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  1. Rhinâl's House
  2. Lunch Among The Birds (Roland)
  3. Gender Confusion Day- An NP Legend In The Making! (open)
  4. [505 Raintree Ln, Fang Horn Drop] Viskyia Crow's Residence
  5. Looking for something lost, (Rainbow towers, Hsin, invite only)
  6. Zombie Fingers (open)
  7. Deep Within The Mind... (Hsin Please)
  8. Medaerus's Room {House of Moonstar}
  9. An Acquaintance (private, Godah)
  10. Gamble: The riddle of two doors
  11. I'm Male...Really, I Swear... (Gender Confusion)
  12. Correspondence For The Northern Guard, 3rd Imperial Legion
  13. First
  14. A Breath of Air {Open to Moonstars|Run}
  15. Codie Neytea's Residence
  16. I miss you like the sun misses the flower. (Hsin)
  17. [Lingerer's Inn and Tavern] Passing Time in a Big City (Open)
  18. From the Deepest reach of the Empire... [Mod Pleas]
  19. Kinger's Residence
  20. [Fort Incolumnitas] Barracks 5
  21. Just a Part-Time Job [Guillaume]
  22. One Cold Evening
  23. Imperial Brightening (9th Kalendryas)(Closed, ft)
  24. [Location] Southgate Recruitment Center
  25. Imperial Mail Call for the Gov, Thane and Provincial Judicator
  26. A Rendering of Noble Services [Grim Please]
  27. "My, my, what pretty scales you have." [Skay]
  28. Adelyn's Homestead
  29. Who is Worthy? (Basic Dual Short Sword)
  30. [Longbeard's] New Era, New Life [Open!]
  31. The Black Omen of Anguish, I mean, the Date [Skay please]
  32. Rosa Divina
  33. People Watching (open to all)
  34. Vial of Emptiness - Residence of Traian C. Laitus
  35. Cakeday Party (Closed, ft)
  36. The Colosseum Bets [Primehiems, Era XIV]
  37. A roof over his head and a place torest his head and not much more(Tylag's House)
  38. Whoops... I slipped [Private, Viskyia]
  39. No man is an army, but some people are Moonstar (Closed, FT)
  40. To Watch the Moonlit Waves [Jose|Closed]
  41. [OOC] NP Ounce Of Charcoal Thread
  42. ~It was a dark and stormy night...~(Private)
  43. Akechi's Humble Abode
  44. A Cook-Who-Talks-To-Ghosts, Pseudo-Gentlemen and a Duel Oh My! [Amelia]
  45. Ribbit... Ribbit... Ribbit... [Closed, FT]
  46. A Decrepit Shack in a Fierce Storm [Open]
  47. Short girl, Long street
  48. Surreality check [Closed, FT]
  49. The Social Calendar
  50. [The NP Graveyard] Junctior Just Gets Me Thinking....(Closed, FT)
  51. Day Out in the Big City [Closed, FT]
  52. [Gardens] Evening randomness (open)
  53. Of Houses and Proton Packs [Halbert please, GFed]
  54. What to do, what to say (open)
  55. I Have Come From Nowhere to Seek Only You [Closed, FT]
  56. Hitting the Dusty Trails (Viskyia please)
  57. The Hunt
  58. Out to set Things Right (Grim please)
  59. The Lingerer's Inn (open)
  60. (Stillwater Keep ~ Private, Ogabe) Truth or consequences...
  61. [The Crow Workshop] A Gathering Of The Feminine
  62. [The Crow Workshop] Working The Gold
  63. When Morning Comes Around (Open)
  64. To be Archmagus [Grim]
  65. [Lingerer's] The Process By Which Things are Done [closed]
  66. Out to Strongly Boil the Orcses [Closed, FT]
  67. The End of One Path Begins Another (Open)
  68. Mornings of Pain (Open)
  69. [Lingerer's Inn] Admitting There's a Problem is the First Step [closed]
  70. Too Many Mistakes (closed)
  71. [Lingerer's Inn] The Invisible Line (closed)
  72. Tritan's Home
  73. The House of the Hidden Claw
  74. Destroying Nexus [Private]
  75. So tired. (Closed)
  76. Room Moonstar: Party in Room 508 (Open to all)
  77. [Political Quarter] Val's Home
  78. One Insignificant Brightening [Closed]
  79. What to do...?
  80. 'The' Tower [Visk, Amy, Toru]
  81. Knock first ask questions later. (Toruko and Ray please)
  82. Dinner for two. (Viskyia)
  83. The Consequences of Fixation [Open]
  84. [The Crow Workshop] When Two Gifts Entwine... (Amelia Please)
  85. [Viskyia's Place] Creating The Circle And Breaking It In (Nyd please)
  86. Beachcombing: An excellent excuse to spend a lazy summer day outside (Closed, ft)
  87. Taking A Peek At The Future And Trying To Pry Into The Past (Verus Please)
  88. Nexus Prime Bakery
  89. Barracks 5 - Fort Incolumnitas
  90. [Longbeard's Tavern] Drinking Games [open]
  91. The Tale of Verus at Court [Verus please]
  92. The Search for Others [Hareli|PM to Join]
  93. [The Crow Workshop] The Magic Shop Order
  94. Away from people by himself (peer-modded Spear training)
  95. PTC: Heaven's Teir Forge (Grim)
  96. Naval Piers and Academy(sailor sign up) Grim pls
  97. If It Can Go Wrong It Usually Does(Nula, Toruko, Hareli)
  98. Anarchy Angel
  99. Little Paxia
  100. Behold The Beheld Beholder, Beholding.
  101. Watching The Ships Come In (Closed, FT)
  102. [The Crow Workshop] Weaving Dreams And Then Chasing Them (Selena Please)
  103. Exploring The Buried Treasure Bookstore....(Closed, FT)
  104. A nice quiet birth-brightening....yeah right. (Open, mod if possible.)
  105. Places to be, Things To Do...(Closed, FT)
  106. The Evening Walk Home
  107. A Humble Little Hovel
  108. ~A New Arrival To The City~ (Closed, FT)
  109. [OOC] The Nexus Prime Peer Moderator List
  110. Getting Drunk [Razu, mod (?), closed, ft]
  111. To make an Acquaintance (Closed, FT)
  112. A new job
  113. [The Tavern of Six Lanterns] Dinner For Three (Skay, Shortround)
  114. [Longbeard's] The hat makes the woman? [Grim please]
  115. [OOC] Nexus Prime Orchard Oliphants Crash Thread
  116. Spoiling for a fight [Closed, FT]
  117. The Lanters New Cook
  118. Amelia's Room at the Abluto Mansion
  119. The Warm Little Hovel (open)
  120. Searching for Some Quick Crowns (Closed, FT)
  121. Midnight Shopping (Nula & Ca'rayfah)
  122. A Day in the New City (Closed, FT)
  123. A Late-Afternoon Romp
  124. Beginning the Search
  125. To Trap A Thief
  126. The New Katta (Closed, FT)
  127. Just another vagrant(Open!, mod please)
  128. Otalin's house
  129. Amassing the Shadows (Shortround)
  130. [The Crow Workshop] Beautifying The Beast
  131. Fairyhand's Wagon
  132. [The Crow Workshop] A Snowflake Trapped In Midnight
  133. Looking for a Tumbler
  134. I'll Wash Your Back, You Wash Mine {Zokia}
  135. Yaga's Hat Emporium
  136. Reaching For Something (Open)
  137. Of Mice and Men (Nula) [Shortround, please]
  138. The Governor's Mansion
  139. The Professionals (Nimavel, Rhargn, Corran)
  140. A Culinary Tour Of Nexus Prime (Saethe please; Open)
  141. Running Away
  142. A Miserable Darkening (Closed, FT)
  143. Free of the Warden's (Private, Shorty)
  144. One for the Road (Open)
  145. Nothing But An Artificial Forest (Open)
  146. The Creation of a lovely Staff [Private]
  147. Climbing the property ladder, somebody elses property ladder.
  148. For The Love Of Horses {Zokia, PM to Join}
  149. For the love of Crime! (Closed, FT)
  150. Smalltime Crooks (Hazudar and gang)
  151. Taking a walk.(Open)
  152. The home of Atlas Djiri
  153. Ugh... Domestikatta (Private, Atlas)
  154. Searching for a friend(Private, Zokia Zora)
  155. ~Revealed flesh and relaxing secrets [Nyd and Visk]
  156. [NP Spring Bee] Dance Hall- Open
  157. [NP Spring Bee] Longbeard's Beer Tent- Open
  158. Graal's Hut
  159. The Shadow Skill (Basic K'tesh)
  160. A Bit of Shopping (Private, Viskyia)
  161. The Underworld Spiritual Game [Closed]
  162. [WF] Lessons In Mankind's Oldest Partnership {Gabriel, Please}
  163. Searching for a future in NP (Skay - Windsteed Farm)
  164. Dealing with over-grown rats (Nula)
  165. Drowning in Feversteel [Training. Private]
  166. Job Search (Closed, FT)
  167. The shop of Magic
  168. New Dog - New Tricks
  169. Lost in a new city. (Open)
  170. A Foul Mood (Private, Gabriel)
  171. Furniture, brick and wood!! [Private]
  172. Fond Farewells (Private. Seprafel and Rahden)
  173. Old Friends [Private - Viskyia]
  174. As If Once Wasn't Enough... {Private- Nydardomond}
  175. A Sparkling in the Sands... (Open)
  176. What's a Relequis to do? [Closed, FT]
  177. To Hang A Star In The Sky...
  178. A Ruined Life. A Life of Crime.
  179. From One Tungress to Another (Correspondence, Skay)
  180. K. Halasa's One Stop Scribe Shop!
  181. In which it is shown that Kitties and Gryphons do not Mix [Skay]
  182. Staying in Touch (Roland)
  183. Khold's Ink Station
  184. Razor Moon (Closed, FT)
  185. A Date With Destiny (AGM Shortround)
  186. Facing Your Fears {Zokia}
  187. A Glistening Thats Not Gold (Skay)
  188. [Docks] Hoodlums: the Next Generation (Shortround)
  189. Home away from Home (Finnbarr, and family.)
  190. First of Melora (Viskyia)
  191. A New Family (Dyrack and Dzie, please)
  192. Ready! Aim! Medic! (Mod please!)
  193. Saying Goodbye In Silver
  194. Intensive Training (Open)
  195. A Darkening On The Tiles {Viskiya}
  196. Making A Mother A Gift...
  197. Roll of the dice (Open, Shortround if you will)
  198. The Streets of Nexus Prime (Dryack)
  199. An Evening Alone [Rhargn]
  200. Wandering around in wonder of it all. (Mace, Closed, FT)
  201. The Saphhire Fields
  202. Street-Fighting 101 [open]
  203. Morning Runs (Rhargn)
  204. [The Docks] - Looking for a fight [closed]
  205. [Cathedral] Settling Old Scores [open]
  206. Pulling Shapes out of Stars [closed]
  207. Quest for a scribe (AGM Shortround please - also open to others)
  208. Crimson Tigers- Ratta Hunting (Alexandera Ciro- others PM to join)
  209. Brownie Points... (Open, Anyone want to mod?)
  210. Puppy Fun With A Funny Pup (open)
  211. A Lonely Heart {Zokia}[Private]
  212. Why not play a bit more? [Spell Creation]
  213. [Longbeard's Tavern] Word of Mouth (pvt, Skay)
  214. Dancing ferrets [Open]
  215. Nowhere left to run... [Closed]
  216. Going Dogshopping (Rhargn)
  217. A Dip into Darkness (private - PM to join)
  218. A Break(Skay)
  219. Looking for a home (Razu & Finnbarr)
  220. Ambushed by the Buskers (Private, Dyrack)
  221. Sanguine Stream Spooks Squirrely Citizens (social, open)
  222. Nexus Prime Open Orange Crate Thread [OOC]
  223. Roaming around Nexus [Chilled thread open to all]
  224. The Fruits of the Garden (Private; Grim)
  225. Friendly Sparring (Seprafel and Rahden)
  226. Thuntir's Room at the Lingerer's
  227. Dyrack's Journey
  228. A choir boy like no other [Closed]
  229. A pair of Policicles [Edward and Briskor, peer modded]
  230. Learning the 'ropes' at the Windsteed Farm. [private]
  231. Meteorites have an impact on everyone (OPEN)
  232. [Windsteed Farm] Learning to ride [closed]
  233. Contemplating about life in the City Gardens [closed, preferably]
  234. Inside of Chaos [Private, Skay]
  235. Dwarf in the big city (Peermod. PM to join)
  236. Daylight robbery/midnight requisitions [Trade circle, peer modded]
  237. The End of the World [open]
  238. Starfall skyrock, I want my slice of moon-cheese
  239. Conversations with veteran soldiers of the West Wardens [Private]
  240. Searching for the Commander… [Private; Maddyn]
  241. Heart of Magic [Spell Creation]
  242. All about Family [Private, Grim]
  243. Sound off like you got a pair [Verus, Seprafel, Rahden]
  244. Up to little or no good [open]
  245. [Scarlet Ribbon, Grandfathered] Under the Cover of Darkness
  246. Garret's Healery
  247. Barracks 5 - Recruits
  248. An unpleasant welcome [OPEN]
  249. [Stillwater Keep] Ducks Ahoy!
  250. Finnbarr de Ryes' House