View Full Version : Abestat Military Base

  1. A meeting with the Base Commander [Veleraen / Tercet]
  2. Legion Commander's Office
  3. Leave and Vacation Office
  4. Barracks Administration Centre
  5. Military Base Hospital
  6. Military Base Stables
  7. The Quartermaster's Office
  8. City Guard Commander's Office
  9. Staff Sergeant Silverwind's Office
  10. All Military Personnel Report! (Yes, I mean PCs :) )
  11. Proposition with a Side Order of Philosophy (Agaenos, Private)
  12. Barracks Administration Centre
  13. Military Base Main Gates and Link Map
  14. OOC: The Ins and Outs of the Abestat City Guard
  15. Sergeant Yarrow Woodruff, Room 2055B
  16. ~Decisions Made~ (Agaenos, private)
  17. The Blind Seeks Something More
  18. Lieutenant General Sheng Kaldres' Office
  19. Barracks Administration Centre
  20. Leave and Vacation Office
  21. The Quartermaster's Office
  22. Military Base Stables
  23. The Commander's Office
  24. Military Base Main Gates
  25. Of Pondering and the Blue-Eyed Captain (Duncan please)
  27. Searching for the Commanding Officer (Mod required)
  28. Corporal's Quarters, 2nd of Melora (military only)
  29. Base Aedile/Base room assignments.
  30. Abestat J.A.G. office
  31. Recruiting for a Druid hunt! (Open, All military welcome)
  32. Room 102B
  33. Room-901A
  34. Base-Hospital (Soldiers harmed in the dark Elf battle must come here)
  35. Room 101A
  36. Privates Barracks
  37. Trials de Espadas: Fuego (Kellos, Legion)
  38. Trials de Espadas: Water (Yarrow, Keeva)
  39. Watchtower
  40. Stoneleigh's Garden
  41. Prefect's Office, Court and Jail
  42. Supply Warehouse and Quartermaster's Office
  43. Military end-of-year Party
  44. Sergeants Exam
  45. AToI Kyli (Intiate Druidism)
  46. SF Agaenos (Basic Broad Sword)
  47. AToI Ryuujin (Intiate Elementalism)
  48. NOTICE: Registration for the Trials de Espada War Games!!!
  49. War In Abestat!
  50. SF (Basic: Long Sword Kellos)
  51. SF (Yarrow: Basic Long Sword)
  52. Soldier Forge (Military Weapons Training)
  53. Fall In Soldiers! (Report In, New Information)
  54. Arcana Tower of Illusion (Military Arcana Training)
  55. Base Archery Range and shoppe
  56. Base Weapons Shop
  57. Registration: Trials de Espada (All Military PCs that wish to join this post here...)
  58. Two Volunteers Needed
  59. OOC: Your basic Pay!!!!!
  60. Room 202A: Corporal's Quarters (Keeva (?) and Yarrow)
  61. Bursars Office/ Payroll Office
  62. Leave and Vacation Office
  63. Commissary
  64. Supply warehouse
  65. Watch Tower
  66. OOC for Abestat Military Base
  67. Military Parade Grounds (OOC: Mandatory if you wear an Abestat uniform)
  68. The Abestat Military Base-Brig/Stockade
  69. The Abestat Military Base-Registration Office
  70. Abestat Military Base - Main Gates
  71. Abestat Military Base-Hospital
  72. The Wall Lookout Patrol (Invite Only)
  73. The Allerian Military Base - Abestat
  74. The Patrol (Yarrow, Jade, Keeva) xGM, please. Private
  75. Talking to the commander of the Abestat Militia (Ed, please. Private)
  76. ---ALL SOLDIERS and GUARDS---
  77. Abestat soldiers called up for training
  78. Recruitment for the Templar of Steel
  79. Stoneleigh's Garden
  80. Prefect's Office, Court and Jail
  81. Castle Stoneleigh
  82. ~commemoration~
  83. Lord Lastra & Admiral Zythinar
  84. City Announcements
  85. The bending bow weapon shop and range
  86. Stoneleigh Castle
  87. Stoneleigh's Garden