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  1. [Shivering Glade] A New Forest to walk through.
  2. [Destiny Falls] All That Glitters... (Nessime)
  3. [Ranger Hall] A Shot Through the Hart (Basic Archery Self-Mod)
  4. [Location] Valley of Valor
  5. [Location] The Oracle
  6. [Location] Well of Wishes
  7. The Shadowed Sanctuary - Profile and Map
  8. [OOC|IC] The Player's Ultimate Guide!
  9. [Location] The Shivering Glade Forest
  10. The path of regret
  11. [Location] Well Of Wishes
  12. Dream A Little Dream Of Fire And Stone [Andrea]
  13. Merry Mission for Mushrooms (Mixie)
  14. The result of not logging in with the right account
  15. Shadows and Light in the Forest of White [Andrea, Elmaryia, S'Lon]
  16. Spiders, Snakes and poisonous mushrooms? (Poison training level 2 Mirror Mistress)
  17. Tentus Interuptus (Dartalion)
  18. Shivering Glade Forest (Stealth Training)
  19. Upon the Edge [Short Blade Training: Self Mod]
  20. Olde Battle Field (Sycthe Training)
  21. A cold winters day. (private Caim)
  22. [Location] Frigid River Cemetery
  23. To Become a Ranger [Training-Self-Mod]
  24. [Agar Forest] Appearances Are Oft Times Deceiving [Andrea]
  25. A night’s business private Caim, Roth
  26. the troubles of the season ( Vincent, Caim, Roth) mod needed
  27. The Dark Grove - Andrea
  28. The Sin of Silence [Mirror Mistress]
  29. [Lazurite Caverns] I Am His Legacy [Frostfire]
  30. [Location] The Lazurite Caverns
  31. Forge of the Winds [Longbow Training- self mod]
  32. Of All Days..... [Wilderness Survival Training-Self-mod-]
  33. Exploring the new winter
  34. [Location] Ghost Mine
  35. [Dark Path] Something Wicked This Way Walks [S'lon]
  36. A Choice of the Fates [Sanctuary]
  37. Hammer it home "Basic Warhammer" self train self mod
  38. If You Can't Beat 'em, Join 'em (Dartalion)
  39. [Location] Destiny Falls
  40. A Reaper of Death I Dub Thee... [Mercenary, Militia Recruitment]
  41. Finding the point of old memories
  42. While hunting bandits I find a cook...
  43. Learn to Commun (Horseback riding pratice)
  44. [Shivering Glade] Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost...But Some Really Are (Viskyia)
  45. Just a simple cook.... (S'Lon)
  46. [Location] The Dark Path
  47. When there is blood, there is love (viskyia, closed)
  48. Open Planes brings an Open View (Z'kron)
  49. [Clearing] A meeting of minds (open)
  50. A Heart that's Blacker than Night, A Secret that can't be Buried fom Sight (S'Lon)
  51. [Location] Outlaws Cabin
  52. [Location] Rangers Hall
  53. Walk Softly - Atlus
  54. Lions, Tigers and Wildcard Oh My ( Glade,Private)
  55. [Shivering Glade Forest] The Witch and The Unicorn (Private)
  56. [Location] Shivering Glade Forest
  57. Basic Archery: Lanx V'reth
  58. [LOCATION - Military] Office of the Military Recruiter and Ombudsmen
  59. Pursuit and Capture, Tale of a She-Giant (Riconus & Klue, Private)
  60. Office of the Provincial Commander
  61. [Academy] Mizushin & Nightingale
  62. PMR Basic Training 014
  63. Basic Rapier - Lüdhra
  64. [Basic Longbow] Spyre
  65. PMR Military Codex
  66. [Ranger]Dalgar - Basic Hunting Crossbow
  67. OOC: Military Quarter
  68. PMR Patrol Brief
  69. PMR Barracks 23A
  70. PMR Barracks 23B
  71. A Dwarf and his Military (Private, GM Maddyn)
  72. Advanced Sword (Riconus)
  73. PMR Basic Training (Tiranoc)
  74. PMIR Training (Stonekeep)
  75. Basic Military Training (Klue, Thade)
  76. Building the Beast Barracks
  77. Military Command Center
  78. Cadre Training (Sais)
  79. Basic Military Training (Antaeus)
  80. Regimental Noticeboard
  81. Regimental Training Depot at Warborough
  82. Level I Rapier: Ezuul Bladetongue (private)
  83. Recruitment Desk for The Regiment
  84. Frigid River Rangers: Signup tent.
  85. Espadachín Academia de Armas
  86. Frigid River Ranger Baracks and Supplies (Military personel only)
  87. Frigid River Garrison Military Offices
  88. Halberd with Master Herrinrod
  89. Longsword with Master Gimlock
  90. Espadachín Academia de Armas
  91. looking for the rangers (open to all FR rangers)
  92. Military Office [recruitment and official business]
  93. Katana Training [Spike]
  94. Wavewarrior, Torloch basic Training 1 (Private)
  95. Bastard Sword Training [Niko]
  96. Ranger HQ and Dorms (New)
  97. FR Rangers - Join Here
  98. Gallas training (private)
  99. Amaros practicing with weapons(invite only)
  100. Archery Training [Ashira]
  101. looking for short sword training
  102. Looking for longbow training
  103. In deperate need of Katana training (Mod please.)
  104. Military Offices
  105. Katana Training [Reldor]
  106. Gladius Training [Mac]
  107. Longsword Training [Morigor]
  108. Learning to track [Ashira and Luigi]
  109. Bastard Sword Training [Easos]
  110. Forestcreft training, after lunch (Ashira, Luigi)
  111. Dagger Training [Kaelas]
  112. Crossbow Training [Tarral]
  113. Longbow Training [Luigi]
  114. Short Bow Training [Ashira]
  115. Forestcraft training [Ashira, Luigi]
  116. Off to the FR HQ
  117. Shaloo's Archery Training
  118. Searchng for Training (Brian,private)
  119. Frigid Rangers Headquarters: Ranger Training Hall
  120. Frigid Rangers Headquarters: Dormatory and Commons
  121. Luminare Hand to hand combat training
  122. Two-Bladed Axe training (Batok Only)
  123. Frigid Rangers Now Hiring!!
  124. The Frigid Rangers Headquarters
  125. Giant Flamberge Training (Nicodemus Only)
  126. Pixie Shortbow (Elena Only)
  127. Elvish Longsword Training (Sparx Ri only)
  128. Longbow Training (Narassa Only)
  129. The Barracks
  130. The Training Ground and Stables
  131. Storming into the Military offices (GM needed)
  132. Frigid River Academy de Arms
  133. Special Military Offices (Sparx Ri, Tatar, Veloren only)
  134. The Military Offices