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  1. An Open Letter to the Aelyrian Peoples (Open)
  2. Dead is cool. What's there to do? (Aglet)
  3. Not a humble sell (Aglet pls)
  4. [LHU] Of Memories and Carrots (Aglet pls)
  5. [Midpoint] A Sorceresses Knight, and a Witches Knowledge (Aglet, pls)
  6. The Knots of Tangled Webs (Aglet)
  7. [Public Gardens] A Stroll Through the Garden (Open)
  8. The Naked Gnome walks the City (Private Unless Invited (pm pls) - Aglet Please)
  9. Wherefore art thou Alicia? [Pala and Alicia]
  10. [Aediles Office] Hanging A Hat (Aglet, please x)
  11. Portcullis - Fortress Entrance Onto the Alysann Registration Office
  12. [Letter to the Thane] Missive from the Thane of Paxia (Private)
  13. [Tired Griffin Inn] Bottoms up! (open)
  14. I will protect you, I promise (Aglet pls)
  15. Of Course It's Possible
  16. [Aedile's office] Job search (Aglet Plz!)
  17. Politics? What kind of politics? [Private, Aderyn]
  18. [Plot] Hide and Go Seek
  19. Entrance to Midpoint
  20. All Is Not Well (Alicia, Private)
  21. Enlisting in the Alyssans [Baerodan, Private]
  22. [Location] Auction House
  23. [Red Ribbon Chocolatiers and other] A bouquet for my sweet love [Aglet pls]
  24. [Midpoint Gardens] Z'kron and Clarissa at... the Gardens! [Aglet]
  25. [Office of the Thane] A Secret Weapon (Aglet)
  26. [Location] Public Gardens
  27. [Cottontails] First Contact (Aglet Pls)
  28. [Midpoint Chapel] A particularly sedate outreach (More threads for Aglet!)
  29. [Location: Howls] Mundane and minor paperworks [Aglet]
  30. An application to Lord Holland University
  31. A visit to Father Time
  32. Iron and Steal [Archy, Pvt]
  33. [Location] Father Time's House
  34. [IC] The Grand Portcullis - Fortress Entrance
  35. [OOC|IC] Noticeboard
  36. [Location] Office Of The Lord Thane
  37. [Location] Midpoint Bank
  38. [Location] The Court
  39. [Location] Lord Holland University
  40. [Location] Ferny's Ferrying and Owlery
  41. [Location] Cottontails
  42. [Location] Market Square
  43. [Location] Red Ribbon Chocolatiers
  44. [Location] Midpoint Chapel
  45. [Location] The Tired Griffin Inn And Tavern
  46. [OOC] Chatter Chest
  47. [Location] Howl's
  48. Magical Musings (Aglet)
  49. [IC] City Entrance - No Official Gate
  50. [OOC|IC] Midpoint City Info and Linkmap
  51. Fortress Available for Moderation (OOC)
  52. Ru'jarek reading (Private)
  53. Evening Reflections ( Private: Arabella & Liselle )
  54. A morning workout
  55. Storm Nocturn's home...and in his dream a choice made.
  56. The Auctionhouse
  57. House of Rúmil Nénharma
  58. A Farmboy's Hunger (Arabella/Private)
  59. A Shooting Star That Gives Hope (Private)
  60. “Discovering Keigle Anderson’s old home”
  61. The Gallows
  62. The Midpoint Chapel
  63. Town Square
  64. The Djinni's Bottle
  65. To Search for a Child, Part I
  66. The Qiao Residence
  67. Lord Holland University
  68. Firey Doom of Immolation and Destruction
  69. [Recommended] Basic rules so that we me get along
  70. Looking for a Blacksmith's shop.
  71. Midpoint Bank
  72. Midpoint Linkmap and valuable information
  73. Midpoint Entrance (Town entrance, no gates)
  74. The Grand Portcullis (Only entrance to the Fortress)
  75. The Tired Griffin Inn and Tavern
  76. Something is Missing . . . (Open)
  77. [CD]-Out and About (Private and Closed; Veleraen Only)
  78. Formation of Midpoint City Militia (8ball)
  79. Aastr's Abode
  80. The Inquisition (Private / 8Ball)
  81. The Grand Tour! (private: Mimesis)
  82. URGENT: Opportunity in Midpoint
  83. A civilised evening {Nell and Milo!}
  84. Memorial Service
  85. Pronouncement: Addendum To Subclause 23 [ALL PC's - this applies to you!]
  86. Sing loud, dance proud!!! [Companions only]
  87. Service Announcements!
  88. Mama Bebe’s House of Pleasure
  89. Intermediate Alchemy [Darian, Self-mod]
  91. Watching long dead gods (invite only)
  92. Getting Back in Shape (training)
  93. The OOC corner!
  94. All Midpoint PC's read and comment!!!
  95. A New Arrival
  96. Long Live the Revolution [invite only]
  97. Godsend Conspirator [My left EYEBALL]
  98. Beginner Alchemy Darian [self-mod]
  99. Wandering Midpoint - Elessil Enters
  100. Under the Eye of the Gods [who else? Eyeball]
  101. The Aedile's office
  102. A Touch of Light Among Blight and Plague
  103. A Captain's statement (All read!!!)
  104. Dressed To Kill; A Private Invitiation (Private)
  105. OOC: Help (preferably from a mod)
  106. Thomas Ocean's Woodcraft Class (AGM Falconair)
  107. The Tired Griffin Inn and Tavern
  108. The Dark Room of Mystery
  109. Standing At The Edge Of The Future (no mod needed)
  110. Rai's new home
  111. A first step to life
  112. Elves, and the ties that bind... (Alicia Tamaral) (Private/PM to Join/Mod-negotiable)
  113. OOC: Eyeball's rules and an apology (All read!!!)
  114. Initiate Mysticism (Aian Natra)
  115. Initiate Mysticism (Jade)
  116. Encounter with Malkora Theedra
  117. Looking for Long Sword Training
  118. Looking for warhammer training.
  119. [Adventure] A Fang for a Crown (open to all)
  120. Basic Herbal Science (Thomas)
  121. Map of Midpoint
  122. Ocean Residence
  123. Tired Griffin Inn and Tavern
  124. The Grand Portcullis (Only point of entry to the fortress)
  125. Midpoint Entrance (Only point of entry, post here first!)
  126. The Market Square
  127. Room 154: Architecture and Draftsmanship (Ak'trál)
  128. Room 217: Allerian Politics (Sa'brael)
  129. Jabesh Gilead (Gadgeteering Training)
  130. Wolf Pup Training (Daven)
  131. All PCs in Midpoint Post Here ASAP! *Important!*
  132. The General Idea (Private; Anastasia D'Noir, no mod needed)
  133. Puppy Training (Anvael)
  134. OOC Thread for moderation requests, etc.
  135. Every PC in Midpoint Still Active Please Read
  136. Animal Training (Sylvan)
  137. Welcome Persephone & Farewell Alyssans
  138. New GM in Midpoint
  139. Alyssan Guard Training (December 2003)
  140. Room 217, Allerian Law and Politics: Ikaana, Thargun, and Parreyon
  141. Forge lessons - Xavienael Saint-Kaien
  142. When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again (Hurrah! OOC Stuffs Get Posted Here!)
  143. The Leaky Chamber Pot (Alyssan Agency HQ)
  144. First Meeting of the Municipal Council
  145. Maps of Midpoint
  146. A continuing thought (Parreyon)
  147. The Office of the Proconsul - Cronus
  148. The Office of the Proconsul - Thargun
  149. The Tridenglave - Midpoint's Main Gates (Only Point of Entry - Post Here First)
  150. Unsettlement (Open, beware of insanity)
  151. A Dorin's Lair
  152. Horsemanship Training (AGM Serendipity Please)
  153. A walk in the cemetary(Mod needed)
  154. Midpoint Cemetery
  155. The South Tunnel (priavate)
  156. The Northern Tunnel (private)
  157. Skills of the Trade (Private, AGM Fable)
  158. Room 219, Allerian Law and Society: Ikaana, Thargun, and Parreyon
  159. A Walk With Malkaer [private, Malkaer]
  160. Initiate Sorcery: Tiyribi Andares (Private)
  161. A meeting at dusk (Private, Anastasia D'Noir, No mod needed)
  162. The Office of the Proconsul - Arilyn
  163. The Office of the Military Attache
  164. The Office of the Prefect
  165. Midpoint Municipal Forum
  166. Kattas at the Tired Griffon Tavern (Private - Kattas only)
  167. The Midpoint Emporium Complex
  168. Things to do and to think on (Parreyon Syndicus, private)
  169. Another day...
  170. Akträl meets the Nimâli women.
  171. Military Theory - Velvair Wilhelm
  172. Please welcome AGM Sgiggles!
  173. Happy Millenium!
  174. Basic Blacksmithing and Forging--Arkahn
  175. Please Welcome AGM Fable!
  176. A Welcome Break (Come Join the Festival)
  177. Courthouse Tour [A]: Antonius and Tiyribi
  178. Room 444, Initiate Guitar: Xe'Manota
  179. The Arena(Private,Embok,continued from the leaky chamber pot)
  180. OOC: could use some help
  181. Midpoint's Courthouse
  182. The Pit of Darkness(OOC Adventure thread all welcome)
  183. Please welcome to AGM Serendipity!
  184. Patrolling the Streets(Mod plz, all are welcome)
  185. Alyssan Adventures!!! (Everyone Read!)
  186. Room 211, Allerian Law and Politics: Tiyribi Kyotke
  187. Midpoint Bank - Levy Tax Collection
  188. The The Master Elementalists Create The Quick-Sand Moat!!!
  189. The leaky Chamber Pot(ooc the Alyssan Agency HQ)
  190. Lord Holland University (University of Centripax)
  191. Greetings everyone/The 'Oracle' has arrived
  192. Washing at the well
  193. Writing Class, Room 113A: Antonius Romero
  194. Searching for a Thaum - mod Furunculus|Private
  195. Basic Short Sword Training - Rude
  196. Falcon Training - Drydar the Friskey
  197. Spitfire and Black Shipping Co. (Open for Business)
  198. Everyone Please Welcome AGM Elradin
  199. Searching for a Trainer in Unarmed Combat (Mod Needed)
  200. Midpoint – The City (Mod Needed)
  201. AGM Celestial...
  202. The Aftermath...(Open to All)
  203. A new home (open)
  204. A Long Trip (Skylar, Adinirach...mostly open)
  205. Basic Unarmed Combat(Hirose)
  206. Looking for a job.
  207. OOC: And Now, Please Welcome... AGM Furunculus!
  208. The Search to Sell Animals
  209. The Midpoint Forum
  210. Mai Chung's Wild Orchid
  211. Mai Chung's Blooming Lotus (Public Bath House)
  212. OOC Moderation Requests (Please Post Here)
  213. Everyone Please Welcome AGM Cogito!
  214. Time To Leave
  215. Roland day two (Politics)
  216. Down on her luck
  217. Basic Katana (Hirose Ryuu)
  218. Searching for ferret training
  219. Looking for Lynx Training
  220. The Start of Training (quarterstaff, Faurink)
  221. Vardarche's Apothecary
  222. Basic Herbalism - Cor Tavoc
  223. Mei Lin's House
  224. Welcome GM Neo
  225. Allerian Law (Roland)
  226. Loki's Arrival
  227. Looking for a Quarterstaff Trainer...
  228. Basic Herbalism-Argoen Tirmolea
  229. The Abduction of GM Vol --- ALL READ
  230. Basic Herbalism- Faurink Maya
  231. Anyone Moderated by Nimh Read This
  232. 2 New AGMs :)
  233. Falcon Training - Duskin Treehide
  234. Searching for two-handed sword training (mod please)
  235. An old soldier returning home...
  236. Hawk Training - Hirose Ryuu
  237. Hawk Training - Faurink Maya
  238. Looking for Teclis
  239. Owl Training - Skylar
  240. Midpoint Falconry and Owl Mews (Owl, Hawk and Falcon Training Center)
  241. Searching for Katana training
  242. Empress Alyssa Stablery and Equestrian Supplies
  243. The Office of the Lord Thane
  244. The Office of the Senator
  245. The New AGM in Town
  246. List of MidPoint's City Officials
  247. Basic Healing - R'maka and Cor
  248. OOC: Explanations
  249. The Awakening (Quest: Open)
  250. Basic Allerian Politics - Sa'brael