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  1. Some Light Shopping (Private)
  2. The Serendīb Sweepstakes
  3. The Djinni
  4. [Animal Ark pet supplies] A strange snake is just a friend you haven't met yet
  5. [Winged Magician] Touching The Elements [Xerxes]
  6. [Plot] A Deal with the Adventure's Guild (Kunagi)
  7. [LOCATION] The Winged Magician (PC Shoppe)
  8. [PLOT] A Vysstichi in the Bazzar? That realy is bizarre!
  9. [LOCATION] Sheik Omar Rafi Raashid (Merchant's Guild Leader)
  10. [INFO] Information & Link Map for The Souk Bazaar (read before posting please)
  11. [PLOT] Forbidden Fruit (open to all PCs)
  12. [Grand Bazaar.] A Little Windowless Shopping. (Open.)
  13. bath and bed at the sanctum (Calanon)
  14. [South Dunes Tavern and Inn] Shaking out the Sand[Open]
  15. [LOCATION] The Sandy Songbird Music Shop
  16. A New Beginning, But Not on an Empty Stomach (Open)
  17. [Desert Oasis Cafe] ~Reflections~
  18. [Paru's] Splish Splash... (Parreyon & Julien)
  19. [Bazaar] Through Tattered Clothes Small Vices Do Appear... (Valanthia & Elmaryia)
  20. [LOCATION] Paru's Bathhouse and Spa
  21. [LOCATION] The Desert Oasis Cafe
  22. [Miss Maisie's Lanterns] What Dreams Do Gypsies Dream?
  23. [LOCATION] Miss Maisie's Lantern's
  24. The Grand Bazaar
  25. [LOCATION] Animal Ark - Pet Supplies
  26. South Dunes Tavern and Inn
  27. [LOCATION] Aediles Office