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  1. [Exposition] The Absolute Destruction of Herozzal
  2. Rise From The Grave Child
  3. [The Pit] Gungrot: First Blood
  4. Hunger, revenge, are petty foes, but only death the eyes can close [Khaine]
  5. [Location] The Chimney (Herozzal Main Entrance)
  6. Deep Cuts (Closed)
  7. Schemes Under Yelkith, Part Deux (private, Ab'reth)
  8. Pretty Little Things (private, Ilista)
  9. Tremble at my Touch (private/self mod)
  10. [House of Yelkith] Black and Gold (Yelkeith Twins)
  11. [Lower Herozzal] Lake Ty'ras
  12. [Lower Herozzal] Pools of Meditation
  13. [Lower Herozzal] The Gladitorial Pits
  14. [Lower Herozzal] Jhago's Trade Square and Auction Block
  15. [Lower Herozzal] Liquid Death: Brothers of Deceit
  16. [Lower Herozzal] The Steel Matron Forge
  17. [Lower Herozzal] The Swift Blade
  18. [Lower Herozzal] The Academy of Chaos
  19. [Lower Herozzal] The Shadow's Lair
  20. Bringing Dark Tidings (Quen, Private)
  21. [OOC] XP and Moderation Requests.
  22. [OOC] Vysstichi Chatter!
  23. [Upper Herozzal, Location] Compound of House Eowaeder, 1st house of Herozzal
  24. [Upper Herozzal, Location] Compound of House Melervs, 2nd house of Herozzal
  25. [Upper Herozzal, Location] Compound of House Tekin'afi, 3rd house of Herozzal
  26. [Upper Herozzal, Location] Compound of House Yelkith, 4th house of Herozzal
  27. [Upper Herozzal, Location] Compound of House Hun'viir, 5th house of Herozzal
  28. [Upper Herozzal, Location] Compound of House Godeghym, 6th house of Herozzal
  29. [Upper Herozzal, Location] Compound of House Aronyth, 9th house of Herozzal
  30. [Upper Herozzal, Location] Compound of House Nilalin, 7th house of Herozzal
  31. [Upper Herozzal, Location] Compound of House Hlaarn, 8th house of Herozzal
  32. [Upper Herozzal, Location] Compound of House Zaenarm, 10th house of Herozzal
  33. [Upper Herozzal, Location] Throne of the Prince of Lies
  34. [Upper Herozzal, Location] Temple of the Damned
  35. [Upper Herozzal, Location] Temple of Jorel
  36. [Upper Herozzal, Location] Temple of Jalat
  37. [Location] The Tower of Oloth (Upper Herozzal Entrance)
  38. [Guide] Herozzal's Link Map
  39. [Upper Herozzal, Location] Chambers of the Council of Ten
  40. The Noble Daughter of Herozzal (Private: Phyra'lyn)
  41. Would you be mine? Could you be mine? Won't you be my neighboor? [Khaine Please! :D]
  42. [Adventure] The Unexplored Depths
  43. [Asur'zealy, Private] Of Plans within Plans
  44. [Location] Council Chambers
  45. [Location] Temple of Jalat
  46. [Location] Temple of Jorel
  47. [Location] Temple of the Damned
  48. [Location] Mae'Rul Compound
  49. [Guide] An IC Guide to Herrozal [Link Map & City Profile]
  50. [Guide] An OOC Guide to Herrozal [FAQ, Training, Arcana]
  51. The Monsters of the Deep (Ar'ileth)
  52. New Ways to Cut People [Mahtar Marde]
  53. [Location] Mahtar Marde
  54. [Location] I'Korda Hui
  55. [Yelkith Compound] The Return (Ab'reth, Mellonin)
  56. Moderation Requests & Information
  57. [Shadow's Lair] Just a little puff of air (basic Blowgun)
  58. [Location] The Catacombs
  59. [Liquid Death] An unsavory transaction (Mod please!)
  60. Darkness Under the Void (Herozzal OOC)
  61. Sneaky, Sneaky, To the Darkness from the Sky (Mixie)
  62. To Dance With Blades. (Closed, GF)
  63. Two Mages in Yelkith (Ar'ileth) (Closed, GF)
  64. To Arms Preperations For WAR ! (Closed, GF)
  65. Within the Empirical Weave (Abíreth) (Closed, GF)
  66. Stitches and Corpses (Ar'ileth) (Closed, GF)
  67. Haya's Way (Ar'ileth) (Closed, GF)
  68. Life in the Pens (Ilista) (Closed, GF)
  69. Poor Elensar (Closed, GF)
  70. Sharper than a serpants tooth (Closed, GF)
  71. (Closed, GF)
  72. Tapping the Darkness (private, Ab'reth) (Closed, GF)
  73. Visiting the Shadow Lair (Minerva) (Closed, GF)
  74. Lost Girls (Ilista) (Closed, GF)
  75. The Shadow's Lair
  76. Council Chambers
  77. Bonkers at Night (Lichen Please) (Closed, GF)
  78. Meetings with Mother (Ar'ileth and Lichen) (Closed, GF)
  79. Regarding Ownership (Private: Daemyon)
  80. Prayer and Politics (Lichen) (Closed, GF)
  81. Jhago's Trade Square and Auction Block
  82. The Academy of Chaos
  83. The Meephan Temple
  84. Schemes Under Yelkith (Ar'ileth)
  85. A Recipe For redruM
  86. Recollection of a Dangerous Youth
  87. Playthings (open)
  88. Overshadowed Revelries (Closed/GF, Lichen please!)
  89. The Games of the Young (Desmodus?) (Closed, GF)
  90. Being All You Can Be [Closed/GF - Daemyon]
  91. The Chosen Path (Lichen)
  92. The Proper Way To Unwrap A Gift (Dae)
  93. As it is when it was (Lichen)
  94. [Damarys, Daemyon] Rewards
  95. A Dinner Date? (Lichen)
  96. Herozzal Information: Read Before Playing
  97. [Herozzal] Reclaiming what was lost (Kalinda)
  98. Simple Entrance.
  99. [Location] The Temple of Jorel
  100. The Lowest of the Low? (Desmodus)
  101. Defrauding? Why not! (Desmodus)
  102. A Light Elf in a Dark Place (Apprentice Elementalism - Faust)
  103. A stir in Malachi's heart...
  104. Murmurs and Mushrooms From The Deep (Mod Please)
  105. [Location] The Temple of Jalat
  106. Lake Ty'ras
  107. House Tekin'afi
  108. Welcome to Herozzal [Cor Tavoc]
  109. After the Accident
  110. Cheshire Chat
  111. A test at the Shadow's Lair (Private; Faust-a-licious)
  112. For King and Country...Matron's not needed ;) (Invite Only)
  113. And so the training begins... [private, Iseril]
  114. Solenil's Decision
  115. The Swift Blade
  116. Private Prayer
  117. The art of opportunity (Private, Mod Please)
  118. The Wrong Birthright
  119. Celina Maximilian's Shadowy Abode
  120. The 5th House, House Hun'viir
  121. The 8th House, House Nilalin
  122. The 4th House, House Yelkith
  123. The Slave Pit
  124. The 9th House, House Hlaarn
  125. Yelkith Compound (Private: Skorri)
  126. The New Slave of House Melervs (Private: Sethanor)
  127. The Birth of an Army (Mod Needed)
  128. Mairi Nilalin's House
  129. Herozzal Description, Link Map & Events
  130. Entering the Upper Levels - The Tower of Oloth.
  131. Ziska and the search for a discarded breed.
  132. The 2nd House, House Melervs.
  133. Around the Arc: Trading with the Top World
  134. OOC: What is your PC's Goal?
  135. The Steel Matron Forge
  136. Tekin'afi Furnace
  137. A 'Kiss' That Could Mean Death {Kravex Please}
  138. ...and Darkness grew wings, then began to spread.
  139. Victory stolen...
  140. The Grounds
  141. The Arc
  142. Jhanrael's Abode
  143. The result of boredom in Herozzal - playful Vysstichi. (Vhid l' Phla'ta)
  144. The Yelkith Compound: (Ryalla Swiftwind)
  145. Waiting to be auctioned
  146. Slinking Underground Once Again (Adin)
  147. Apprentice Necromancy Training - Jewel (Private)
  148. A letter... (private)
  149. Sword Training - Verdigrs (private)
  150. Tangled Web Woven - Reoul (private)
  151. Initiate Necromancy Training - Jewel(private)
  152. Jhago's Trade Square & Auction Block
  153. The Shadow's Lair
  154. The Steel Matron(Forge)
  155. Initiate Necromancy - Vlith(private)
  156. Initiate Necromancy - Zynoir(private)
  157. Entrance through the Arc(Milo - private)
  158. Pool of Radiance
  159. Council Chambers (Upper Herozzal)
  160. Tower of Oloth (ONLY Entrance to Upper Levels)
  161. Entrance through the Arc - Toran(private)
  162. House Vhilraaen Compound; 10th House of Herozzal
  163. The Swift Blade
  164. Academy of Chaos
  165. Temple of the Damned
  166. Liquid Death - Brothers of Deceit
  167. Herozzal - General Descrip
  168. Attention: About Herozzal
  169. Fun In the Depths (Private, except for Faye, of course)