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  1. [Artedox] I'm Gonna Lure You into the Dark [Liahal]
  2. (Location-Book Sellers Row) The Bloody Book of Tears (open to all, Mod, please)
  3. [Location - Scholar Quarter] Burnout Bar and Grille (Nnko Ileossos, Lyric, Gainus.)
  4. [Pig & Cabbage] No Rest for the Wicked (Invite only)
  5. [UoA] Project Let the Led Out
  6. [The Pig & Cabbage] Patronage (Rilith)
  7. [Cathedralis Fidei] Humble words, humble heart
  8. [The Warrens] Tsu Religion (Sarah)
  9. [Bibliotheke Arkanos] Seeing Beyond the Veil (Self Mod)
  10. [Cathedralis Fidei] Vivificantem es (Chaolette)
  11. [AoM] Reviving Old Acquaintances
  12. [UoA] Knowledge is Power [Private]
  13. [AoM] You know you're insane when..
  14. Succumbing to helplessness is giving up (Private)
  15. [Ana Vovina] Visiting The Scholar Quarter
  16. [Private] Scholarly Pursuits
  17. [ACMH] What did you say? WHAT WAS THAT?! I CAN'T HEAR YOU! (Private)
  18. [AoM] Her path but his choice [Mod please]
  19. [AoM] Your Mind Makes it Real
  20. Anarella, Anarella [Private]
  21. The Men of Goddesses and Planetars
  22. [Bibliotheke Arkanos] Mad Psions! (Self Mod)
  23. [Coldstone Estates] Avanelle's Humble Abode
  24. Higher Learning (Ana pls)
  25. [Cathedral] Constructed Spaces [Archalen]
  26. [UoA] Aut Disce Aut Discede [Mod, Please]
  27. [ACMH] To Lend a Healing Hand (Open, Mod Please)
  28. [Location] Kotra's Forge
  29. [AoM] This Can Only End in Ostracism
  30. [Location] A Stitch in Time Clothiers
  31. [Location] Bill's Quills, Stationary & Art Supplies
  32. [Location] Alabaster Gem and Stone Works
  33. [Location] Alyssa Chrysinaria Memorial Hospital
  34. [Location] The Warren
  35. [Location] Bibliotheke Arkanos - The Academy of Magic
  36. [Location] The Collegio of Princely Affairs
  37. [Location] Academia Arcanorum - The Academy of Magic
  38. [Location] University of Aelyria
  39. [Location] Priory of St. Ophelia
  40. [Location] Cathedralis Fidei - The Cathedral of the Faith
  41. [Location] The Pig and Cabbage Pub
  42. [Location] Nocte Lilium (Night Lily)
  43. [OOC] The Scholar Quarter: Link Map
  44. [Didisa] 102 Artemisia Blvd.
  45. Buying an Apartment at the Temporary Aedile
  46. [Adept Sorcery Training - Level Up] The Orphan Son Returns Home (Self Mod)
  47. [Location] The Collegio of Princely Affairs
  48. [The Pig and Cabbage] "You look like my father!" [Sarah]
  49. [Location] The Warren
  50. [Location] The Pig and Cabbage Pub
  51. [Location] University of Aelyria
  52. [Location] Alyssa Chrysinaria Memorial Hospital
  53. [Location] Cathedralis Fidei; The Cathedral of the Faith
  54. [OOC] The Scholar Quarter Information and Link Map
  55. [Location] Nocte Lilium; The Night Lily
  56. [Location] Bibliotheke Arkanos; The Academy of Magic
  57. [Location] Academia Arcanorum; The Academy of Magic
  58. [Location] Priory of St. Ophelia
  59. [Location] The Temple of Aslan
  60. [AoM] Abracadabra [Private]
  61. [Flashback] I ain't no Elle Woods. (Roscarnivore)
  62. Rebuilding, One Blanket at a Time (Noe, Open)
  63. [Academy of Magical Sciences] Two Pipers Piping
  64. Where's That Tome Again? [Private]
  65. [School of Thaumaturgy] The Essence of Life
  66. [Academy of Magic] Going against the Grain (Ladon)
  67. Of Thespianage [Moira]
  68. What a lovely, lovely night [open]
  69. [AoM Location] Bibliotheke Arkanos - Academy Library
  70. [AoM Location] Dorm
  71. [AoM Location] Hall of Iconomancy
  72. [AoM Location] Hall of Bardism
  73. [AoM Location] School of Thaumaturgy
  74. [AoM Location] School of Elementism
  75. [AoM Location] School of Necromancy
  76. [AoM Location] Glade of Druidism
  77. [AoM Location] Halls of Sorcery
  78. [AoM Location] Halls of Mysticism
  79. [AoM-Location]The Gateway - Entrance to the Academy of Magic
  80. [Zamphir's Music] Play That Funky Music White Boy (Private)
  81. Is a spell... Breakable? (Ladon; Private)
  82. [Training]We'll make a piper of you yet boy[Kikoto - Basic Piccolo]
  83. [The Dormant Dojo] Basic Ataa Training (Self Mod)
  84. Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay (Open)
  85. To unbind and then to learn (Jozarin please)
  86. On Symphonic Essences [Avanelle]
  87. Sound of Water Over Rock [Avanelle]
  88. Delightful words (Avanelle)
  89. [Location] Corthun's Literary Collection
  90. [Apprentice Sorcery Training] Return of the problem child (Duncan please - private)
  91. Faith and Prayer (Maddyn, closed)
  92. Great balls of fire [Apprentice elementalism Angela Myrsa]
  93. Studying Elementalism...
  94. Of Shadows
  95. A Disenchanted Pupil (Aglet, please)
  96. One lucky day (closed)
  97. [ Scholar Quarter Streets / Windibreeze Cathedral ] Memories Are Present ( Private )
  98. [Academy of Magic] A Lesson in Remembrance (Nell Please)
  99. [Location] Bill's Quills, Stationery & Art Supplies
  100. [Location] A Stitch in Time Clothiers
  101. [Location] Windibreeze Cathedral
  102. Is that Carat or Carrot? [Apprentice Jewelcrafting]
  103. [Windibreeze Cathedral] Punishment and Penitence [Vel Please]
  104. [Academy of Magic] Ikosian Assessments
  105. [Academy of Magical Sciences] Sorcerous Intent [mod please]
  106. All in a Brightening's Work (Self Mod, XP Thread)
  107. [Closed Fist] A Merry Demonstration (Aren)
  108. For a GHOST of a chance (Beginner Harp, Stygian)
  109. [Location] Zampfir's Golden Ring Music Supply
  110. Path of the Necromancer
  111. [UoA] Aelyria Prime Artisan Hall
  112. A Lonely Voice
  113. [Location] The Closed Fist School of Zinn'ka
  114. [Academy of Magic] The Would Be Initiate [Mod please!]
  115. [Lecture Series] Arcanomechanics for Beginners (Open to all students)
  116. [The Warrens] Nareq finds her new home... room for 2? [open]
  117. [OOC] The Scholar Quarter Information Thread
  118. [Academy of Magic] Fire and Ice - Basic Elementalism
  119. [ The Academy of Magical Sciences ] A Royal Visit [HB]
  120. "A Walk in the Park" [Private - Duncan, Liselle, Eyvind, Milo]
  121. The New Comer
  122. [Academy of Magic] Interview for acceptance (Heartbreaker)
  123. Alabaster Gem & Stone Works
  124. Future Gains. Future Losses. [Limbus]
  125. [Academy of Magic] Itzak's Interview (Heartbreaker)
  126. [Linkmap] Scholar Quarter / Student Quarter
  127. Fatherly Duties
  128. Gravity of Love (Open, Mod Please)
  129. Academy of Magic Gates - Better Late then Never
  130. Meeting of Misinterpreted Masters
  131. [Lecture Series] How to Dispel: For Dummies
  132. Be careful not to tread on your own work [Golem Crafting Training]
  133. [OOC] The Public Scroll
  134. Touring the Forbidden Arts (Masamune)
  135. Insanity's Misery (Private, Trinity please)
  136. A New Student for the Academy of Magic.
  137. [Amethyst Towers] Interviewing with the Headmaster (Caerydd Please)
  138. Finally, the Academia Arcanorum [mod please?]
  139. The Academy of Magic [Lexxum]
  140. [Priory] The Practiced Art of Healing, Featuring Arcana [Nimh]
  141. [ Sanctuary of Diana ] An Unexpected Visitor [ Anda please ]
  142. To Learn is To Live [Chary; Basic Law, Basic Politics]
  143. [Primus Opera]The Wisdom (Performance Thread)
  144. A lost soul and a new friend (Bethel and friends)
  145. [Sanctuary of Diana] Though this be madness...
  146. Elementalism 101 [basic elementalism Angela]
  147. Legal Education (Vera Lacune)
  148. [Location] The Opera Primus
  149. Facts or opinions? (Basic History, Wilhelm Rochester)
  150. Academy of Magic
  151. [Academy of Magic] "Induction of the Headmaster" (Open)
  152. Stolen Time Locked In Black Crystal (Duncan Pls)
  153. Timestamp: Early Imperos in the Second Era of the Regency of Milo L'Evienne
  154. How a onetime Handmaiden seeks to rise in Society
  155. So this is it...
  156. Public Notice of Meeting! (All Prime Pcs read)
  157. OOC for the Student Quarter
  158. [Kotra's Forge] The Girl at Kotra's Forge
  159. [The Crown] An Introduction to Prime (Open)
  160. {The Crown} Weird sights, weird sounds, and not a translator to be found (open)
  161. She's Gone Tragic (Edmund)
  162. Making Room For One More (Henry Brightblade)
  163. A Rover's Charm (Basic Dagger Training)
  164. [Crown Park] So I picked up my hammer and saw... (Training, Self-Mod)
  165. {Crown} Anything you can do, I can do better. (Edmund)
  166. [Crown] Seeking the first step to a long road. [Private]
  167. [1497 Riverview Lane - Hriemas Parish ] Green Eyes Meet Blue Eyes Again
  168. [Panacea] Were all Fae Typically Tardy? (Basic Thaum / Self Mod)
  169. [Crown Tavern] A Drink amongst Strange Company (Basic Bow Training)
  170. [Crown Tavern] Whisperings in a Quiet Corner (Dartalion and Eyvind)
  171. [Location] Brygg's Hovel (Open)
  172. Pondering the First Step (Private Banodin and Kyle)
  173. [Crown Tavern] A break from the books, sort of. (Open)
  174. [Tavern Correspondence] Letters for the Person Without an Office
  175. [Crown Inn|Room] Home away from Home
  176. [Crown] Another message for Duncan ( aka: He really needs an office!)
  177. Of Balloons and Airships (Closed, Selfmod + Rectify)
  178. [Ioannes Academy Offices] The Things Assistants Know...(Henry Brightblade)
  179. Message for Kevin Lastroge (Duncan)
  180. [Tavern] Dalharail d'oloth (private)
  181. Freshness and brisk, have happiness!
  182. [Institute of Higher Learning] Seeking the Stargazer
  183. [Fists of Rage: The Insurection] A Darkness Gathers Within....(Invite Only)
  184. I'd rather be lucky then skilled (Basic Katana, Crown Gardens)
  185. [The Rhasic] When Two Forces Collide In The Heart Of Night (Duncan Sythe)
  186. Pubdy Dien's foul mood.
  187. Can I read your mind, please? (Initiate Mysticism, Jalun)
  188. [Corthurn's Literary Collection] The Beginning of the Way
  189. [Academy of Magical Sciences] Lecture room (Open only to those listed inside)
  190. [Location] The Night Lily Palace
  191. [Crown Tavern] Never Turn Down a Free Meal
  192. Breathe In (Beginner Meditation)
  193. [Gardens] The Red Fluffball Amidst the Buds [Open]
  194. [Location] The Dormant Dojo
  195. [Corthurn's Literary Collection] Studying Meditation (Open)
  196. Test for the Teachers (Sonya)
  197. The Search for Haley Taskle (Kella Greeran/Open)
  198. [Faction] The Sisters Of Mercy
  199. [Location] The Priory of St. Ophelia
  200. [Tavern] Making sense of it all. (Eyvind Redbeard, Open)
  201. What does it mean to be a Mystic?
  202. [Tavern] Contacts, contacts... [Closed, GF]
  203. Hunting Swine (Cyrus||Private)
  204. Basic Speaking and Reading training (Aegis Labyrinthine)
  205. [St. Gabe's] Stranger in a Strange Land [Cyrus|Private]
  206. [Tavern] Care to dance with the devil? (private)
  207. [Crown Tavern] Looking For Adventure (open; Mod please)
  208. Are we talking about revolution? (Private|Shei)
  209. [Tavern] Pax Paxialis (Private)
  210. Basic Politics (Évariste Verdier, Grandfathered)
  211. [The Panacea] The First Herbalism Class of Autumn [Joyau and Keirron]
  212. [The Panacea] The First Healers Class of Autumn (Joyau & Keirron)
  213. Tavern: Joyau Eats And Tries To Meet People (open)
  214. Basic Law (Ralston Sarwick, Closed)
  215. Swimming with the Fishes [Open]
  216. [Tavern/Keldon] Wanna fight?
  217. [Crown Tavern] - Giving Path To The Brave (Grodyn ben Putin|Private)
  218. [Crown]Hook A Fae Up[Shei]
  219. The Panacea Of Alleria Prime
  220. [Tavern] To mingle with a Nimalni (open)
  221. Student Quarter - Descriptions and Link Map
  222. Corthurns Literary Collection
  223. A new beginning (Att. Caeryd or Shorty or Sonya )
  224. Apprentice Sorcery [Pala ~ self moderated]
  225. [Academy of Magical Sciences] Common Room (Open only to students listed inside)
  226. Is it all about force? (Initiate Sorcery, Jenny Yiyu)
  227. [Academy of Magical Sciences] Conference room (Close, unless invited)
  228. Academy of Magical Sciences (Outdated)
  229. Advanced Politics (Nell du'Galle, Closed)
  230. Basic Politics: Adairu Cer'vesa (self mod)
  231. Looking around for a Teacher of Magic
  232. [private] A meal fit for a King-type person
  233. Basic Law (Self-mod)
  234. Basic Politics (Larien Gil'dae, Closed)
  235. Basic Politics: Halftpint Naddas only
  236. A Reputable Master of Sorcery
  237. The Men with the Magic Scribbles
  238. OOC Thread for the Student Quarter
  239. Institute of Higher Learning
  240. The Ioannes Academy of Political Sciences
  241. [Ground Floor] The Green Witch's Potions and Poisons.
  242. [Store] Squeaks to Squawks Pet Emporium.
  243. [Store] Happy Memories Toy Store.
  244. [Location] Windibreeze Cathedral
  245. [Location] Alyssa Chrysinaria Memorial Hospital
  246. Kotra's Forge
  247. [Library] Corthurn's Literary Collection
  248. [Store] Alabaster Gem and Stone Works
  249. [Store] Zamphir's Golden Ring Music Supply
  250. [Store] Sabine's Glass and Wood