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  1. Pretty please let us in? [Sliucha, Maddyn]
  2. Grist for the Mill ( Mixie )
  3. Let the flames dance high (open)
  4. A shadow from the past (Casriel please!)
  5. Vers Town Council Meeting [Open]
  6. Refugee Camp - Helping the Sick and Dying [Open]
  7. The Lylles Samaritans
  8. It's All a State of Mind (Z'kron)
  9. [Outside Vers] The Barrens Outpost
  10. [OOC] Poke Da Bull - Moderation Requests
  11. [OOC] Versian Banter
  12. [Location] Imaden School of Higher Learning: Entrance Hall
  13. [Location] Imaden School of Higher Learning: Facultie Scientia
  14. [Location] Imaden School of Higher Learning: Facultie Mechanica
  15. Vers - General Information, Link Map & Startup Guide
  16. [Location] Vers Tent City - Refugee Camp
  17. [Outside Vers] Ludstone Manor
  18. [Location] Hogkin's Weapons and Armor Emporium
  19. [Location] The Artist's Nook
  20. [Location] Domus Exorno
  21. [Location] The Essentials General Shoppe
  22. [Location] Filgrim's Workshop
  23. [Location] Furries and Featheries Menagerie
  24. [Location] The Windstepper Stables
  25. [Location] Ludwig's Trade Post
  26. [Location] Bounty Hunter's Guild - Stranger at the Red Mullet
  27. [Location] The Bounty Hunter's Guild
  28. [Location] Riley's Elixirs and Alchemical Sundries
  29. [Location] Seedling Office Headquarters
  30. [Location] Teros Memorial Clinic
  31. [Location] Shrine to the Aetherians
  32. [Location] The Crescent Moon Nightclub
  33. [Location] The Colette Silverleaf School of the Arts
  34. [Location] Imaden's Glory Cafeteria
  35. [Location] Bale'thos Memorial Library
  36. [Location] The Versian City Council
  37. [Location] The Aedile's and Prefect's Office
  38. [Location] The Versian Gaol
  39. [Location]The Versian Bank
  40. The Vaettin Gardens
  41. [Location]Status Quo: Fashion & Aesthetics
  42. [Location] The Red Mullet Inn & Tavern
  43. [Location] Imaden School of Higher Learning: Facultie Arcana
  44. [Location] Scattered Ashes Arcane Warehouse
  45. Vers City Gates [Post Here First]
  46. An Elf, a God, and an Hourglass (Fish Stick)
  47. Learning Curve
  48. Player Character Registry (All PCs must post here)
  49. Force Practice, Gentle Force (Open)
  50. In need of tools(open)
  51. The Offices of the Assistant Thane (Open to All, Hiring)
  52. Becoming Assistant Thane.... (Private, Fish Stick)
  53. (Training) Katta + Giant = Flying Furball??? (Rioshi)
  54. [Sign Up] Vorgen Mines Recovery
  55. Into a Watery Vortex (Private, Duncan, Milo please)
  56. [Sign Up] Verengorn Keep Adventure
  57. Katta Got Claws? (TR, 1)
  58. "The Prophet of Good Will" (Open Event)
  59. A Dwarf's Interrogation (Eyvind please)
  60. Riding Lessons [Self Mod]
  61. Reash's Dorm Room
  62. Initiate Druidism (Reasheria, Private)
  63. [Royal Ambassadors] Now, To the Future, After Narim Went Boom...
  64. [Red Mullet - Fish] I Spy With My Little Eye...Many Many Mages
  65. Basic Alchemy (Jenny Alice, Private)
  66. A meeting of the forsaken (Fish Stick)
  67. May you have the Force [Sorcery Initiate, Self Mod]
  68. Initiate Druidism (Taerdan please)
  69. [Dreamcatcher] One Man in His Time Plays Many Parts [Fish Stick]
  70. Letter to the Thane (Fish Stick)
  71. La Maison d'Etienne de l'Avarrée
  72. Untamed Vortexes, and Mystical Shields (Open to all Versian PCs)
  73. [Location] Dreamcatcher Theatre
  74. The World's Smallest Violin...(Open)
  75. Wild Magic [Private]
  76. Initiate Ikos (Corentin Please, Private)
  77. Hang Up Your Angst When Playtime is Done [Corentin]
  78. [Self-Mod] Chapter One, Page One...
  79. To Heal is to Help... (Basic Thaumanturgy, Rahzmael Please, Private)
  80. Meeting of the Minds (Duncan, Private)
  81. Polarized Misshaped Shadow
  82. Second Annual Versian Winter Arcana Festival (Open to all, Fae Included)
  83. Revelations (Open to all, Fae included)
  84. [Imaden] The Dark Master (Trinity)
  85. At the Imaden Arcana Faculty: Looking for an 'Intern' (mod please)
  86. A fated visitation [Eyvind]
  87. Regrowing a hand (Fish Stick)
  88. The Serpents arrive!
  89. Rise of the Mage-Assassins (Fish Stick)
  90. Chasing Clariton Troy (Carly)
  91. [Temple of Carmelya] Growth and Blessing in Taralon [Pala and Fishstick]
  92. [Scattered ashes Arcane Warehouse] Window shopping, or maybe more!
  93. [Location] Hush Cemetary
  94. Breaking Isolation (Red Mullet, Open)
  95. [Location] Hodgkin's Weapons and Armor Emporium
  96. [Location] Teros Memorial Clinic
  97. [Location] The Windstepper Stables
  98. [OOC] Ideas for the City
  99. [Location] Imaden School of Higher Learning: Entrance Hall
  100. [Location] Balet'hos Memorial Library
  101. [Location] Facultie Scientia
  102. [Location] Facultie Mechanica
  103. [Location] Imaden's Glory Cafeteria
  104. [News] The Seedling: Current Events
  105. [Location] The Colette Silverleaf School of the Arts
  106. A Brief Respite (Brahkula, Open)
  107. The Versian Winter Festival Ball (Open to all)
  108. [Library] Chasing A Myth [mod/open]
  109. Nomadic Escapades I (Open)
  110. In Search of Enchanted Wood (Pala, Private)
  111. Lights, Camera, Action! [Lyssoryl, Fish Stick please]
  112. [Vers] Gone raffling (open).
  113. [Adventure]Ghosts and Mechanical Mayhem!!! (Open to All)
  114. [OOC] Versian Town Information and Link Map
  115. Meeting with a Mystic (Vers, Private, Erenthril)
  116. Preparing for a ball (Vers, Private, Lyssoryl)
  117. First Annual Versian Winter Arcana Festival (Vers, Open to all)
  118. To Learn Anew (Vers, Private, Fish Stick)
  119. [Draelmar Hold] 2nd Regiment Command Post (correspondance/planning)
  120. Basic Cooking (Vers, Private, Lyssoryl)
  121. Initiate Song (Vers, Private, Lyssoryl)
  122. Rune Mastery (Vers, Ikos Master Training, Private, Carly)
  123. Initiate Elementalism (Vers, Private, Galdor)
  124. Imaden School of Higher Learning: Facultie Arcana (Vers)
  125. Versian City Gates (Vers, PCs post here first to enter)
  126. The Versian City Council (Vers)
  127. Stranger at the Red Mullet (Vers, Intro to The Bounty Hunter's Guild)
  128. The Bounty Hunter's Guild (Vers)
  129. The Red Mullet Inn & Tavern (Vers)
  130. The Crescent Moon Nightclub (Vers)
  131. Scattered Ashes Arcane Warehouse (Vers)
  132. Riley's Elixirs and Alchemical Sundries (Vers)
  133. Furries and Feathers Pet Shop (Vers)
  134. A Visit to Vers
  135. A letter to Odyleon Meiers
  136. Arcana Tournament, Ikos Event (Lohrtar & Carly)
  137. Arcana Tournament, Elementalism Event (Magus)
  138. Initiate Tournament Competitions (Rygan and Drake)
  139. The Versian Arcana Festival (peer-modded)
  140. Redmullet Inn
  141. The Unlikely Task of Finding a Swordsman in a City of Mages
  142. [OOC] Looking for Moderation? Post here!
  143. Arcana Festival Sign-Ups
  144. [outside Vers] northern road
  145. Seeking Deirdre, the Quest Begins (GM Tisiphone please)
  146. XII. In Which Odyleon Does It Himself [GM Tisiphone]
  147. The Other Side of the Coin (Tisiphone)
  148. Versian Link Map & Town Information
  149. [Outside Vers] Ludstone Manor
  150. Moderation Schedule
  151. Hounds on a Halfling's Tail (Willi, closed)
  152. A letter to Odyleon
  153. Assistant Aedile Training (Rhyck Thralôm)
  154. The Artist's Nook
  155. Seedling Office Headquarters
  156. Status Quo: Fashion & Aesthetics
  157. The Versian Gaol
  158. The Vaettin Gardens
  159. The Crescent Moon Nightclub
  160. Furries and Featheries Pet Shop
  161. Shrine to the Aetherians
  162. Ludwig's Trade Post
  163. Scattered Ashes Arcane Warehouse
  164. The Versian City Council
  165. Filgrim's Workshop
  166. Riley's Elixirs and Alchemical Sundries
  167. The Aedile and Prefect's Offices
  168. The Red Mullet Inn & Tavern
  169. Versian City Gates (Post Here First)
  170. Versian Voice Box (OOC Thread)
  171. Strolling in the Sunset (Open)
  172. A nomad settles
  173. Third Time a Charm
  174. [PC Read] Opportunities for Employment
  175. A messenger for Cerius
  176. Domus Exorno: Vers
  177. The Body; Paid in Blood
  178. Interlude, a shadowy retort?
  179. A Beginning for the Darkness...
  180. To Cry Out...
  181. Éclair's Dorm
  182. Junzo's Home: Vers
  183. OOC: Recent Versian Happenings
  184. To Meet with Triumph and Disaster...{S'Lon and Robyn Caliban}
  185. Follow that Gem...{Open, Attn: Mizushin and Erhyne}
  186. Mysteries of the Unknown [open adventure for all PCs!]
  187. Character Development (Private: s'lon)
  188. [Self-mod] Honour's Path: Part II
  189. [Self-Mod] Honour's Path: Part I
  190. Seeking The Master. (Private: Hannas Darkblade)
  191. Under the Gods' Eyes [private, Iranir Andares]
  192. Lost, In Vers, In Love.... (private: S'lon)
  193. Bid my blood to run, before I come undone.....
  194. [Peer Mod] Initiate Sorcery Training (Private)
  195. Urges of Valor (Chary, if you don't mind)
  196. Numbers on the Wall [private, Ryoc Nakumir]
  197. Heart, Mind, and Sword [Private, Faust and Hannas]
  198. Clean Up Begins
  199. Symphony of Blades (Private)
  200. Lost in the City of Dreams (Odyleon?...)
  201. Andovans Home
  202. (GM Mod) Hannas at the Versian City Council
  203. Down with...Taralon? [All PCs Please Attend!]
  204. Sticks and Stones Shall Break Bones...[private, Wadatsumi Tsunami]
  205. :Desertborne in the city:
  206. Andovans Procuring Nature
  207. Characters
  208. Characters
  209. The Sign of the Four... Elements (Private, GM Charybdis)
  210. Under the Tree Again... [open]
  211. To Wield the Power of the Gods (GM Charybdis)
  212. A Legend Brought to Life
  213. [All PCs Subscribe!] Moderation Requests & OOC Notices
  214. [Self-Mod/Peer-Mod] The Red Mullet Inn and Tavern
  215. The Gang's All Here (Private- Invite Only! You know who you are...)
  216. Who'll Adopt a Lonely Elf?
  217. Dance With Chance (Private-Nell Du'Galle)
  218. Conversations in the courtyard of the City Council
  219. Intermediate Bastardsword Training, Sierra (Guardian)
  220. Job Search and/or tattoo training
  221. [PC Read] An Introduction to Vers
  222. OoC: ROLL CALL! (All Versian PCs look!)
  223. ~Errla's home~
  224. [Self-Mod] Yttria's Stables
  225. The distinguished gentleman from Orckon
  226. Preaching about Power (Open)
  227. Notice of Leave
  228. Long time no toad [Invite only]
  229. Seeking Out Vile and the Bounty Hunter Leader (Open, Vile)
  230. A Path Without Regret (closed/mod needed)
  231. [GM Mod] Aedile's Office
  232. Kimorr's house... most of it, anyway.
  233. Versian Character Information Repository ~ All PCs Please
  234. [Self-Mod] The Essentials General Shoppe
  235. [GM Mod] Scattered Ashes Arcane Warehouse
  236. Versian Link Map
  237. Dark Recruiting. (Open to anyone looking for a Mercenary or Assassin job.)
  238. [Self-Mod] Status Quo: Fashion & Aesthetic
  239. The Seedling Office Headquarters
  240. Shadows of the past
  241. Important Notice on Moderation!
  242. Recent Events [IC]
  243. A Charmed Life
  244. [GM Mod] The Bounty Hunters Guild
  245. [GM Mod] Stranger at the Red Mullet (intro to The Bounty Hunter's Guild)
  246. In the Den of Lions (Private, PM AGM Guardian to join)
  247. Once upon a time...
  248. [Self-Mod/GM Mod] Versian City Gates (Post Here First)
  249. Mittenight residence (mod please)
  250. A fresh new start....on her own...