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  1. A Letter from the Baron of Vortex
  2. [The Drunken Dwarf] Well, that was unexpected (Tey'val)
  3. [Moonstar Market Bazaar] A Stroll Through The Marketplace
  4. De die in diem [Private]
  5. And the terms of the agreement were thus [Private]
  6. Permanent friends, permanent interests [Private]
  7. [The Drunken Dwarf] A meeting of old... acquaintances? (Alexis)
  8. PC Opportunities To Combat The Xet
  9. Organizing A Response To The Xet Invasion Of Arium
  10. Crafting a Civil Code (Elemental, Blasia Only - Private)
  11. Taking a walk about (Open)
  12. Call To Arms For The Paxia Militia
  13. Movement Of Cannons
  14. The Shield Daekin At The Falcon Citadel
  15. The Winter Session of the Paxia City Council - Era XXI
  16. Measuring a Year [Duncan]
  17. Running for Council (Steve please)
  18. [Slave Market] You will do
  19. The Dispicable, The Desperate & the Dangerous (Open)
  20. [Location] Height of Heaven, Depth of Hell
  21. [Wohnbezirk - Arlock Klinik] Thread and Stitches
  22. A Chapel for Cetheron (Open, Mod Please)
  23. Redd's Employment and Training
  24. Walking Around Searching For The Blade [Elemental]
  25. A New AGM
  26. (Mercantile District)Drunken Dwarf Lodgings
  27. Searching For The Teachings Of Carmelya [Steve]
  28. On his way to the Drunken Dwarf [Open,Mod please]
  29. Working for Vermitter (Private, GM Steve)
  30. Keep your eyes peeled (Duncan,Private)[Thane's Estate]
  31. [Harbor District] Rhaa ti Kaeridi (K'Tesh Dojo)
  32. The Spring Session of the Paxia City Council - Era XX (Open)
  33. Setting off on a Journey (Open)
  34. [Scythe Estate] A Missive for the Mystic
  35. [Rhaine Institute] Law 101 (Maj'neek)
  36. [The Paxian Cemetery] Down into the bloodstained darkness (Shade or other)
  37. What Has Been Going On In Paxia?
  38. [Sea Hag Inn] Legends and Lore (Mod, By Invite)
  39. [Arlock Clinic] (Eulae, Mod) Licking Wounds
  40. [Harbor District] A Fight Worth Dying For (Shade)
  41. [Self Mod Training LV1 K'Tesh] Feral Fighting
  42. [Sword training] We've Got to Stop Meeting Like This [Duncan]
  43. The Spy Arrives At The Office Of The Lady Protector
  44. [Mod Please] A State of Law and Order
  45. [Mod Please] The Search for Tools
  46. [Mod Please] The Search for Ale
  47. [Mod Please] The Search for Coal
  48. Does this hat make me look sexy? [Willow]
  49. [Sythe Estate] Send in the Hounds to catch a Scorpion
  50. [Government District] Stadt Präfektur (City Prefecture)
  51. Pick a Peck of Poison [Private-Mixie]
  52. [Open] Paying Dues at the Drunken Dwarf
  53. [Mod Please] Catching up with Things
  54. Haven't I Punched You Before [Kailin]
  55. [Private - Jade] And Then There Was A Skillet
  56. [Fire Ridge Farm] Spring is Here [Open]
  57. (Limelight Tavern) Wine and Women (Open)
  58. [City Outskirts]The Ruins of Kaufmann Castle
  59. [location] United Arium Trading & Shipping company
  60. [Government District] City Hall - Office of the Council President
  61. [Limelight Tavern] It All Start with a Bang and a..(Poe)
  62. Vermittler Enterprises
  63. Friendly Relations - GM Steve
  64. The Streets Run Red [Raff, open to two others]
  65. It's a Hard Brightening's Darkening [Open]
  66. [Government District] Aslangrad Dept. of Trade & Commerce - Paxia Satellite Facility
  67. First Winter Session Of The Paxian City Council
  68. Notices Throughout Paxia
  69. Light fingers come to Paxia (mod please!)
  70. [Thanal Estate & City Offices] A Delivery With a Smile ( Mod Please)
  71. With Changing Seasons Comes New Friendship - [Luci - PM for Invite]
  72. Duty in Shopping [willow]
  73. In the shadows you can find yourself [Private]
  74. You can run, but you can't hide [Nathaniel]
  75. Who'll make his mark, the captain cried (open)
  76. [Thane's Estate & City Council Office] My Opening Farewell
  77. [The Constabulary] Recruitment - OPEN
  78. [Mercantile District] The M&M Wagon Warehouse
  79. [Mercantile District] Ferrier and Stables
  80. A New Beginning with a New Meaning [PM for invite]
  81. Employer seeking Employees [Arbeit Büro - PM for invite - Mod Pls]
  82. Public Posting Of A Letter From The Imperial Minister Of War
  83. [Moonstar Bazaar/Hero's Square] For All of the Soldiers (Open, Mod Please)
  84. Two's Company [Private, Willow]
  85. [Harbor District] Pearl Exports
  86. [The Drunken Dwarf] Get what's yours (Egan)
  87. A Notice Posted Throughout Paxia
  88. Burgermeister's Geburtstag Festivities
  89. AGM Return: Ragboy
  90. [The Sythe Estate] The Landlocked Dwarf (Duncan)
  91. Wimbly Takes A Stroll Along The Waterfront (closed)
  92. [The Sythe Estate] Blast from the past (Duncan)
  93. Sparkasse von Paxia - When Banks Give Free Loans - Steve pls
  94. Absidia At The Merchant League Office
  95. Büro des Ädils (The Aedile's Office) - Steve Pls
  96. Bangin' Off-A-The Bricks (Willow)
  97. The Best Way to Pass Ports
  98. Prices in Paxia
  99. Into Madness We Ride [Private, Shalafi, Morgan]
  100. [Limelight Tavern] I Suppose I Could Make a Martini, Assuming Vermouth Exists
  101. Achtung! Alle Spielerin
  102. Things Go Away To Return, Brightened For The Passage [Private]
  103. Stumbling upon a Beauty [Private, Willow]
  104. Hanging from a Sour Tree [Steve Please - Private]
  105. Where Love and Light Don't Play [Private, Shalafi]
  106. Hanged From A Sour Apple Tree
  107. [Mercantile District] Drakin Weapons and Defense
  108. Girls just want to have fun [Private]
  109. Dreams Of The Dying [Private]
  110. Grand Arena of Champions
  111. Is This How The Story Ends? [Private]
  113. [The Sea Hag Inn] The Cricket Rodeo (Private)
  114. [Location] The Erlau Cathedral of Aslan (Aslankirk an Erlau)
  115. [Streets of Paxia] Bonds of Blood (Private, invite)
  116. Dire Times [Duncan]
  117. What are you Writing, Aunty? [Private - Jade]
  118. The Gathering [Private - Invites Pending]
  119. Emergency Session of the Paxian City Council
  120. More Town Criers
  121. Danger in the mountains (Steve please!)
  122. Imposition of Martial Law
  123. Town Criers
  124. An Alert
  125. [Sythe Estate] A Glimmer of Steel in Fading Shadows (Jade)
  126. [Thane's Estate] The Tendrils of Night - open
  127. Burn it to the ground (Open, Willow)
  128. Perfect Strangers (Willow Treme)
  129. [Palace] Your not the only one with bad news (Tiybiri)
  130. Under the Cover of Darkness, Justice shall Come. [Closed - Steve]
  131. The Hounds Will Eat Well Tonight[Vagrant's Row] (Open, Mod)
  132. One Of The Forgotten [Private]
  133. Boomcade Prelude [Steve Please]
  134. Dancing like a cat on the stairs [Siren's Song] (Private,Duncan)
  135. [Lighthouse] Not Dying Today [Steve]
  136. The Spy Arrives At The Gaol
  137. Looking for Sirens in all the wrong places (Steve, Semi Open) [Sailors Snug Harbor]
  138. One night couldn't be so wrong (Jade, Private)
  139. Feed the flame (Tessa,Private)
  140. Two types of secrets (Jade, Duncan, Private)
  141. A Caller At The Estate Of Duncan Sythe
  142. Not Alive Unless You're Almost Dying [Duncan]
  143. Mischief in the City (Open)
  144. Eventide Carnival (Open) [Siren's Song]
  145. Idle hands are the devil's tools (Jarradium please!)
  146. Sailors Snug Harbor
  147. General Jagan Arrived At The Palace
  148. Getting a new pet (Ceva, Nikulas, Private)
  149. [Limelight tavern] Songs and more (Willow please)
  150. Gathering Of The Paxia Militia
  151. A Crowd Gathers At The Falcon Citadel
  152. Citizen Reaction To The Blockade
  153. City Council Summoned To The Palace
  154. Dead and cast away (Private)
  155. [Event] The Northern Blockade
  156. Don't call me babe (Catalina/closed)
  157. [Palace] Delving in the library (Steve please)
  158. [The Falcon Citadel] How To Swing An Axe (Catalina please)
  159. Training Regime of one Hellcat [Phaedra Only]
  160. To Pick or Not to Pick (Willow)
  161. Bloody Addictions (Open)
  162. On Wings of Fire ([Winged Gate]Siege of Paxia, Open/Plot)
  163. [Scythe Paxian Estate] A Simple Letter (Duncan)
  164. [Office of the Harbor Master] Kailin Comes to Call (Kailin)
  165. (Palace)A new start (Conrad)
  166. Siege Of Aelyria Comes To Paxia
  167. Recruiting for a guild that cannot be named (For Willow / Open)
  168. At the beginning...Again (Open)
  169. The darkness beckons (Private,Kailin)
  170. [Militärbezirk] The Falcon Legion's Recruitment Hall
  171. [Harbor District] A Katta Comes to Call (Tal)
  172. [Harbor] The departure of the colonist
  173. Giants of Gold and Games of Sand(Akira)
  174. The Ecstacy of Gold [Mercantile District] Vagrant Row (Private)
  175. What is Trust Among Business Partners [Shalafi Please]
  176. Formation of a Guild of thieves?
  177. [Harbor District] The Office and Residence of the Harbor Master
  178. [Falcon Training] Cannons Training Regime
  179. Farm Life in Era XIX
  180. Don't point that thing at... auch!
  181. Hit with the stick, not the... Oh, never mind...
  182. [Wilde Lande] Die Verrueckte Asyl
  183. [Militärbezirk] The Crowns of Hope
  184. Adventuring throughout Paxia
  185. Paxia Orientation Program
  186. First Annual Paxian Cooking Festival (Open)
  187. Taking Stock (Winter's Work) -
  188. [City Gaol] The d'Purcell Affair
  189. A Fortunate Meeting
  190. Harassing kids (open)
  191. [Palace] One Governor, two Governors (Straylor)
  192. In the Darkness (Open)
  193. Welcome To AGM Mystery
  194. [Erlau Estate](Grab Your Stiletto and Get Ready)(Conrad)
  195. Welcome To AGM Catalina
  196. (Market Bazaar)A Day Out (Open)
  197. [City Gaol] Seeking Answers (Steve please)
  198. [Palace] (Conrad)
  199. [Palace]First Impressions (Conrad)
  200. Why Am I Still Here? (Conrad Dietrich)
  201. Are We On The Same Path? (Jade)
  202. [Thane's Estate] The return of the Imperial Regent (Dundan)
  203. [Open - Council Invited! - Steve Please] Reviewing the Grand Arena
  204. All is Darkness... (Duncan)
  205. In The Pain There Is Healing [Duncan]
  206. Those We Leave Behind [Kailin - Private]
  207. Give Me Something I Can Believe [Duncan]
  208. The Gathering of the Colonists
  209. Signs Painted On The Sides Of The Gaol
  210. The Second Meeting Of The Paxia City Council During The Winter Of Era XVIII
  211. [Mercantile District] The Heroes' Square-Conrad Please
  212. Akira's Various Experiments (Mod Please)
  213. An Audit of the Whaler's Guild
  214. Office of Akira Kurai
  215. Solace Calling
  216. Office of Councilman Len'anor'heith Kha'Serith
  217. [Office of the Burggraf] A visitor from far far away (Isil)
  218. Unearthing the Paxian Heroes Wannabes: Alphonsus' Story (Invite Only)
  219. Unearthing the Paxian Heroes Wannabes: Maersha Story (Invite Only)
  220. [Market Bazaar] Staring into the Paxian night. [Open to all]
  221. Life During The First Winter
  222. Welcome to AGM Viscerus
  223. Paxia City Council Election
  224. Penguin delights
  225. Unearthing the Paxian Heroes Wannabes: Winter Edition [Open to ALL]
  226. [Office of the Assistant Thane] Time Has Guided Us All Unto Greatness (Conrad)
  227. Enhancing the flavour of Rice Wine
  228. The Tanzbar Games [Open/Competitions]
  229. Winter has arrived
  230. Laying the Foundations of Truth and Honor (Conrad, GM Steve, and by invite)
  231. The Pioneers Have Returned (Solace Isle - First Explorers only)
  232. Meeting at the Drunken Dwarf (Lucky Star please!)
  233. Winter Approaches
  234. [Erlau Estate] A hero comes home (Kael)
  235. Unearthing the Paxian Heroes Wannabes [Open to ALL]
  236. Autumn Agenda for Kurai
  237. [Erlau Estate] Spellbreaking, nails and academies (Lucky)
  238. Welcome Back AGM Fish
  239. Meeting of the Paxia City Council
  240. Getting drunk, the hard way (Basic Wine Making)
  241. Xp ?????
  242. [Erlau Estate] Burggraf vs Overseer
  243. [Siren's Song]Festival of Crystal (Open)
  244. The Siren's Song
  245. Let it Flow [Erlau Estate]
  246. Turmoil Outside The Winged Gates
  247. A Report To The Burgermeister
  248. [Erlau Estate] To call upon the faithful (Steve)
  249. Tithing To Meephos
  250. A Self Fullfilling Prophecy?