roses (Straylor please!)
  56. Baptism in blood (Private, Catalyst please)
  57. [Rainbow Towers] What's with Wizards and their tall towers? (Catalyst, Private)
  58. Family matters (Shao please)
  59. [Compound Mernoff] Communication is the key.
  60. A mind to politic (Sterling, Mysticism)
  61. Secluria Link Map and Information
  62. A time to learn (Sorcery initiate, Xyltha)
  63. [Crimson Tiger's Camp] Duncan's Tent
  64. [Crimson Tiger Compound] On Shooting Straight (Basic Crossbow, AGM Lostwalker)
  65. As the Cockerel Crows [Darian please]
  66. Spirits of Wine [self mod]
  67. [Training]Mace and Weight
  68. [Crimson Tigers HQ] Crimson and Sapphire
  69. [Crimson Tiger Training - Janis] Meet the Dorin, his name is Dorah
  70. Black Eyes and Drunk Promises [closed]
  71. Archmagus [Room 601]
  72. Ebony Whirlwind [Private, Training]
  73. One for all, all for one! [self mod]
  74. We Were Born Before the Wind [init. myst., self-mod]
  75. Fil Rouge, Part 2 [self mod]
  76. So You Want to Be a Sorcerer [Straylor]
  77. Fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee [Medaerus]
  78. ~Flowers in the Spring~ (Basic Sanjiegan, Self-Moderated)
  79. ~Evil (And Cute) Run in the Family~ (Basic K'tesh)
  80. Never use a longsword to trim your nails. [Basic Longsword - Reijin]
  81. Swinging Around My Little Pig Sticker [Basic Dagger - Medaerus]
  82. Fil Rouge, Part 1 [self mod]
  83. Kick, Duck, Punch {Roland-Medaerus | Collosseum}
  84. Woah, this is arcana! [Initiate Mysticism, Thx Amelia]
  85. ~The Game of Hills~ (Basic Survival Politics)
  86. A Month on the Job [Occupational Training]
  87. [Colosseum] Fight: Roland vs. Narciso! {open to spectators}
  88. AHH!!! Thats what a thimble is for. (Basic Sewing - self modded)
  89. "Pardon-moi, I t'ink I jus' vomitted a lil in me mouth." [Basic Grafting - Amelia]
  90. To have one's meat pie and eat it too [practice, self mod]
  91. Repensum est Canicula (Master Mysticism cont'd||GD Aesha)
  92. Is it sharp? [Basic Dagger]
  93. The Hard Way [Initiate Mysticism, Skay Please]
  94. Compound Mernoff
  95. Roland: Journeyman Mysticism
  96. The Detailed Hand [Practice/Training, Trade skill, {Self mod}]
  97. Still Waters Run Deep [self-mod]
  98. Meeting a Druid and Five more Masters [Training, Grim]
  99. A Teacher in the Shadows [mod please]
  100. [Nexus Prime Bakery] Basic Baking - Brenna
  101. A Walk Through the Woods {Basic Wilderness - Zokia}
  102. This is Val's Basic Theology Thread.
  103. Objection! (Basic Law, and I can prove it!)
  104. Basic Shortsword Training(Brenna)
  105. [Storm Front Alchemy - Alchemy Training] Finding the Steps (Peer mod Selena)
  106. Passing The Knowledge... (Selena Please)
  107. Basic Sorcery [Training, please mod]
  108. Law, Justice, and an Orc?
  109. Sticks Will Break Your Bones {Basic Staff - Self Mod}
  110. [Heaven’s Tier Forge] Blacksmith Training (Viskyia)
  111. Jakar's Basic Gladius Training (MOD Please!!)
  112. [The Colosseum]Cage Matches- Heavyweight- Corran Vs Hazudar
  113. [The Colosseum] Cage Matches Men's Middleweight Match 1 (Verus vs. Dzie)
  114. Cooking Up A Treat (Felina)
  115. [The Colosseum] Cage Matches Womens match 1- (Viskyia VS Svetlona)
  116. [The Colosseum] Cage Matches- Fae-weight Match 1 (Ankou vs. Puffy)
  117. [The Colosseum] Nexus Prime Cage Fighting Championships *Bookies and Betting*(OPEN)
  118. Lost
  119. A delicate style (War Fan Training Shortround)
  120. What's More Fun? Teaching or Learning.
  121. 1/2 Orc + 1/2 Elf + Saurid Master = Intermediate Shaasskah {Viskyia Team Modded}
  122. [The Colosseum] Nexus Prime Cage Fighting Championships *Weigh-in Thread*
  123. The Shadow Skill (Basic K'tesh)
  124. Lend me your ears! [Basic Rhetoric, self mod]
  125. Intermediate Shortsword (Private)
  126. Throwing Pointy Things (Basic Knife Throwing)
  127. Basic Dagger [Self-Mod]
  128. [Crimson Tigers] Basic Training-Gabriel
  129. Colosseum Fight: Gabriel vs the lot
  130. Seaching for Mr. Zan Zu
  131. Beauty's Mind Over Beast's Body...Maybe [Beginning Shaasskah]
  132. Intermediate Dagger Training
  133. Intermediate Mace Training
  134. Intermediate Dog Training
  135. Endurance Training [Open]
  136. Basic Dagger Training {Self-Mod}
  137. [The Colosseum] Nexus Prime Cage Fighting Championships *Sign up here*
  138. The Start of Beginning Meditation {Self-Modding}
  139. Formal Aprenticship Begins...
  140. Colosseum: Fight To The Death {private}
  141. Beginner Mace Training {Self Modding}
  142. A Goal: To Become A Dog Trainer/Handler
  143. The Serenade of Snakes [Amelia]
  144. Learning Basic Cinqueda (sort of) (self-mod)
  145. Sorcery for Dummies?
  146. First Steps
  147. Epicurus, the Sorcerer? (Initiate Training)
  148. [Colosseum] Knockout Fight: Edward vs. Jade! {open to spectators}
  149. Rand vs Markus in the Colosseum [private]
  150. Hurry up and wait
  151. Rahden Katheg – Basic Shortsword Training
  152. Taking Aim (Basic Archery - Self-mod)
  153. Heading out for a Picnic
  154. Food of the Gods (Basic cooking, self modded)
  155. What shall I learn this brightening (basic Alchemy)
  156. Apprenticed Advocate
  157. Basic Stone Sculpting [Training]
  158. Basic Training
  159. Riding Sewerage Pigs [Training, Private]
  160. Going West Wardens [Verus]
  161. Basic Law and Politics
  162. [Private|Dzie] Basic Dagger at the Temple
  163. The Lorrian Collegio
  164. Joining Up (again)
  165. A Dove in Raven's Feathers [Amelia]
  166. ~Absolution~ (Basic Dual Katana||Self Moderated)
  167. Initiate Sorcery [Khriylan|Peer Mod]
  168. Basic Claymore (Self mod)
  169. ~Say Arr, Darnit~ (Basic Survival Politics||Self Moderated)
  170. The Colosseum
  171. ~Chained Fate~ (Basic Chain Whip||Self Modded)
  172. Magical Mystery Tour [Zeddian, Skay]
  173. Killing Demons with Pointy Swords [Grim]
  174. Shopping [Private]
  175. The Tiger's Den
  176. weapons training (self mod)
  177. Temple of Aslan Training Center
  178. Revenge and Headless Chickens [training]
  179. Transport for one [Elonia]
  180. A stone heart isn't a bad thing (Closed, Eternal Winter please)
  181. Intermediate Bastard sword (Quinn)
  182. Basic Tracking Knowledge from a book (quinn)
  183. Crimson Tiger Training: Indigo
  184. OoA Dormitory: Alexander (Private)
  185. Secluria Linkmap and Information
  186. OoA training: Archery for Antin [Selfmod]
  187. Basic Tracking and Basic Archery: Ce’Alesia Elesendi ( Peer Mod: Paul Tyndal )
  188. Intermediate Horseriding
  189. Crimson Tiger Training: Quinn
  190. I spy with my little eye... [Dego Mernoff]
  191. The Arcane Rainbow Towers
  192. OoA Training: Alexander, Intermediate Gladius
  193. Burdens of a dead man.
  194. Arten: Crimson Tiger Training
  195. OoA Training: Neruki (Katana)
  196. OoA Training, Yaevin Ralahir, Long Sword (Expert)
  197. Elementalism training for Elonia (Initiate)
  198. Constant Silas: Crimson Tiger Training
  199. Initiation of Drenzile
  200. OoA Training: Alexander, basic warhammer
  201. Initiation of Darious Icewind
  202. Tiger's Lair (local watering hole for the training district)
  203. OoA Training: Sierra, Intermediate Bastard Sword
  204. FireBorn Training, Recruit Voradoss
  205. FireBorn Training, Recruit Selegon Merith
  206. OoA Training: Zaiden Strike, Basic Katana
  207. OoA Training, Ćthe'al Dal'Eriel, basic longsword
  208. OoA Training: Alexander, basic gladius
  209. Parreyon Syndicus, audience w/OoA Leadership
  210. sack of crowns
  211. OoA Training: Thorolf (Broadsword, basic)
  212. Initiation of Reav Icewind
  213. Crimson Tiger Recruiting
  214. The Arcane Rainbow Towers (II)
  215. OoA Training: Amaros (Beginning Gladius)
  216. OoA Training: Troy Finn (Beginner Quarterstaff)
  217. OoA Dormitory: Troy Finn (private)
  218. OoA Training: Raawf Grril'tak (Beginning Scimitar)
  219. OoA Training: Edward Antonus (Beginning Halberd)
  220. OoA Initiation: Deron and Forsythe (private)
  221. OoA Training: Sayuri Ume (Beginning Shortsword)
  222. OoA Dormitory: Sayuri
  223. OoA Dormitory: Deron and Forsythe's room (private)
  224. OoA Inteview: Forsythe (initiate Paladin)
  225. OoA Interview: Deron (initiate Paladin)
  226. OoA Training: Drax (Beginning Quarterstaff)
  227. OoA Training: Anarríma (Beginning Glaive)
  228. Guild Underground: Paxis
  229. Guild Underground: Tyreal
  230. OoA Training: Wang Sai Yuk (Basic Staff)
  231. Guild Underground: Triton
  232. Guild Underground: Eschaton
  233. Guild Underground: Demant
  234. Guild Underground: Dego
  235. OoA Training: Thorn Gendre (Broadsword, advanced)
  236. OaA Training: Phorkias (Long Sword, intermidiate level)
  237. Guild Underground: Elbrethazar
  238. Guild Underground: Elrion
  239. Guild Underground: Caransulë
  240. OoA Training: Skylar Notrocia (spear)
  241. OoA Training: Aliam Halveric (part 1 of 2, Shortsword)
  242. Nexus Aviator's Academy
  243. OoA Training: Taelani V'ya Reyai (Axe)
  244. OoA Long Sword Training: Scran
  245. OoA Training: William Nightwrath (long/short sword)
  246. OoA Training: Eĺrendil (Staff)
  247. Guild Underground
  248. Bow, and short sword training(aGM or GM please)
  249. Speed Training at the Heorot Gym (GM/AGM plz)
  250. OoA Training: Serrasin (katana)