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  1. A sea of white (Veric please)
  2. [Nexus Prime] The Hunters Become the Hunted (Open, Mod Please)
  3. [Lingerer's Inn&Tavern] Of Politics and Men (Veric, Please)
  4. Vivid Recollections [GM or AGM Please]
  5. Why they throw stones (Voltur & Invite)
  6. [Longbeard's Tavern] In darkness, opportunity (Tessa)
  7. The cry of ages (Keagan please)
  8. [United Arium Trading & shipping company] Does she fit the bill? (private, Tessa)
  9. [Residence] Home & Hearth
  10. A Referral (Catalyst & Links please!)
  11. [The Graveyard]New Job For Kavene!
  12. Scratching an Itch [Private] (Docks)
  13. [The Lingerers] For every action, an equal and opposite reaction (Prim, please)
  14. A Strange Rumor [Aelwynd, Gaktak, Private]
  15. [location] United Arium Trading & Shipping Company
  16. The Bodyguard [Alicia, Please/Open]
  17. The Private Trade Circle-A Soul for A Crown (Boegard)
  18. [Docks] Birds of a Feather (Tessa; PM for Invite)
  19. Welcome to the underbelly (Ramona please)
  20. Pixie in a Bottle [OPEN]
  21. A New Outfit For Primith! [Private]
  22. Things fall apart (Ryori please)
  23. Lending Some Credibility to Her Newest Seeming (Kiirion)
  24. Nexus Prime, Major Hub of Reification [Jace] - Closed
  25. A wild man appears! [Private, Pyotr, Wyenan]
  26. Slipping into darkness (Stephan please)
  27. Handful of dust (Akkarin please)
  28. It's better to have loved and lost, they say (Jace, please)
  29. The Fire Sermon (Faust please)
  30. Encounters of Significance in Nexus Prime (Alicia, Stephan)
  31. Toddling in the Park (Luciana, please)
  32. Winter blows the marks away (Alicia please)
  33. location:The Lingerer's Inn and Tavern battering for a room(mod please)
  34. An Elite Way [Jace]
  35. Sometimes fate whacks you over the head (Nixie please)
  36. A Quiet Magic. [City Library, Ceniel]
  37. [office of the Ass Thane] A crown for a Crown (Gloan)
  38. Suns light, Suns bright (Luciana)
  39. Culture Shock! (Anyone can play)
  40. [Brewers and Distillers Guild] Guided By the Spirits [mod please]
  41. Ovsel comes home (Ovsel please)
  42. Bad things come in small packages
  43. searching for the Office of the Asst. Thane
  44. Pyotr's Ascension [Pyotr]
  45. Say No to Gnomes (Open)
  46. Attention! Nexus is under siege!
  47. A weird quest begins! [Gloan, Kikoto, Narsyllian, Zourn]
  48. [office of the asst. thane]Simple words with deeper meaning [Gloan]
  49. A stitch in time (Zourn please)
  50. Just a Lazy Winter Brightening (Luciana, Open)
  51. Seeking An Apprenticeship (Luciana Please)
  52. Awakened To Omens [Great Stone Circle/Open]
  53. Job interview (Primith please!)
  54. [Office of the Asst. Thane] Nothing is ever what it seems in Arium (Verrez please)
  55. The Whisper of storm (Ceniel please)
  56. Dravus and Son's
  57. [Private Trade Circle] I Spy in a Crowd ( Lafear, Open)
  58. [Lingererís Inn] A mostly harmless old man goes for a drink (Open, mod appreciated)
  59. [Inn] The Thaumaturge and the Archdruid (Catalyst, Private)
  60. [Private Trade Circle] The Brightenings of Our Lives (Lafear, Open)
  61. Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth (Victor please)
  62. A hole in the darkness (Gloan, Lofear please)
  63. [Location] Mandraevan Dance Theater
  64. Gifts from Afar [Arctic] (Catalyst, Open)
  65. A Tissue With Pointy End [Private, Luciana Lunaeris]
  66. [Senator's Mansion] A Joyous Birth-brightening (Catalyst)
  67. By the pricking of my thumb (closed to further PCs)
  68. Here kitty kitty kitty! (Catalyst)
  69. Obedience class (Open)
  70. [Location] Brightstar Manor: the Thanal mansion
  71. When Gnomes Fly {Catalyst}
  72. Hide and seek (Private; Catalyst please)
  73. Who knew that Lust was infectious (Private, Catalyst)
  74. Good things come in small packages (Alchemy, Catalyst)
  75. [Location] The Illuminated Savants of Aelyria
  76. Character registration thread
  77. An Awakening; A Reunion
  78. [Location] Fox Hollow Slaves
  79. Regarding Matters [Catalyst - Private]
  80. Where there is still brotherhood [Nexian Militia Quarters - A/GM]
  81. Pupa of straw, Moppet of rags (open adventure)
  82. [Location] Nexus Academy of Music
  83. To Play the Spy (private, Staylor)
  84. [Governor's Mansion] Put a mage on top of another mage and what do you get?(Catalyst)
  85. [Basic K'Tesh] The First Rule (Johan Riketz)
  86. Lets Solve a Problem Over a Mug! (Private - Haalf, Shao, Catalyst)
  87. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! (Private: Catalyst)
  88. [Exposition] Strange Occurences (Closed)
  89. [City Hall] The Estates of Arium Assemble (PM to Join)
  90. [The Private Trade Circle]"Marshal your troops, O city of troops" (Ramiel, Open, Mod)
  91. Without the Point, Its Just a Staff (Self Mod Basic Spear)
  92. To wish upon a fallen star.
  93. [Governor's Mansion] Noble re-encounters (Luciana)
  94. Twinkle Twinkle (open)
  95. Five men short (Alashar and Ramiel please)
  96. [City hall] Welcome to Nexus, watch your back (Conrad please)
  97. [Kyathis Bay] The Nexus Horizon, The Darkness Across (Catalyst)
  98. [Senatorial Mansion] Arrival (Luci)
  99. Call me Ishkatar [Private]
  100. The Conversations No One Hears [Conrad]
  101. Strictly Politics [Private]
  102. The Mystery calls (Shao please)
  103. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
  104. Sun sets in the streets of Nexus Prime
  105. When soldiers parade officers make a name for themselves (Haalfstag and co.)
  106. A feast for the dead
  107. The Governor's Directives (Private Haalfstag | Any provincial militia members)
  108. [Lingerer's Inn] Usually They Stare at Me (Keagan)
  109. How to Cleave the Skull of Your Enemies (self mod)
  110. Rat hunt! (Anarchist please)
  111. [Senator's Mansion] Of Sickness and Babies
  112. Diplomacy is the art of letting someone have your way [Catalyst]
  113. [Location] Littletown
  114. [The Colosseum] Old Habits Die Hard (Mod, PM to Join)
  115. Against the darkness (open)
  116. Starcrossed (open)
  117. [Exposition] Fade to black.
  118. Saying hi to the neighbors
  119. I Hope You Dance (Self-Mod, Training, Flashbacks)
  120. [Lingerer's Inn and Tavern] A Chance Meeting (Open, Luciana please)
  121. The true face of shadow
  122. [Location] The Illuminated Savants of Aelyria
  123. Nexus News
  124. Knocking at the doors of the mind (Athena and Vuzdaer)
  125. The power and the force (Gloan)
  126. The past, the future (Luciana please)
  127. You never know what you'll find (Artemis)
  128. Time to kill (Jade please)
  129. [Senator's Mansion] Going the Distance (Luciana please)
  130. {City Gardens}Among the Flowers (Jade Please)
  131. The Eternity Kiss [Closed]
  132. A whisper in the shadows (Vuzdaer please)
  133. [Provincial Army] New Faces ( PM For Invite )
  134. [Lingerer's Inn] A Stray Wolf To A Pack ( Straylor )
  135. [Lily House Residence] The Fast Track (Adventure|Self-Mod)
  136. [Jotunwer Farmstead] The commission (Haalfstag)
  137. Of Tomes and Runes (Skylar please)
  138. [Longbeard's Tavern] Pleasant Company{Haalfstag, please}
  139. [City Gardens] Watch Where You Run ( Skylar please)
  140. Spinning the silk (Luciana please)
  141. [City Gardens]Walking Through the Gardens {Open}
  142. "Peace is a lie. There is only passion." (Private)
  143. The Unanticipated Hold-Up (Catalyst, Please)
  144. What goes up (Faust pleas)
  145. Ice Singer Festival (closed)
  146. [Location] Copper Creek Fayen breeders
  147. Job Hunting (Catalyst, Please)
  148. It happened this way (Kirne please)
  149. Come to me with cold embrace (Vuzdaer)
  150. What gift is this? (Haalfstag please)
  151. [Location] Brightmetal Smithy
  152. Character Registration thread
  153. Moderation Requests
  154. An elegant game with no rules (OOC thread)
  155. the secret location of the swirly, twirly, starry ,communication thingie [Alys]
  156. A Correspondence for the Royal Consul [Wessex de Evile IV]
  157. Public Works (Background Event)
  158. Strings and Velvet [Selfmod]
  159. Faenoror, Faenoror cries Mister Creed
  160. The Observer's walk (Background event)
  161. The collected papers of Nexus Prime: IC reporting of Arium events
  162. Dinners at the Sanatorium
  163. Eight to the Bar [Creed, Governors Mansion]
  164. Nexus Prime's list of Open threads
  165. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (Open)
  166. Conrad at the Mansion
  167. All the Lonely People
  168. Newly mid-season, New GM (Upcoming Plotlines)
  169. "Barbarians at the Gate" [Maddyn]
  170. Shadows and Whispers (Charybdis, Roscarnis)
  171. Archalen Andares, Super Spy Extraordinaire [Archalen, Wraith]
  172. Now hear this!
  173. [Lingerer's Inn] New girl in town (Open)
  174. [Free Thinkers Guild] Job Hunting
  175. Digging up old bones (GM/AGM purdey pleeze!)
  176. Changing his stripes [Crimson]
  177. The Frivolities of Finance (Crimson please)
  178. Kicking the Groin..I mean...going to the bar! (Treat pls)
  179. Meeting a lost one (Private)
  180. [Governor's Mansion] An ancient sword (Striker)
  181. Why you Dirty little Gnome 2
  182. Here Ye Here Ye (notice)
  183. Crucil Shotandkard - Tessared-Tohiba Training
  184. Treant walking back from teh bar with Grifinger (Exp thread)
  185. GolemCrafting In ways of reading (Kavene)
  186. What happens when you give a book and pen to a baby? (Private)
  187. Why You Dirty Little Gnome : Private training Tessared-Tohiba - Treant
  188. [Lingerer's Inn and Tavern] New about town (open)
  189. New to Nexus Prime and looking to learn the Art OF GolemCrafting (Open, Mod Needed)
  190. [The Crow Workshop] Black Tourmaline And White Moonstone
  191. [The Crow Workshop] Stardust Held In Fire
  192. Bodysnatchers (Open, mod)
  193. Giving life (Level Up Golem crafting thread) -On hold until points are accumulated
  194. Making the foot tall Golem... (Self-Modded Training thread) -On Hold?
  195. Learning the fundalmentals (Stone crafting training thread, Mod-Glanos)
  196. More Golem Crafting! (The next day, Self-Modded)
  197. Lest We Forget (Skay)
  198. Bodysnatchers [Open, Mod Please]
  199. Creating Life, one little gray blob at a time (Self-Modded, PM if not aloud): Golems
  200. [Exposition] Wheels Over Cobblestones
  201. All spells and no vials [Private]
  202. [OOC] The Nexus Prime Peer Moderator List (2008 Edition)
  203. City Gates (Post Here First, Please)
  204. [Lingerer's Tavern and Inn] A letter from the one you never knew.
  205. [OOC Notice] Ouroboros Encircles Nexus Prime! (GM Introduction)
  206. [Announcements] Unfortunate Announcements and Arrangements
  207. Looking for my past...[Viskyia
  208. Sometimes a Date is Just a Date...and Sometimes it isn't [Janis|PM to Join]
  209. Paying the Piper
  210. The Fierce Heart Training Academy
  211. [Lingerer's Inn and Tavern] How to Pick a Fight
  212. [Private Trade Circle] The Many Guises of Opportunity (Laby, I think?)
  213. The Gardens] A Sunny Summer Stroll (Open!)
  214. {The White Crow Gem and Jewelry} New additions (Private)
  215. [Gardens] You Think You Know What's Best? [PM to Join]
  216. The return of Titus Crow (Viskyia)
  217. [Lingerer's] - Speaking of Future and Crown
  218. Woods and Words [Private]
  219. Conceiving, Birthing, Cleaning, Naming ... a new dojo is born. (Nyd please)
  220. A Mission for a Tiger...But whats with the Cloak? (Private, Janis)
  221. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (Open)
  222. Its hard enough to speak. (Open)
  223. Katta at the pub(Open,mod please?)
  224. Sometimes Druids Just Need to Have Fun [Janis]
  225. [The Gardens] Crossing Paths (Z'kron)
  226. A Bough That Won't Break [PM for Invite]
  227. [Gardens] There's Always Something Else [PM Invite]
  228. Ready or not, here they come. (Private)
  229. City Hall - Aediles Office [From Melora Onward]
  230. Dark Nights and Strange New Faces [Josephine, Private]
  231. Welcome to Politics...Angry Gnomes, Distracted Dwarves...All free. [Traian, Private]
  232. Barracks 5 - Recruit Training/Basic Shortsword [Josephine]
  233. Vinco Timor (private, Labyrinth)
  234. [Gardens] A Hippy Always Needs the Trees [Skay]
  235. [OOC] Only Orange Carpenters
  236. [IMPORTANT] VBI: The Very Brief Intro
  237. [Gardens] A Druid Searching [Selena|Open]
  238. Cut Their Throats Before They Cut Yours (Survival Poltics I - Val please)
  239. [Fort Incolumnitas] Brother and Sister (Roland)
  240. An Afternoon at Longbeard's.. (Open!)
  241. Camping in the City Gardens (Open)
  242. The White Crow Gems & Jewelry
  243. Men of Honor
  244. Non Malum Timeit (closed)
  245. The Return [Viskiya, Closed]
  246. Stars Above Us (Open)
  247. Who Says You Can't Find Answers At The Bottom Of A Bottle Of Wine...Or Two? (Open)
  248. Meeting with Godah (Closed)
  249. On the Wings of Angels... (Romeo Navende Please)
  250. Searching for Answers - Discreetly [Open!]