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  1. The Stars Rise from the East [Private, Mod Needed]
  2. Forward, soldiers!
  3. Lambs to the Slaughter (private)
  4. Enlist today!
  5. Jade, Emerald....what's next?
  6. [Open to all military PCs]Military Parade!
  7. [Midpoint Fortress] Official Military Summons (Baerodan, Aglet pls))
  8. [Falconry and Mews] The Art of Falconry (Aglet Please)
  9. [Fortress] Returning Home Once More (Aglet please! x)
  10. [Location] Fortress Theory Rooms
  11. [Location] Provost Imperatis Sheng Kaldres' Office
  12. [Location] Fortress Cupboard Of Requirement
  13. [IC] Official Military Summons and Fortress Updates
  14. [Location] Midpoint Military Stables
  15. [Location] Midpoint Hospital
  16. Letter to Sheng Kaldres [Private]
  17. [Location] Alyssan Legion Registration Office
  18. [Location] Military Library
  19. [Location] Midpoint Fortress Board Room And Tactics Centre
  20. Visiting the Fortress [Aglet, following on from Howl's thread]
  21. [Location] Falconry and Owl Mews
  22. [Location] Midpoint Fortress Barracks
  23. [IC] Midpoint Fortress Info and Link Map
  24. [IC] Military Codex
  25. Basic Spear Training [Self Mod]
  26. Basic Longsword Training [Self Mod]
  27. Imperial Recruit Training [Self Mod]
  28. ~Meeting the Regiment~
  29. Security, Diplomacy and Interrogation (Private, GM 8ball)
  30. The trial of the era (Only those who are invited)
  31. [Character Development]--Conversation and Dinner (Walen Birch/Veleraen)
  32. AAoM Training (Klue, Private)
  33. Basic First Aid (Sedhith) [Private]
  34. A Matter of Trust [Audrey/Nadina]
  35. Wild Goose Chase (Invite only)
  36. Customizing One's Weapon (8Ball)
  37. Supplying demands (Elle and Aderyn)
  38. The Barracks
  39. [OOC] Military files
  40. Time for Some Intermediacy [Axe Training - Self-Mod]
  41. Axe Training (Sedhith) [Private]
  42. Meeting: Lieutenant Ettienn (Private)
  43. The Longest Darkening
  44. Meeting With Alicia
  45. Messages from Frigid River [Urgent]
  46. Seeking the Imperial Magistrate [Parreyon please]
  47. Mouthpiece for the Accused (Stephan/Mod?)
  48. Axe Training (Duncan)
  49. Letter to Captain Borhalth
  50. The Recruitment Office
  51. [All read before posting] The Midpoint Fortress
  52. A Meeting with the Imperial Consul (Private; Nadina/Anne)
  53. Office of the Prefect
  54. Letter from Enamoria to Her Imperial Majesty
  55. [Empress Audrey de Lylles] Joining the Queue
  56. A Knight and His Squire (Private, Parreyon)
  57. Meeting Captin Borhalth
  58. Say Hello to the Howlers
  59. Petition to the Empress.
  60. A mission for woodsmen (Rangers only)
  61. Wandering Around (Sabre Training/GM 8Ball)--Private Thread
  62. Letter to the Wise Parreyon Syndicus
  63. Meeting the Prosecution (Private 8Ball only)
  64. Letter to Parreyon
  65. Letter to the Steward (Alicia)
  66. Preparing for the Trial (Private/ Arabella and GM only)
  67. Pre-Trial Hearing for Stephan
  68. Meeting: Private: Invitation Only!
  69. Confinement of the Innocent (private, Mimesis)
  70. Pronouncement: Addendum to Subclause 23 [ALL PC's this applies to you!]
  71. City Defence Bids: Building The Walls That Protect Us
  72. Letter to her majesty ~Queen Sharinya of the Fae
  73. Nell, Milo and the Faerie Queen
  74. Twills and Duncan (Private)
  75. To Discuss with an Empress (Private, Audrey)
  76. Corridor Meetings (Open)
  77. Late Morning Tev & Sharinya (private discussion)
  78. Discomforting Discussions [private, Audrey please]
  79. An appointment with the Empress (Audrey please)
  80. Danique’s pracenda (Audrey)
  81. An unorthodox Training (Private; Vento)
  82. Joining the Swiftwinds (Self Mod, PM if interested in Peer modding)
  83. A letter to the Empress from Sheria
  84. Prayer Beads (private)
  85. [Important! Read before posting!] How to play in the military
  86. Meeting with his Empress (private, Audrey)
  87. Training - Averielle, S'Lon
  88. Touching Bases with an Old Friend (private: Audrey)
  89. The Office Of The Steward (Autumn Era X)
  90. The Dwarf's Story
  91. Basic Shortsword: Nathaniel Smythe
  92. The General's Quarters
  93. Seeking Help (Private)
  94. Letter to the Empress
  95. Midpoint Military Codex
  96. Ranger Encampment
  97. A Letter to the Empress
  98. Nadina d'Rosario arrives to find Audrey
  99. The High Queen of the Fae holds court
  100. Tev Seeks Sharinya
  101. Midpoint Military Codex (All starting military PC's read!)
  102. An Audience with his Majesty...
  103. The Witching Hour (Sharinya)
  104. Going to Visit Aunty Audrey (Audrey de Lylles, Kral'tharek only; private thread)
  105. In Search of Emperor Valerian and Empress De'Lylles (Private/Audrey)
  106. An Audience with the Emperor (GM/D redq)
  107. An Audience with _________ (private)
  108. "Government in Exile"
  109. A Letter to the Lord General (GM please)
  110. Trade meeting (Midpoint-Zerdargia) (Open)
  111. Consequences (Eyeball, please!)
  112. DH: Defending the Behemoth (Alicia, Kyjin and Rhine)
  113. DH: Iron's Bane (Private: Aian and Jade)
  114. DH: Cain and Abel (Private; Ak'trál)
  115. DH: Dark Force (Thomas, Zef: Private)
  116. Hoping to forge a new contract with the Alyssan Guard (GM Eyeball / Private)
  117. Basic Training, all enlisted cadets
  118. Darkhour (All military PC's)
  119. Alyssan Adventures!!! (All Military PC's read!!!)
  120. Meeting the High Command
  121. Some interesting news (Private, Tallinar and Malkaer)
  122. Intermediate Swordsplay -- Private Malkaer Andares
  123. Alyssan Guard and Personnel Bulletin Board
  124. Midpoint Forces Alyssan Hospital Gates (Patients and Visitors Post Here First!)
  125. Once More, Into the Breach (OOC Notices, Moderations Requests, Etc.)
  126. OOC Reference Tools (Military Codex, Composition of Forces, Location Directory, Etc.)
  127. Carolling Practice! (Primehiems Party related)
  128. Basic Diplomacy (November 2003)
  129. Adept Strategy (November 2003)
  130. The Grand Portcullis - Midpoint Fortress Gates (Only Point Of Entry)
  131. Elite and Young Officer Registration Booth
  132. The Alyssan Military Assembly (November 2003)
  133. Elite Academy (Parreyon & Arilyn)
  134. The Primehiem Tree! (Private)
  135. Hospital Kitchen
  136. Midpoint's Barracks - East
  137. Midpoint's Barracks - West
  138. Wolfpup Training(private w/Furunculus)
  139. Arms and Armory Class
  140. Strolling around the Fortress
  141. ALL ALYSSANS - Basic Strategy Training (Oct 2003)
  142. Thargun in the Stockades ~PM for Invite~
  143. Hospital Sick Bay
  144. Midpoint Draconic Division
  145. Hospital Surgery Room
  146. Some friendly sparring (Private, AGM Sakura, Thargun Tress
  147. Religion Class (Thargun Tress)
  148. Midpoint Chapel
  149. All Alyssans: Arcane Trainings
  150. Team Epsilon (and part of Team Delta) - Initiate Sabre Training
  151. ALL ALYSSANS! Physical Education From Hell
  152. Alyssan Exams Information Lecture
  153. (OOC)The Allysan Agency 3rd Draft(Neo Please read and all else are also welcome)
  154. A Little Practice (private, Xe'Manota)
  155. ALL Teams - Basic Strategy Training
  156. Team Delta - Initiate Sabre Training
  157. Room 012
  158. Alyssan Adventures!!! (everyone Read)
  159. The Midpoint Military Science and Research Facility
  160. The Midpoint Stockades
  161. Hospital Medical Lab
  162. Hospital Pharmacy
  163. Hospital Garden
  164. Hospital Reception
  165. Midpoint Forces Alyssan Hospital Gates (Entry only - REPORT HERE FIRST)
  166. Saber Training: Team Omega - Cadets Belmoon and Calderius (Private)
  167. Orientation
  168. Midpoint Guard Barracks
  169. Elradin's Notes (Private except to Midpoint Moderators)
  170. An Appointment
  171. Midpoint Fortress Command Center (Captain Ter'si'velle's office)
  172. The Midpoint Consulate at Primus Gaudeo
  173. Team Omega and Beta - Initiate Sabre Training
  174. Midpoint Fortress OOC Issues
  175. Of Rats and Soldiers (Private; Invitation Only)
  176. Midpoint Fortress Treasury
  177. The Allysan Agency second draft
  178. Alyssan Guard and Personnel Bulliten Board
  179. Midpoint Fortress Aviarium
  180. Team Gamma- Sabre Training
  181. Trinity's Referral Notes (Private)
  182. Teams Sigma and Omicron: Role Call
  183. OOC: The Alyssan Agency First Draft (Neo Your Approval Needed)
  184. Barracks room 007
  185. Barraks room 002
  186. OOC: Midpoint Military Codex
  187. OOC: Midpoint Army Codex, a real life perspective
  188. Sabre Training: Cadet Romero (Private)
  189. Falconery
  190. Practise Day
  191. Neo's Referral Notes (Private)
  192. Midpoint Forces Alyssan Hospital
  193. Midpoint Fortress Quartermaster
  194. Midpoint Fortress Armoury
  195. (OOC) The Information booth at Prime
  196. Alyssan Academy of Midpoint
  197. Team Kappa - Sabre Training
  198. Barracks room 005
  199. List of Midpoint's Military Officials
  200. Midpoint's forces march for Prime!
  201. Scouting party (Team Sigma+ willing recruits)
  202. Saber Training, School of hard knocks
  203. Team Sigma, shortbow training
  204. Gwindin Tor and Lady Nadina
  205. The Alyssan Training Center
  206. The Alyssan Academy Stableyard
  207. And the search begins
  208. Team Sigma - Scimatar (Day 2)
  209. Devlyn returns- Vol & Gwindin Tor
  210. Team Omicron Physical Training
  211. Barracks Room 001
  212. The Surgeon Major (Hazbones) wandering
  213. New Recruits Not assigned to Training Post Here
  214. Guard Barracks room 001
  215. Ellilar searching for her barrack (Vol if you could)
  216. Important Notice to All PC's I Mod!
  217. Guard Barracks - Room 3
  218. The Stockades
  219. Team Sigma - Sabre Training
  220. Orientation
  221. Midpoint Fortress Military Composition (All Soldiers Read)
  222. Midpoint Fortress Composition(during Arkdun crisis)
  223. Guard Barracks
  224. Parade Deck - General Tor
  225. Guard Class 003 (saber)
  226. Of Fencing and Sightseeing
  227. Guard Room 2
  228. Guard Class 002 (saber)
  229. Guard Class 001 (saber)
  230. Trial of Sparx Ri- Order in the Court
  231. Midpoint Fortress Quartermaster
  232. Midpoint Fortress Armoury
  233. Alyssan Guard Training Center
  234. Alyssan Academy Practice Field
  235. Katana Training
  236. Sparx Ri's Escort to the Stockade
  237. Guards Barracks
  238. Haz's barracks room
  239. The Training Pit - Hazbones
  240. Orientation
  241. Barracks for New Cadets
  242. Command Centre
  243. Stableyard of the Allyssan Academy
  244. Fortress Gates - Only Point of Entry
  245. Alyssan Guard Recruitment Office
  246. General Aristri Enters the Fortress Proper
  247. At the going down of the sun and in the morning we shall remember!
  248. Seeking the local military authority
  249. Katana Training
  250. Alyssan Academy Practice Field