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  1. [Taskmaster's Office] Birthday Present
  2. The 36 Stratagems (Faen)
  3. [Taskmaster's Office] So you want to be a Legionnaire?
  4. [Imperial Citadel] A rose by any other name... (Gentleman)
  5. Swing, slash, stab, wait... what am I doing? [Private]
  6. [Location] Jade Legion Barracks
  7. [The Taskmaster's Office] Riven Stoke
  8. [Location] Prime Militia Training Fields
  9. [Jade Legion] Armory
  10. Riven Jade Legion Barracks
  11. [Gates] Military District Gates: post here to enter
  12. [Jade Legion] The Taskmaster's Office (new recruits here)
  13. [Black Tower] Death is a Human Art [Private]
  14. [Location] Marble Hills Cemetery
  15. [OOC] The Castle District: Link Map
  16. [OOC] The Castle Information and Link Map
  17. (Jade Legion) Legionnaire Training: Part I (Private)
  18. [Imperial Citadel] And a Shattered World Shall Emerge Into the Light [Invite]
  19. "Esperance"
  20. [Jade Legion] Advantages of the Spear [Erevan, Tyrion]
  21. [Jade Legion] Winter Recruit Training [Erevan, Tyrion]
  22. [Location] The Naval Base - Recruitment office [New recruits here please]
  23. [Queen Anna the Strict Military Prison]If it doesn't fit, you must acquit(Alexis)
  24. [Location] The Naval Base - Gates
  25. Jade Legion (30th) - Recruit Training [Oneeth]
  26. [Announcement] Call to the Colors
  27. [Training continued]And so to the prize [Dulisa, Ladon]
  28. Jade Legion (30th) - Recruit Training [Dulisa]
  29. Jade Legion (30th) - Recruit Training [Manius]
  30. [Jade Legion] The Armory
  31. [Jade Legion] The Taskmaster's Office (new recruits here)
  32. [OOC] The Castle Forum Information Thread
  33. [Black Tower] Awake
  34. [Jade Legion] Presentment is the Requireage. [Gav, Pvt]
  35. [Black Tower - Deklan/Private] Events... Catch up, Especially if You Bother Me Twice
  36. Jade Legion Buckets [ Private, Ssilus]
  37. [Jade Legion] The Taskmaster's Office (Spring of Era XVIII and onwards)
  38. [Barracks] 2C: Jade Legion Recruits (Spring of Era XVIII and onwards)
  39. [Gates] Military District Gates: post here to enter (Spring of Era XVIII and onwards)
  40. Changing of the Guard (Aglet)
  41. [Black Tower] The Interrogation [Private]
  42. Demons of the Crossroads [John Ghast]
  43. Even The Rich Have to Know Where the Pointy End Goes (Private Sword Practices)
  44. [Militia Training] A Toad Explodes If You Sprinkle It With Salt (Lachlan, Pvt.)
  45. [Jade Legion Training] Unsheath Your Blades! (Jorah please!)
  46. The Heritage of a Sword[Longsword Lv1 (maybelv2 also) legion training: Aglet please)]
  47. Call of Duty [Wide Open, especially to Legions PCs]
  48. [Jade Legion] A test of Courage (Jorah Please)
  49. Jade Legion Training (Aglet)
  50. (Training Fields) An Archer's Remedy for a headache(Self-Mod) Basic Lvl:
  51. Friends and fists (Aticus)
  52. (Lv 1 Longsword) Legionnaire Recruit Training (Aticus Jelbegi/Aglet)
  53. Basic Horsemanship (Self Mod)
  54. Free me from these chains that have been set upon me [Trinity]
  55. [Militia Grounds] Basic Shieldwork Training (self-mod)
  56. Heirloom or Junk?
  57. Militia Long Sword Training (self mod)
  58. The Art Of War: Chapter 1 [Military tactics/theory-Self mod]
  59. Basic Shaasskah ( Self Mod)
  60. Royal Legion Intelligence Offices
  61. Blood is thicker than dreams (Arturus and Odin please)
  62. Six Cycles to become real men (Jade Legion recruits)
  63. "The Truth Isn't Always In Their Eyes" [Private -- By Invite]
  64. [Training Field]Militia Basic Short Sword ( Self Mod)
  65. What one trains frequently, will become part of his character [Private]
  66. Legionnaire Spear Training (Self Mod)
  67. Legionaire Recruit Training (Self Mod)
  68. Prime Militia Training Fields
  69. [OOC] The Castle Forum Information Thread
  70. [Location] Offices of the Royal Marshal (Immanis XVI onward)
  71. "Disappearing Act" [Duncan + Invite Only]
  72. [Linkmap] The Military District / The Castle
  73. [ The Black Tower ] Not Your Ordinary Brightening [ Eyvind please - Private ]
  74. City Guard Private Training
  75. [AP - The Black Tower] Sit Down Now, the Shackles Are Only Illusions
  76. [Aelyria Prime - Marshalls Office] - Standing Orders
  77. [AP - Marshalls Office] Commanders Rise & Fall
  78. [AP - Marshall's Office] A buzzard falls
  79. The Royal Legions Directory & Documents
  80. [AP - Marshalls Office] Old Habits Die Hard
  81. Just running around...
  82. [AP- Marshall's Office] Guarding the Maevewood
  83. [AP - Royal Marshall's Office] Borders Fade with the flow of Steel (Milo & Trinity)
  84. Moving Forwards With Force
  85. The Strength Behind the Sword (Private, PM for Invite)
  86. [The Black Tower] Brash Interrogations (Keldon and Eyvind, Please)
  87. From Would Be Governor to Black Tower Accommodations [ Eyvind / Trinity please ]
  88. [Castle Kestrel] Arriving at the dark place (private)
  89. And Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep... [Eyvind, Closed]
  90. The Legions Moved!
  91. Leto learns the Legionnaire's ways (private)
  92. Basic training: Class R0003C [ Draekial Kadrakai closed]
  93. Cannon Fodder Reports; Basic Spear (Self-Mod)
  94. Going to the roost; Barrack Room #126-B (Calvin)
  95. The recruits' doom (Allden and Sain)
  96. Graduation Ceremony for Class 620-902 (all Jade Recruits read)
  97. Training the New Recruits (Crimson Please)
  98. A Celebration ( Nikki and Valanthia)
  99. [Naval Shipyards] Shipping off to Taralon (all Jade personnel)
  100. [Parade Grounds] Transfer orders (all Jade personnel)
  101. [The Marble Hills Cemetery] Praying to the Gods, praying to the dead (Elmarya)
  102. Public Notice of Meeting! (ALL Prime PCs Read)
  103. Messages to old friends
  104. [Basic Training] Death is only the beginning.. (Isil Telperion)
  105. The First Cut is the Deepest
  106. BBG Safehouse
  107. Tactian and the Beast (basic military tactics || Private-Aegis)
  108. [Basic Training] New Jade Recruit Sees the Light (Dabin Zulk)
  109. Reunion in the training field [Cyrus, Teig and Argyles]
  110. [Training Circle] - Defense of Family, Life or Death [Private]
  111. I'm better at thrusting than you are! (Private, Tarfuss)
  112. Left! No, right! Urm...charge? (Basic tactics, Tarfuss)
  113. Developing a secret (Apprentice Sorcery, Aviator please)
  114. Sword Daekin Gye'ron Val Oriden's Tent
  115. I Wonder if This Bends... [ Private - Gye'ron ]
  116. Planning for the Future (Talinnar)
  117. [Private] After Action Report (Sheng)
  118. [Orders] Pointing One Towards New Hope [ Tarfuss - PM to Join ]
  119. [Orders] A Change of Assignment [ Ralston - PM to Join ]
  120. [Basic Wrestling] You punch like a lady, lad! (self-mod)
  121. Marching Orders (Shorty)
  122. The Aelyria Prime Military District OOC Thread!
  123. The Imperial Legion Mage Corps Manual
  124. The Imperial Legion's Directory & Documents
  125. Preparing for a long journey
  126. A Message Arrives (Eyvind, Marius, Borris)
  127. It all begins with carelessness (Open/Request Mod)
  128. [Sergeant's Rest Parish] Graveyard Thoughts (Eyvind peer mod)
  129. [Basic spear] What Beatiful Day{peer mod}
  130. Old Check In Thread for The Legion
  131. [Practice] One man's duel (self-mod)
  132. Recruiting for a search and rescue (Cyrus, Eyvind, and kella please, open to jade.)
  133. Learning to be a true man. (Training- Roland Please)
  134. [Training Basic Longsword] Training with Pain [Silenoz]
  135. Dancing Practice - With Sharp Things (Open)
  136. Bruising for a cruising
  137. Sticks and stones may break my bones but swords and spears will cut me (Private)
  138. [Training] All the grace of a rhinosaurus (Basic Acrobatics)
  139. Who Watchers the Watchers Who Are Not Watched? (Shortround Please)
  140. [Training] Reach out and touch someone (Basic Javelin : Self Mod)
  141. [Basic Training] PT... Good for You, Good for Me
  142. [Basic Training] Every Soldier has a Start (All Jade Recruits)
  143. [Training] Basic Horseback Riding (mod)
  144. Shooting Practice (Self-mod, Open for other recruits)
  145. Staff Listing (OOCAll Jade Legion Moderators and peer mods please read!)
  146. [Basic Longsword] To learn to defend oneself in close quarters (peer mod needed)
  147. [Training]Rapiers are for girls, learn to use a longsword! (Basic Longsword Self-mod)
  148. [Intermediate Longsword] Hold the sword by the hilt not by the blade, soldier!
  149. Ballet of Blades (Liselle)
  150. [Training, Long Sword, Professional] Sword's Edge [Self Mod]
  151. One Must First Learn To Command
  152. Imperial Mail Call - Sheng Kaldres
  153. Team Malkaer prepares to beat the system
  154. [Training] Time for some sparring (open)
  155. [Training, Spear Basic]Point of the Spear (Self Mod)
  156. Evening Smoke in the Legion Barracks [ Teig - Open}
  157. [The Mess Hall] Shall We Talk About It Over Dinner?
  158. Live as you'd die by the point of your spear (Basic Spear-Mod needed!)
  159. Let us teach the lad how to use a sword
  160. [Officer's Training] Where did you send you men? To hell? (Kisa)
  161. [Sunset Parish] The Marshall's Household Affairs (Fen Jin)
  162. [Location] Sunset Parish- Imperial Marshall's Estate
  163. Head Offices of the Imperial Intelligence Agency
  164. The Graduation Ceremony for Class 124-432 (Jade Recruits Please Read)
  165. [Intermediate Sword] Lessons for the Dead (self-mod)
  166. Thrust into a new life (Basic longsword, Eyvind)
  167. [Sergeant's Rest Parish] To give one's life to the Legion (self-mod)
  168. [Training] How to stab and throw (Mod-needed)
  169. Of Cloaks and Daggers (Shortround)
  170. Gathering of the Younglings
  171. [The Marble Hills Cemetery] A Selhaim Celebration To Remember (Closed)
  172. Little Boys Falling Off Horses (Ralston Sarwick)
  173. Give The Women Some Discipline (Kella Greeran)
  174. The Marble Hills Cemetery and Crematorium
  175. [Training] Early bird gets the worm
  176. Rising The Blade Above The Rest (Private|Self-Mod)
  177. Blades of Semi-Glory
  178. And so it begins (Preliminary hearing, Allerian Empire vs. Malkaer Andares) [GF]
  179. [Correspondence] - Provost Elsdragon Quarters
  180. [Jade Legion Recruits] Let's Give them More Grief... (Adventure)
  181. [The Black Tower] Defiance Imprisoned [Malkaer/Ogabe]
  182. To Preach His Words(Open)
  183. [Azimuth Classis] New sailor in town.
  184. New Recruit's Morning Exercise( for the new guys)
  185. Six Cycles Of Blood Sweat And Tears (Jade Recruits/Officers Please)
  186. The Imperial Legion Stables (Calvin's Calvary Mounts)
  187. The Jade Barrack's Taskmaster's Office (New Recruits Report Here Third)
  188. The Jade Legion Barracks
  189. Training Grounds/Commanding Officer Jonathan
  190. [Recruitment Office] - Whats This We Have Here? A Servent Of The Empire?
  191. [Training Grounds, Taskmaster] - So What Needs To Be Taught Then Eh?
  192. Military District - Description & Link map
  193. The New Order (OOC thread)
  194. Old boys will be boys
  195. Militia Training
  196. Putting him through the paces (Training, Selfmod)
  197. Life at the Veldar Barracks
  198. Basic Training (Tradieus Kha'Serith)
  199. Basic Training- (Halftpint Naddas)
  200. Basic Training (Kalus'a)
  201. Basic Training (Leiden)
  202. Meeting the Teacher [two-handed sword training] (self-mod)
  203. Basic Training (Brandr Skj÷ldrsen)
  204. basic training ( Kalspa mod-Taneril )
  205. Fae Flight School [Self Mod]
  206. ~In Search of Martial Mounts~ (Crow Approved)
  207. Intermediate Unarmed (Self-mod)
  208. Acrobatics Aesha Approved! [Self-Mod]
  209. Dual Dagger sparring/ Very Minor Hand to Hand. [Self-Mod]
  210. Basic Training - Uldopho, Valoris, Kosayuka
  211. Recruitment for the Sheria Orc War
  212. Aerial acrobatics 101! [Rumil, Basic training]
  213. Practicing Basic Longsword/Spear [Self Mod]
  214. Basic Training - Paganius and Tri'an
  215. [Mod or Motito Needed] If you dont have a staff...borrow one
  216. Basic Training - Kaetal
  217. To Update a Longsword...(private, Selfmod)
  218. Intermediate Axe (Self Mod)
  219. Basic Training - Kyle Borris
  220. Basic Training: The Serge
  221. Phenominal Cosmic Power....(Kithus Please, Private, Apprentice Mysticsm)
  222. Basic Legion Training
  223. Provost Imperatis Sheng Kaldres' Office
  224. Basic Training: The Sarge
  225. Basis Training, the Sarge
  226. Imperial Legion Recruits at the Mess Hall
  227. 2C or not 2C (New Imperial Legion Recruit Barracks)
  228. Imperial Barracks Complex
  229. Seeing the Change (open, Mod?)
  230. Boot Camp (Lanning)
  231. [THE GOAL]A cell for rebel.
  232. Advanced SunBlade Training
  233. The Beginnings of a Commentary
  234. The Jade Legion Armoury (New Recruits Report Here Second)
  235. Royal Legions Recruitment (New Recruits Report Here First)
  236. A guardsmen's initiation (Orgrim)
  237. Imperial Legion Manual
  238. OOC Roll Call re-posted
  239. OOC: Discussions and what not (Read if you want to make a difference!)
  240. [Mage Corps Headquarters] Major General Gil'dae's Office
  241. Recruitment Office (Militia)
  242. Military District Gates [All enter here]
  243. The Lavatories (OOC thread)
  244. Lieutenant Avius Thaniquels office
  245. Lieutenant Remi's Office
  246. Military District
  247. Dreams and Dreamers (private, GD Michelle please)
  248. Rumors around the District.
  249. Looking Around and Getting Used to Things (Open - GM Child Please)
  250. Prime Garrison Rank Listing.