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  1. [rift, private] A familiar Reunion
  2. Enter the Dragon [mod invited to intervene and cause chaos]
  3. "Oh Keep the Dog far hence, that's friend to men"
  4. Remember - Noe
  5. [Agrarian Plains, PM for Invite] Order is the Fire in which Freedom Burns
  6. Strange Bedfellow [Nadina, private]
  7. Arctic de who? (Nadina d'Rosario)
  8. Thanal Residence
  9. Garenburg at last!
  10. "Game and Set" [Exposition -- CLOSED]
  11. A Father's Legacy - Bullseye Kisses (Self-Mod Basic Archery)
  12. [Ale Harvest Tavern & Inn] Alone At Last! (Gabrielle)
  13. [Ale Harvest Tavern & Inn] Whistle While You Work...
  14. Broken Jars Don't Hold Anything (Self Modded Skill Thread)
  15. Here be dragons [Private]
  16. Suns above, Cobbles Below. Trapped between flames and a hard place (Stoic)
  17. Daddy's Money
  18. Druid Fever / Hay Fever (Theofolus)
  19. Fizden's Warehouse
  20. A Man's Home is a Country (Fizden)
  21. Political Prestige and Persuasion
  22. Winter's Death Knell
  23. Oh to be Bound to a Thane
  24. [The Siannodel Ranch] Dinner For Two, Perhaps Two Dozen Lost Souls [PM for Invite]
  25. Hedging his bets
  26. Young Men Have To Grow Uo Eventually [Halv - Private]
  27. Second Tournament: Mind Games
  28. First Tournament: The Art of War
  29. [Leonardes] The Prodigal's Homecoming (Tirion, private)
  30. A Noble Announcement(Open)
  31. A first day's training (Kethean, Chef)
  32. Misunderstandings and Diplomacy
  33. Barlo's General Store & Farming Supply
  34. [House] There's Lion in Your Blood ~ (Tirion, Private)
  35. Mystic Plains Reopening Festivities [Open]
  36. Mystic Plains Academy of Magic
  37. Ahoy There Merchantman! [GM Chef]
  38. [Adanoir - Initiate Druidism] A Fae in Frosty Fields
  39. [Serenity Park] Searching for Clothes?
  40. [Serenity Park] A tree amidst trees
  41. A Lone Shepherd
  42. [Leonardes] Candaceburg Corn & Wheat
  43. [Agrarian Plains] Better Than Man's Best Friend [Chef, please]
  44. The Seaside Cafe
  45. [Pegasi Woods] Searching for Guidance
  46. The Back Door
  47. Flight of Fantasical Fancy (Z'kron)
  48. Arden Homestead (home thread)
  49. [The Othery Plains Holding] Trapping Training (private)
  50. Discovering the Techniques of Magnificence ( Chef )
  51. A Wee Bit Of Fun ( Open )
  52. The Seeds of Life (Chef)
  53. Kicking Down the Castle Doors
  54. The Northern Journey
  55. Of Plants and Minds, mind the plants [Fizden, initiate Druidism]
  56. Frosty Fields (Gileon, initiate Sorcery)
  57. The Othery Farm (private training thread)
  58. A Business Venture ( Alexis )
  59. Turning it into routine ~ Private
  60. Ms Middles Tea Shop / The Carmelide Employment Office
  61. The Rift
  62. Unfamiliar Faces in Brand New Places ( Open )
  63. The Training of Steel - Alf'run
  64. The Boars Head's head (Gronok)
  65. Terrin'thal and the Blades of Carmelya ~ Private.
  66. Ebony and Ivory: Rats
  67. Night Time Ride Upon a Shadow(Chef)
  68. Reporting for Duty
  69. Green skin in a green uniform
  70. Wild Night [Open to All]
  71. First the handle, then the Blade
  72. Ian and Tatman: Adventures in Blacksmithing, Basic
  73. The Alliance of Mismatched Talents
  74. [Candaceburg Academy] A tale of flasks and fire (moderation if possible)
  75. Winter Revelations (Liselle)
  76. #3 Plebian Place (New Home Thread)
  77. Mastering Mystic Meadows (Pesc, Master Mysticism)
  78. Looking for a more permanent source of income (mod pls)
  79. Xane training with Gretchen Reitcher (Moderation required)
  80. Xane shopping at Eager Edgards Everyday Emporium
  81. Xane tells a story in the town square (Chef please - all welcome)
  82. Doggy see, doggy do (Xane training Reyna - Chef please)
  83. Frosty Fields (Initiate Elementalism, Xane)
  84. Meadow Magic (Apprentice Sorcery, Vanderlou)
  85. [The Fighter's Tavern and Inn] - The Cage, the Coward and the Cornered [Chef Please]
  86. Jonas P. Cross Library
  87. Burning down the school - Treant running erands for FIRE
  88. Initiate Sorcery (Treant)
  89. To the Aedieles to Replace a visa (Chef Plz)
  90. Meeting of the two lost brothers - Champoions Tavern - Private Cruil Shortkard
  91. The Front Porch - OOC
  92. Guide to Candaceburg, link map, etc
  93. Common Circle Noticeboard
  94. North Gate of Candaceburg
  95. The Common Circle
  96. Candaceburg Academy
  97. Treant explores legends
  98. Mystic Plains School of Magic
  99. Coliseum of Champions
  100. Dalon's Archery
  101. Madam Celina's Herbal Dispensary for the Sick and Injured
  102. The City Seat
  103. The Cloth Emporium
  104. Autumn Stables and Supplies
  105. Bank of Candaceburg
  106. Aedile's Office
  107. Candaceburg City Prison
  108. Circle of Wizdom Guardhouse
  109. Circle Superintendent Office
  110. Serenity Park
  111. The Security Council
  112. The Fighter's Tavern and Inn
  113. Mk'Gila Camp
  114. The Land Grant Office
  115. The Ale Harvest Tavern & Inn
  116. Adventurers Guild House
  117. L'Trak Guild of the Assassin and Bounty Hall
  118. Shadow Blade Forge
  119. Kaezors Exotic Armoury
  120. Pegasi Woods
  121. The Agrarian Council
  122. The Learning Department
  123. The Conference Hall
  124. Greenly Street Forge
  125. Animal Training Office
  126. Greenly Street Pets
  127. The Forest Hall of Elemen
  128. Blades Training Compound
  129. The Blades Infirmary
  130. Cadet Barracks
  131. Blades Storeroom/Armory
  132. Blade's Administative Office
  133. Candaceburg Propagating
  134. The Cabala Cotton Farm
  135. Off to a new life
  136. City Gates.
  137. You Can't Use That Blade! (basic gladius training)
  138. A Rat's Heritage (Open)
  139. Does a Person Really Need Sleep All That Badly? (open)
  140. Don't Hate the Player (Open!)
  141. Cat hunting in the Threeoaks. (Modding might be appreciated)
  142. A Taste Of What's To Come [Chef]
  143. Maybe today, we can put the past away (private)
  144. Past the orchards to the given land ~Inspecting the ranch
  145. Fire Water Burn (Elementalism Practice, Need Mod, PM to join)
  146. Our new home!
  147. Shamrocks and wyverns by the lake (private, Cora)
  148. ooc: Candaceburg OOC
  149. Candaceburg Wages
  150. {Summer Era XI} The North Gate
  151. ooc: A Guide To Candaceburg v2.0
  152. Agriculture training for Leon.
  153. Waking.
  154. A new home, but is it a new life?
  155. The Fate of House D'Rinishad (Private)
  156. BlackMoorre Farm
  157. Summer breeze makes me feel fine…blowing through the janglin’ in my mind (open)
  158. Basic Longsword (self-mod)
  159. A New Resident
  160. Jorgunsen Family Ranch
  161. A little bio of ravenwolf
  162. ooc: Job Opportunities in Candaceburg!!
  163. ooc: A Guide To Candaceburg
  164. The subconscious beckons. . . (Open, hoping for action)
  165. Training one's self. (Self mod)
  166. Wandering Once More (Wide Open)
  167. Exploring the Inner Recesses of One's Mind [Peer-mod]
  168. CPO Training (Alejandro, Richard Ulrich - Private)
  169. Initiate Thaumaturgy room 324b: Richard Urich [Peer-Mod|Private]
  170. Basic Calligraphy: Sapphire Queaslian
  171. It's only Psychology! [Self-Mod l Private]
  172. The D'Rinishad Ranch
  173. Karade's House
  174. The Shepard's Folly
  175. Oranges Taste Like Beef [Private]
  176. The Siannodel Ranch
  177. Sapphire's newly renovated woodpecker hole
  178. Basic short sword(Gladius)/shield training (Self-Mod)
  179. room 312A: Initiate Elementalism: Sapphire Queaslian
  180. CPO: Now Hiring!
  181. Lirseyne's Home
  182. Candaceburg Prefect Office
  183. To Come and Go (Nero & Llanwyn)
  184. Private (Keeva)--Dealeris Orchards
  185. Mk'Gila Camp
  186. Fireteams 1&2--"Mission Impossible"
  187. Daralith Ktonos - Basic Healing
  188. Running with the Blades (Sierra and Gondil)
  189. A Package for Llanwyn
  190. The Candaceburg Farmers Market
  191. Autumn Stables and Supplies
  192. The Thane Returns...Wait? Don't We Have a Thane?
  193. Sierra Annadon - Basic Stealth
  194. Basic Blade Etiquette Fireteam One of Squadron Primo Report!
  195. Sunfire Mill
  196. Warehouse B
  197. Apprentice Druidism (Private, Mod)
  198. Ildronezh home (welcome all :)
  199. Gathering in the Blue (very open to another person)
  200. One more thing... (Llanwyn & Duncan)
  201. Calling All Brave Souls (EVERYONE!)-Adventure
  202. The House of Xanaj Tul'Nethak
  203. The orc's settle for winter ~ Join if you want to.
  204. Noticing...(private)
  205. Faust D'Rinishad - Basic Healing Training
  206. A Call to Arms! (Shelley)
  207. {Winter Era X}The North Gate of Candaceburg
  208. Sybil... Home Again
  209. Basic Politics (Private)
  210. Basic Axe~Dunlaith
  211. Devinette's Home - Autumn cames and nothing will be the same again...
  212. OOC: Checkup! Who's here!?
  213. Rats? (Adventure for one)
  214. Initiate druidism ~ (Balthazor)
  215. Introspection of the Isolated.. (Open)
  216. A Romantic Night (Mod Needed, Open for one Female, Only)
  217. Devinette's House (Privet)
  218. Outside L'trak ~ Faust, private!
  219. The Grey Ale, Late Night Tavern.
  220. Faust Vs. Dargum, The Bold
  221. Basic battle axe- Vaedor
  222. Apprentice of Sorcery(GM needed?)
  223. Matthew's House
  224. Looking for Help (private)
  225. Basic Elven Longsword - Matthew
  226. The Burrow
  227. Devinette's House (Open)
  228. Strongaxe Farm
  229. A new House – A new Start (Devinette's House)
  230. The Meeting ~ Llanwyn, private!!
  231. Poll- Do you want me to stay?
  232. Boys will be Boys (Open for fun!)
  233. The Longwing Farm & Ranch
  234. Vaedor VS Zort the Mad!
  235. Initiate Druidism (Private, Mod)
  236. Faust--Wilderness Training
  237. The Summer Festivle!
  238. Of Amber and Fae-Devinette-(private pm for invite)
  239. Tellurion Tanendar---Basic Calligraphy
  240. Daedrian---Basic Wilderness
  241. Alexx--Basic Longsword
  242. Valegar--Basic Horsemanship--Basic Riding
  243. Daralith Ktonos : Intermediate Longsword Training
  244. OOC: Discussion Thread
  245. OOC: Need Moderation?
  246. Quiet Irritations (Open for anyone thats bored) Mod may be needed
  247. OOC: Promotion requirments for Blades (Temporary)
  248. Gentle fun but Worse (Blades Only, All)
  249. Award Ceremony
  250. Wondering (Open)