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  1. First of Three (Indef, please)
  2. Revolution
  3. [Fortress Sarin] A letter to the maid (Noe)
  4. "Northern Gambit" [Exposition -- CLOSED]
  5. [Market] I don't usually shop, but when I do, I buy a mirror (Private)
  6. [Fortress Sarin] Neutral? No, we just haven't decided yet
  7. ~Winter Wonderland~ (Veteran Dagger, Eclair Izumi)
  8. A Shiver and a Breath of White Fog
  9. [Market Square] "Look Into My Eyes..."
  10. ~Noblesse oblige~ (Private)
  11. ~Steel for the Lady~ (Private)
  12. Kaldira, We Meet Again (Open/Mod)
  13. [Mailbox] Hall of Correspondence (Post All Letters Here!)
  14. [Linkmap] What's Where in Kaldira
  15. [Location] Praeserta Gate
  16. [Location] Market Square
  17. [Location] Kaldira Port Authority
  18. [Location] Hall of Order
  19. [Location] Coalition of Tradesfolk
  20. [Location] Adventurer's Guild Hall
  21. [Location] Fortress Sarin
  22. [Location] Carados Castle
  23. [Location] Hall of Justice
  24. [Location] Hall of Arms
  25. [OOC] Kaldiran OOC Talk