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  1. To Teach a Drunkard New Tricks (Indefinite)
  2. They Seek Him Here, They Seek Him There (Klue)
  3. Those Who Lurk in the Shadows of the Old City (Vyndyctus)
  4. No "Pigs" in the Crown
  5. A morning on the town (Open)
  6. Dr Fong's Travelling Circus of the Bizarre (Nnko, Gainus, Lyric)
  7. [Dreamscape] Aspirations (Open to Twisted PCs!)
  8. Honor is an Expense the Weak Cannot Afford (Private)
  9. Nightmare Moon (Indefinite)
  10. [NOTICE] Old Prime Rebuilt!
  11. [OPHT] An herb in the hand is worth two in the bush (Herbalism, CW)
  12. [Location] Healing Tent
  13. Another Brightening, another Crown (open)
  14. [Temple of Aslan] The things we believe in (Dida)
  15. [Old Prime] Stand in the Place Where You Live (private)
  16. Sleep Tight! Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite! (Igrainne)
  17. Looking for an alternative to aimlessly moving debris.(Bladewyn)
  18. [Office of the Aedile] Chromatic License
  19. [Old Prime] In Darkness There Is Always Light
  20. [Office of the Aedile] Value for Money
  21. [Residence] The Vóvina Apartment
  22. Wandering the Ruins [Riven/Open]
  23. [Temple of Aslan] Little Missions [open]
  24. A place to hand your hat (Rowan/ open)
  25. “When you're small, you fix what you can.” (Open)
  26. We Always End Up Here [Caine Baldric]
  27. Old Folks' Home - Meeting the Ancients [private, CW]
  28. [OOC] NOTICE - Flood damage and Old Prime locations.
  29. [Location] Thritt's Thrift Shop
  30. [Location] The Temple of Aslan
  31. [Location] Office of the Aedile
  32. [Old Prime] An Account of the Destruction - Primus Vetus Amplius
  33. "Ruin take Vienna, ruin take Rome"
  34. Rekindling the Illumination of the Palace of Light [Open/Mod?]
  35. The Daily Bread [Private]
  36. Solatium for Palatiums [Private]
  37. Bladewyn the Builder - We Can Fix It! (private, Roscarnis)
  38. [Ostward] Bladewyn's Apartment
  39. Donatell's Gift (Open)
  40. [Aftermath] Just How Screwed Are We? [Duncan/Open]
  41. "Starlight" (Open)
  42. "A Killer View" [Exposition -- CLOSED]
  43. Holland goes home
  44. [La Cochina] A Date with the Baron (Pala, Private)
  45. Pulse of the People in the Heart of the "Rat's Nest" (Open)
  46. Breaking, Entering, and Sleeping (Lock Pick Training) (Ladon)
  47. [Palais de Lumiere] A Final Promise....(Private)
  48. It's not stealing if you don't take it anywhere (Freemason please!)
  49. "Dreams are what you make of them..." [Private]
  50. Little by Little [Conrad's Minions]
  51. Strange New Worlds (Open)
  52. What are the Roots that Clutch [Emily]
  53. [Residence] Emily's Hovel of Happiness
  54. On walking through the capitol [Open ~Dracoles]
  55. [Aelyria Prime] Flushing Out the Instigators (Open, Tercet please)
  56. [Location] Thritt's Thrift Shoppe
  57. In searching of something rare...
  58. A Thieving we will go, and maybe a little mayhem on the way
  59. [Ostward] Architect of the Fall [Invite Only & Mods]
  60. Comfort Ye, My People [Private]
  61. [Office] City Hall: Office of the Thane (Spring of Era XVIII and onwards)
  62. Upon the Winds of Change [Private] (Tercet)
  63. [City Hall - Thane's Office] It's who you know (Allectus)
  64. Take me back to the start [Private]
  65. Invitation for Viceroy Tor Totalitat
  66. Young, alone, cold, hungry, homeless. [Open]
  67. A Lady looking for a Duke - Wessex & Noe
  68. Hiring at the Shipyards [Karlan]
  69. Alongside Giants (Halberd Proficiency - Veleraen)
  70. (Temple of Aslan) Time to honour (Vel)
  71. A "tall" order [Imperator]
  72. Visiting the Ark
  73. Really, who am I going to meet next the king!? (Liselle)
  74. [Temple of Aslan] Control your emotion or it will control you [Ragman]
  75. [Location] Li Zhou's House
  76. [Location] The Nagri Shipyards
  77. [5791 Cherry Creek Lane] One last journey with an old friend [Private]
  78. Renewing Family Ties [Private]
  79. [Ostwald District, Bounty Office] A Search for Shadows
  80. Identity Theft 101 [Hazudar]
  81. Dieu et mon Droit. [Private]
  82. [Palais Lumiere] Bed and Breakfast (Private)
  83. "Starmaiden" (Open)
  84. A unusual usual sort of brightening (Shao)
  85. Basic Theology (Self-Mod)
  86. Swing, Slice, Stab! 1 (Spear Practice Thread, Adventure, Mod Please)
  87. [Temple of Aslan] I am the Master of my Fate (Ragman)
  88. [Temple of Aslan] Lost In Translation [Veleraen]
  89. A Quiet Darkening... or noisy? (Open Social thread)
  90. Basic Shaasskah Training
  91. A Stroll In The Dark [Private - Liselle]
  92. A New Venture [Open]
  93. A Night of Beginnings(Zapire, Samuel, Ridire)
  94. all aboard! (mod please) pm for invite
  95. [Temple of Aslan] Not Just another brightening at the temple (Ridire)
  96. [Ostward] Poor Beginner's Luck (quarterstaff training, mod please)
  97. [Ostward] Restless Feet (Open)
  98. (open) In the dead of night
  99. [Ostward] Houseboat Row
  100. Torchlight Tower [Residence and Postbox]
  101. [OOC] Old Prime Forum Information Thread
  102. The wariors path(basic ax and shield training) mod please
  103. That Was One Terrible Nightmare, Parr's House, HB (Private)
  104. Return to the Palace of Light [Alexis, Duncan]
  105. home again whether he likes it or not (Mod please
  106. Temple of Aslan
  107. The Aelyria Prime Aedile's Office
  108. A Spot of Murder after Dessert [Private]
  109. La Cochina Vulgar Cuisine
  110. Fog and the Mysteries Within... [Roscarnis please]
  111. ~ Chasing Three Dragons (Private)
  112. On the First Brightening of Winter, my True Love gave to me... [Private]
  113. "Ark of the Covenant" (Pescado, et. al.)
  114. The Ark
  115. "Resistance"
  116. Solaria at the Solarium [Private]
  117. Mr Moonstar, at Palais Lumiere, on Lunaria, with a Candlestick [Private]
  118. [Unicorn Parish] New Feeling to a Familiar Place (Z'kron)
  119. It is good to be without vices, but it is not good to be without temptations. [Ros]
  120. Herbal Remedies
  121. The Primrose Path [Private -- Diana de Lylles]
  122. All for One and One for All (Diana and Roscarnis)
  123. [Prateia Autonomy] The Assistant Aedile's Office (Ashandra, GF)
  124. Facing the Wind for the Sake of Vanity [Keldon Elsdragon-open]
  125. Old Prime - Description & Link Map
  126. BJorn Wyndwalker: New Resident Thread
  127. Walking in the dark...
  128. Waiter! There’s a Fly in My Soup! [ Fox please ]
  129. [ Rioughe’s Galley ] Let the shivering masses come in from the cold [ Open ]
  130. 115 Talbot Drive
  131. The Silvanus' Manor [ Fox please ]
  132. I'm coming home, I've done my time... (Ebramsom, please)
  133. He Followed Me Home, Can I Stab Him? [Duncan]
  134. Lion Parish, Apartment 65 of Tower III
  135. [Temple of Aslan] Meditating at the temple.
  136. [Temple of Aslan] Wei's Basic Mace Training
  137. Wei's Dwelling
  138. Mail Call for the Rochester Family [ Wilhelm ]
  139. [Rochester Estate] The plot thickens
  140. Jovia's Hovel
  141. [Nagri Shipyards] The Hunter's Boon [Open for everyone at he shipyards]
  142. [Nagri Shipyards] Gangway! Shipwright ho! [Training]
  143. Leto's Hovel
  144. [Nagri Shipyards] A shipwright's work is never done (Shipwright Training)
  145. Poor Pixie
  146. [The Nagri Shipyards] A cry in the darkening (Wilhelm pls)
  147. O, And a Pirate's Life for Me! (Wilhelm/Open)
  148. [The Nagri Shipyards] Correspondence to Wilhelm Rochester (private)
  149. A early morning (Shipwright Training, Mod)
  150. [Provincilia-The Amethyst Atrium] Advice & Tea (Nikki)
  151. [The dead walk amoungst us!]-Old Prime-horror/survival-All Welcome
  152. Raising the Resistance
  153. It's a Boy!
  154. Another Day
  155. Wandering Shadow
  156. Settling Accounts - Dartalion & Feniox Ghost
  157. [Palais de Lumiere] Suzerain of Enamoria in the Principality of Prime (Private)
  158. [Provincilia-Lions HQ] Opening eyes & ambitions (Milo & Alexis)
  159. [Official Mandate] Notice to all building owners in Old Prime district
  160. Pratha's beginnings: of nails and fire
  161. [The Amethyst Atrium – Governor’s Offices] If One Rogue Wasn’t Enough[Liselle please]
  162. [Palais de Lumiere] It's a beautiful day...don't let it slip away!
  163. Public Notice of Meeting! (All Prime PCs Read)
  164. [Black Lion Parish Hall] The business of business…(Open)
  165. And so it begins.. [Lago's House]
  166. Abbott Manor
  167. [Provincialia-The Amethyst Atrium] Places to go...people to see..(Private: Elmariya)
  168. Mikhail, Row the Boat Ashore, Hallelujah (private)
  169. An Awkward Arrival, An Uncomfortable Introduction (Private: Ravaska and GM Minerva)
  170. A dwarf's bad dream (Introduction: Kargis Bullhammer)
  171. Elyon's Beginning
  172. Earyen's House
  173. Of shorcomings and head-shortenings
  174. A Warm Bed And A Roof Against The Rain, or The One Room That Remained
  175. [Provincialia-The Amethyst Atrium] Ships passing in the night..(Liselle & Alexis)
  176. [Provincialia-The Amethyst Atrium] Opportunities (Riconus & Liselle)
  177. The Wolfgang Den
  178. Under Windibreeze and up to No Good
  179. [Fists of Rage] Operation Garden Hose
  180. The Black Quarrel (Basic Crossbow Training)
  181. Cold World, Frozen Hearts...
  182. [Provincilia] Look what the cat drug in...(Private:Faust & Liselle)
  183. [Windibreeze Cathedreal] - Returning Faith Where It's Lost [Aqua/GD]
  184. [Palais de Lumiere – Mekare please] A Bearer of Tidings Most Grim
  185. [Windibreeze Cathedreal] Of Saints and Sinners...(Moderation Requested)
  186. Into the Lion's Den ( Moderation Requested)
  187. These Things Are For Sale (Open)
  188. [Windibreeze Cathedral] The Fear & Confusion Of A Young Man (Banodin pls/GF)
  189. Let´s Take A Walk, See If Something Good Happens. (Free For All)
  190. [City Politics] Visiting the City Arcane
  191. [Location] Imperial Trade Embassy
  192. [Provincilia] Provincial Offices for the Principality of Prime
  193. Letter to Silvio Davide (Reference)
  194. Finding Fiery Fiends [Mod Requested]
  195. Strange bracelets... (Charles Wallace)
  196. [City Hall] Letter to the Director of the Department of Fianance (For Reference)
  197. [Provincilia] Letter to the Provincial Exchequer (For Reference)
  198. [The Stone Garden] Seeking Darkening To Repay A Debt (Kella please)
  199. [Shoreline] The Sea Will Tell (open)
  200. [Document] Letter from the Thane to City Government Offices
  201. A Run Through The Park(Open)
  202. Home Sweet Home (residence)
  203. [Palais de Lumiere] Mister Sinister with the Minister (Duncan, Private)
  204. (Palais de Lumiere ~ Private, Milo) For every thing there is a season...
  205. The Sword in the Crystal Hits
  206. [Black Lions HQ] To be or not to be…and related questions ( Parr, Faust, Edmund)
  207. A Lingering Story [Open]
  208. The Last Manuever (Carly, Duncan, PM to join)
  209. [Temple of Aslan] A new follower?
  210. [Palais de Lumiere] Roses tell no lies (Private: Liselle & Duncan)
  211. Chapter One
  212. lost and found open mod needed
  213. [Palais de Lumiere] A Letter to the Governor's Office
  214. Holland returns home
  215. The Fleet comes to the Capital!
  216. A Warm Welcome, Parr's House in the 'Nob' District (Private)
  217. [Provincilia] Lesson One: Playing with Fire ( Shorty, Liselle, Duncan)
  218. [Windibreeze] Curious Kemite in the Cathedral (PM to join)
  219. [Palais de Lumiere] The civil sword shall and must be red and bloody. (Private)
  220. Easiest thing in the world (Open)
  221. [Dockside] A warm landing at last. (PM to join.)
  222. The return
  223. [Location] Bitterleafs’s Home In Eastward Parish (open)
  224. [Palais de Lumiere] Traditions (Private: Liselle and Faust)
  225. A Place To Call Home.
  226. Organization makes the Black Lions go round and round…( Ral, Faust, Parreyon)
  227. Looking for Scarface
  228. [Palais de Lumiere] Gala Table #5
  229. [Palais de Lumiere] Gala Table #4
  230. [Palais de Lumiere] Gala Table #3
  231. [Palais de Lumiere] Gala Table #2
  232. [Palais de Lumiere] Gala Table #1
  233. [Provincialia] The Rise of the Black Lions (Liselle, Parreyon, Faust)
  234. [The Sanguine] Task One: Tracking The Lost (Val, Jade, Cyrus)
  235. [D'Jones L'Rodan Wedding]To Conclude A Most Joyous Day [Invite]
  236. The End!
  237. We Takin' Over (Open, Mod Needed)
  238. [Palais de Lumiere]An Uninvited Guest.(Mod or Liselle plz)
  239. [Bounty] Finding a whelp (PM to Join)
  240. [Palais de Lumiere]Surprises come in all shapes and sizes (Private:Lissy/Alexis/Milo)
  241. [Palais de Lumiere] Gala of Empress Michelle (Invite only!)
  242. [Palais de Lumiere] Coming home...(Private: Alexis, Liselle and Mekare)
  243. [Teig's family]There's a Little White porch (Tarfuss and Cyrus Please)
  244. [Provincialia, Gov Office] – Offering a helping, scaled and clawed, hand... (Liselle)
  245. [Location] The Nagri Shipyards
  246. Slika's hovel
  247. [The Sanguine] A Russet Madness Stalks The Streets (Cyrus Please)
  248. A New Brightening
  249. [Parreyon's House] Lions & Roses...and a girl (Private: Parr & Lissy)
  250. [Palais de Lumiere] Amor est vitae essentia. (Private)