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  1. One Step In The Right Path [Vaschel]
  2. Fathoming Treasures From the Deep II
  3. Home sweet home [Straylor]
  4. Walking in a Winter Wonderland (PTC) {Open}
  5. [Dreamscape] To Have the Strength (Barthelme)
  6. Where Twisted Dare Not Tread (Private)
  7. As long as I am breathing, I am just beginning (Martellus)
  8. [Teaser] Scientia Vincere Tenebras
  9. The Beginning of a Journey (Faust)
  10. The Rein Dance [Novice Horseback Riding, Striker]
  11. Winter Wandering [Open]
  12. Brightmetal (Wolfgar)
  13. [The Nidifice] Alea Iacta Est
  14. What does this do? [Theldor]
  15. [PTC] Casting Lots to the Stars [Sima]
  16. Let's Get Merry (Open)
  17. Who's A Good Boy?
  18. A New Leaf? (Tyav, please)
  19. [HoR] Do the Reparate Blues
  20. Twice lost (Tyav'ondo)
  21. [Location] The Nidifice (Thanal Residence)
  22. Where were we? [Private]
  23. [Imperial Consulate] Answering The Call (Alexis)
  24. Honest Conversations [Private]
  25. Silence, we are doing crafty things! (Private)
  26. In this moment, time stood still (private)
  27. [The Retreat] A past best forgotten? (closed)
  28. [Outside the Walls] The Residence of Eraisuithon Gil'dae
  29. The Faceless Man (Verlaine)
  30. [Black Fire] An unexpected meeting (private)
  31. New City to Explore [open, Mod?]
  32. A Lovers' Quarrel (Willow)
  33. [Rainbow Towers] Two Sorcerers, One Druid
  34. Idle hands are the devils playground (Vaishen)
  35. A Letter from the Baron of Vortex (Verlaine)
  36. Broken and wanting, loves token denied, search onwards [Private, Maddyn]
  37. The girl works hard for her money (Tessa)
  38. City Hall - Office of the Aedile
  39. Let's do lunch [Private]
  40. Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? [Private]
  41. [The Retreat] On family and feminine frivolities (Gil'dae womenz)
  42. The Night of the Long Knives [Private]
  43. The Beast Howls in My Veins [Riven|Straylor]
  44. Off to the Frogs for a bit of Spring Cleaning [Private]
  45. 10,000 Feathers
  46. Bright Lights and Cityscapes [Tessa]
  47. A Night Dance [Arturus]
  48. Passing Fancy (Arturus)
  49. Simple Duty Has No Fear [Private]
  50. Holy Dawn [Private]
  51. [Private] Reconditioning (Willow)
  52. The Bloodtaker [Private]
  53. A Distressing Prophecy (Blasia)
  54. A Free Man With A Wish [Isil, Steve]
  55. Life Needs Save Points [Prim]
  56. A Parlor Trick, Nothing More [Ness]
  57. A New Means of Entertainment (Tessa)
  58. My resume is my experience and my references are the customers (private)
  59. The Slaves' Dance (Willow)
  60. For you are made of water, and to water you will return [Flashback, Ataa]
  61. What is Magic, A Brief Explanation with Demonstration (PM for Invite)
  62. [Private] You call it a roof top. I call it another street...
  63. [Private] Sneaky Bugger...
  64. [Black Fire] Nothing in this world is free (Sai'ath)
  65. That Slave Girl There? She's My Mistress. (Ceva, Primith)
  66. Joining The Essences... [Shalafi, Part 3]
  67. Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine) [Vaishen & Noxu]
  68. Well this sucks.... (private)
  69. [Black Fire] The Fat Man (Willow)
  70. Blooms [Initiate Mysticism/Private]
  71. [Lightem's Office] Thoughts Of No One [Verlaine]
  72. [Xet Invasion] Help! Dasmia Is Under Attack!
  73. Dice Roll
  74. "Women like you have such an easy soul to steal..." [Indefinite]
  75. [Nexus Fine Clothes] A Worthy Address (Private)
  76. Searching For A Piece Of Tissue
  77. The Brightening Calm [Nexus Prime officials, notables/Open]
  78. Seams Effective (Charlotte)
  79. A Price Fair Enough - Private T.K Skaggs
  80. [Lightem's Office] Learning The Thoughts
  81. Once More at the End of the World [Private]
  82. [Self-Mod] Subterranean Homesick Blues
  83. [The Berghe] Cerulean & Onyx (Alexis Sapientia)
  84. [Black Fire] Trial By Fire (Morgan please)
  85. Fortune has not yet permitted our meeting [Private]
  86. [Lightem's House] Knowing The Blades
  87. A New Look for a New City
  88. Hydra Buyer. [Private, Jace Please]
  89. GemininimeG
  90. Show me how you make a first impression ( Open, Willow)[Blackfire]
  91. Secrets Of A Sword Unlocked [Vaishen]
  92. If The Iksa Fits, Wear It (Ashandra and mod please)
  93. I Have a Good Feeling About This [Vaishen]
  94. Pleasure and Action Make the Hours Seem Short (Willow)
  95. "A Blood-Soaked Destiny" [William Tonne]
  96. In Search of the Hegemony Chapter of NP (Any Hegemony Member)
  97. The Pillow Man
  98. This isn't over... [Dr. Frankenfatty]
  99. Market Hustle and Bustle (Open, Poltergeist)
  100. Nideth
  101. [The Crow's] Honey Running, a Golden Opportunity (Mod Please)
  102. Welcome to the show (Kaar, Vaishen, Private)
  103. Give me your hand and I can show you the future (private)
  104. [Nexus Fine Clothes]Welcome to the neighborhood. Get to work! [Nynossa]
  105. Some Deadly Tissue [Verlain, Talvia lvl up]
  106. A Matter of Trust (Charlotte)
  107. Fight For Nothing [Vaishen]
  108. Casimir & I
  109. Eels are the snakes of the sea (Verlaine please)
  110. Bring It On! Something, At Least! [Catalyst, William]
  111. Red Skies at Night
  112. Good Day for Some Sunshine (Lightem)
  113. [Jail] A Trial of Trolls (Lightem)
  114. What Lies Beneath (Open)
  115. Like a bull in a glassblowers shop (Jore, open)
  116. A First Impression Worth a Thousand Words (Kaar)
  117. Headquarters of the West Wardens
  118. Keep it civil... Until you're outside (Closed)
  119. Take it with a pinch of salt [Raliric]
  120. [Black Fire] The Right Answer to the Right Question? [Willow, Open]
  121. [Black Fire] Expensive Palm Reading, Worth Every Minute (Jared)
  122. [LOCATION]Offices of the Imperial Inquisitors of Nexus Prime
  123. Entry I: In Which The Magician Digs Up the Garden in Search of his Talent (Luclana)
  124. Interesting sense of style [Docks] (William, Private)
  125. Of Blood & Crowns (Docks-Mod)
  126. The Path of the Arrow (Jace)
  127. [Spell Creation] ~ Building his Arsenal [Private]
  128. [Location] The House of M
  129. The Daughter of Fog
  130. The first annual Nexus Prime Limerick contest! (open)
  131. Basic Training (Kesson please)
  132. One for the Crowns, Two for the Show (Open)
  133. As Good as it Gets (Open)
  134. Trial by fire (Verlaine pleases)
  135. Lightem Massani's Office: Illuminated Savants
  136. [Quest] Catch and Release? [Dego]
  137. All of my pieces are jagged(Private,Prim)
  138. Honing one's mind... [Rosequartz, Please] (Private)
  139. Now she won't even LOOK at me! (Tiarela Frozenwatersparkle)
  140. [Cathedral] One of Aslan's Chosen? [Open, Catalyst please?]
  141. Stroll of Hopeful Rememberance. [OPEN]
  142. In the dark of the night (William Tonne please)
  143. Predator and Prey: Rumble in the Streets of Nexus Prime! [Poe]
  144. So Close I Can Smell You [Rosequartz]
  145. [Training-Mysticism] Tightropes in the Dark (Lightem)
  146. [Eastern Edge -Outside City Walls ]Bogtown Blues (Links & Lightem) Invite Only
  147. A Man's Measure is Told by His Actions (Open Thread / All Welcome)
  148. [Cathedral] Some Memories Never Fade
  149. [Cathedral] Rise of the Almoner [Catalyst]
  150. Morning comes at last (Ralirick please)
  151. The Many Ways to Skin a Vault (Basic K'Tesh, Self-Mod)
  152. A Crown of Thorns
  153. The swords of spring (Claudius please)
  154. [Fox Hollow Slaves] That which rains down from above! (private)
  155. The sky is falling (Tylag, Rhett please)
  156. Wishes in the Dark(Morgan, Private)
  157. Opportunity (or some such joker) knocks.
  158. [Black Fire] Breaking People (Morgan, Willow)
  159. Miracles in Unison
  160. I sing the body electric (Anastacia please)
  161. [Nexus Fine Clothes] (Luciana) Our First Date
  162. Someone Worth Suffering For (Jade)
  163. It's time
  164. The Friends We Make (Ceva)
  165. [Black Fire] Grand Opening Bash! [Open]
  166. Kindle the Flame (Private,Tessa) [Public Baths]
  167. Council of war
  168. Not Just Roses Grow Here (Open)
  169. A letter for the Governor
  170. D'oh! A deer! (Claudius)
  171. Leaders are made, not born [Open]
  172. Tonight, take me the other side (Rosalie, Mod, Private)[Outside the Graveyard]
  173. Rum is the key (Open)
  174. [Black Fire]Wet and Cold (Willow)
  175. [Location] Black Fire Restaurant and Club
  176. Five Cups and Two Ghosts (Nessime, Jade)
  177. The Bottom of the Fifth
  178. [Location] Bogtown
  179. Holier than Thou
  180. Wanderer, wanderer
  181. Pocket Aces(Closed,Willow)
  182. Enter By the Gate, Or Not At All (Claudius)
  183. Every Journey Starts Somewhere...
  184. [Eulae-Private/invite only] The Purrfect Plan
  185. [Private - Willow/GM Please] Off to see the brothels, the wonderful brothels of Nexus
  186. And Here I Thought the Job was Painless
  187. Curiosity Killed the Katta (Spar)
  188. [Mandraevan Dance Theater]Linn Feanii Shuffle (Loelir)
  189. A mind game to which there is no equal [Kaar]
  190. [The Private Trade Circle] The Thief Meets the Rug Again (Noxu)
  191. A Little Spice For Life (Luciana pls)
  192. [Lingerer's] Talking by the Fire (Amatria
  193. [Imperial Inquisitor Office] A day for job hunting! (Amatria)
  194. [Aediles Office] Finding a new home
  195. [Cathedral] (Luciana) Reverent Heart
  196. A letter from Aslangrad's Department of Foreign Affairs (Luciana please)
  197. Meeting of Loves Lost
  198. A morning visit (Amatria please)
  199. Milk on the Rocks [Loelir]
  200. The Right Way, The Wrong Way, and the Imperial Shields Way [Private]
  201. Echos in the deep (Morgan please)
  202. [Imperial Inquisitor Building] Fur and Scales, Scales and Fur (Links)
  203. Searching For a New Fighter [Nessime]
  204. [Longbeard's Tavern]Two of a Kind...(Willow please)
  205. [U. A. T. & S. Co.] For Sale (Ceniel)
  206. [Brightstar Manor] To Whom It May Concern
  207. [Lingerer's Inn and Tavern] A Light in the Darkness (Jace, By Invite)
  208. [Flashback] The Family Trade [Private]
  209. [Location]Imperial Inquisitor of Nexus Prime Office
  210. The Clarion's Call [Mod Please]
  211. [Trade Circle] Pure Intentions (Loelir)
  212. Death Becomes Her [Private]
  213. Even A Twit Still Has Use Of His Eyes [Catalyst, Please]
  214. [Lingerer's Inn&Tavern] Of Drinks and Wenches (Open)
  215. [United Arium Trading & Shipping CO.] Moving on Up & ...(Gloan pls)
  216. Life's Lessons the Hard Way. (Open!)
  217. Of Soil and Sandcastles [Jace]
  218. A Thief In The Dark [Noxu]
  219. Beyond the Horizon [Ceniel]
  220. [City Gardens] Within the Garden Walls (Open)
  221. [Flashback] The Summer of 15 (Luciana)
  222. It Was Like That Before I Got There (Eulae)
  223. [Training/Mod] Claudius the Bard [Level 1 Song]
  224. [Flashback]You Can Find Yourself In The Streets (Catalyst)
  225. Half-ling the Force Needed...(Sorcery Practice - Self Mod)
  226. Between Crypts The Living Dance (Jade pls)
  227. Del'tiren Manor
  228. [Lingerers] Kings at the Tavern (Noxu, Open)
  229. A Nefarious Deed [to Deep Roots Herbalist Shop Derelict]
  230. His Eyes Tell A Different Story [Noxu]
  231. [Lingerer's Inn] Keep the Fire Going (mod pls)
  232. Child's Play (Luciana pls)
  233. A Nightmare Can Make You Crazy! [Loelir]
  234. [Office of the Thane] I Wish to See, Ceres (Catalyst & Lightem)
  235. Pick a Peck of Poison [Private-Mixie]
  236. [Temple of Aslan] Kusarigama's in the park (Zahkin please)
  237. Branches And Vines Can Be Bent (Open)
  238. Another Tavern Thread [Veric]
  239. Sorry About The Blood On The Walls [Luciana]
  240. What's the true definition of insane again? [Willow - Private]
  241. Old Habits Die Hard [Jace]
  242. Kerns and Gallowglasses [Private]
  243. Getting Strong Now: Raffy III - [Jace] Closed
  244. The Fires of Jasmine (Open, if you dare)
  245. [Governor's Mansion] Bring It! (Alexis)
  246. The Sapientia Karragin (Open)
  247. [Longbeards Tavern]A improptu meeting (Duncan)
  248. "Crisis? What Crisis?" [Mod/Open]
  249. [Office of the Assistant Thane - Gloan/Private] Overdue Meetings Come Due
  250. Walking the streets of Nexus (GM or AGM please)