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  1. A Sojourner in a Foreign Land
  2. A Light In Darkness [Nanai]
  3. Enamorous [Faust]
  4. A place in the new order (Faust, private)
  5. (The Slums] The Hostage (Chary please)
  6. Can I bring a friend?
  7. [The Black Citadel] A Meeting of the Minds (Amber)
  8. [Temple of Carnal Love] Growing Pains
  9. Many Happy (?) Returns [Faust]
  10. The Slave Master Returns (Ceva)
  11. The Dark Prince and the Dragon Lich (Shalafi)
  12. [Black Citadel] A Doll Named Tina
  13. [The Black Citadel] Forensic Audit of Centripax Ale Export Partners
  14. [Black Citadel] A Missive for Serion
  15. Rise of the Black Legion [Private - Exposition]
  16. [The Black Citadel] Mail Isn't Always Pleasant (Serion)
  17. [Temple of Carnal Love] To put one's self back together [self-mod]
  18. [The Black Citadel] Silver Harp, Silver Hair, Tarnished Soul, Blackened Air (Faust)
  19. [Temple of Carnal Love] Lost and Found
  20. [The Black Citadel] You can teach a demon new tricks (private)
  21. [The Black Citadel] Blood is thicker than water (Serion, Rilith, invite only)
  22. [Black Citadel] The Training Grounds (Faust - peer mod)
  23. Home again, Home again ( Kezziah's Slave Market)(Faust, Open)
  24. [The Black Citadel] A smiling face hides anger within (Faust)
  25. [The Black Citadel] The return of a madman (private, Faust)
  26. [The Black Citadel] Swords and Sorcery
  27. [First Plane] The Apothecary's Galenicals
  28. [Second Plane] Kezziah's Slave Market
  29. [First Plane] Marauder's Den
  30. [First Plane] Blue Hearth Armoury
  31. [Second Plane] Druid Grove of the Fallen
  32. [Black Citadel] Long live the King?
  33. (OOC) Har'oloth City Profile
  34. [Quest] Sacrilegious Slaughter
  35. Round Three (Gladitorial Event)
  36. [Quest] Betrayer of Hon'elgg (Sai'ath, Private)
  37. [Quest] Vigo the Vanished (Dimitri, Private)
  38. [Quest] The Pledge (PM for Invite)
  39. [Quest] Varelinen's Gambit (PM for invite)
  40. Round Two (Gladitorial Event)
  41. Dagger Refinement; 3 additional styles.
  42. The Face of Winter
  43. So, prison comes with hate (Jaxus)
  44. Getting in is easy, getting out is impossible (Ceva, closed)
  45. [Flashback] Shapeshift! Nose to the wind… (Self-Mod, Lv1 Shapeshifting)
  46. [House Embracing Oblivion] Slave to the Darkness (Mod Please!)
  47. The Hidden Round (Egoiste, Kalinda, open with invite)
  48. Resurrecting Insurrection (Kalinda)
  49. Change In Management /Kalinda/ private
  50. [Location] Quenthel's Chamber
  51. [Location] Quenthel's Torture Chamber
  52. [House Chaos Dawn] Penance. The Price to be paid.
  53. Of Gates and Doors
  54. [Marauder's] Denizens of the Den (Ceva\Quen)
  55. [House Chaos Dawn] Smoke and Mirrors (Any mod pls)
  56. Round One (Gladitorial Event)
  57. Renegade in the Entrance Hall
  58. Come One, Come All (Gladitorial Event, Open)
  59. [Temple of Carnal Love] Wouldn't It Be Lovely? (Kalinda, please)
  60. Delving into the Depths (Kalinda please)
  61. The Art of the Elemental Blade (Private)
  62. Hole in the Wall (Marauders Den) (Mod Please)
  63. A Lord in the Making (Kalinda)
  64. Trial and Error (Elite Whip Training)
  65. The games begin (part 1) (Kalinda)
  66. A Search in the Shadows (Creed)
  67. Asur'Zealy's Apprentice Alchemy Training
  68. Whispers in the Dark (Faust)
  69. Of blood and other ties (Mellonin, pls)
  70. [Asur'Zealy's Chambers] Tell me a story! (Kalinda, pls)
  71. [House Chaos Dawn] A rather crazy plan (Kalinda, pls)
  72. [House Chaos Dawn] Into the shadows (Kalinda, pls)
  73. Spiritual Revival (Kalinda, Please)
  74. [House Chaos Dawn] To serve Chaos Dawn
  75. Intermediate Grafting Training (Self-Mod)
  76. [Temple of Carnal Love] Dabbling in death and darkness
  77. [Har'oloth's first plane] Entretainment in dark places [Aurelius; Open]
  78. [House Chaos Dawn] Of Spiders and their daughters
  79. [Temple of Carnel Love] Glory to the Carnal Behavior (Private ~ Mod Please)
  80. Into the Pits of Aeternia (Kalinda)
  81. A Place To Sleep (open)
  82. [Temple of Carnal Love] A mission of Magic
  83. [Ruins of High Collegium of Dark Arts] Until nothing remains but a smile. (Alessa)
  84. A constant flow would be appreciated. (basic katana, selfmod)
  85. Through a Glass Darkly (Grafting, Self-Mod)
  86. [Location] Serenity Lake
  87. Necromancer afoot... (Moderation needed)
  88. Vyndros' Becoming
  89. Some monsters don't go bump in the night (Ae'den)
  90. Har'oloth Link Map And Profile
  91. The Apothecary's Galenicals - just a bit of shopping.
  92. Double our efforts (Whip Intermediate, Self Mod)
  93. Ceva New Home (Private)
  94. [Temple of Carnal Love] Of Darkness and Death
  95. [Location House Kitrye'veresi] Friends in high places (Private,Mod)
  96. New ways to motivate them (Whip Intermediate, Self Mod)
  97. Secrets found in the underground (open)
  98. [Temple of Carnal Love] Night Moves (Asur, Ceva, Private)
  99. A Dillema of Faith
  100. To the Sound of a Heartbeat Pounding Away. [Private/work]
  101. Broken Brothers (Private, Flashback)
  102. The rats heading below
  103. [House Chaos Dawn] Asur'Zealy Basic Scimitar
  104. [Elggur's Slave Market] The trade of souls (private, Ceva, Raya & Zealy)
  105. Dark Little Muse (Flashback, Closed)
  106. Long lost relative, once removed [Private]
  107. [Asur'Zealy's Chambers] Masks and matrons (Basic Politics)
  108. [Asur'Zealy's Chambers] Vicious poisons and other vile concoctions (self-mod)
  109. Encounters in the Undercity (open)
  110. Cold Lips (Basic Necromancy)
  111. [House Chaos Dawn] Asur'Zealy D'issan's private chambers
  112. The Sweet Melody of Screams (Private)
  113. When neither night or day (Private, Jade)
  114. [Reaper's Den] I got chills, they're multiplyin' (Private, Auer, Mod)
  115. Squashing the Bug (Dicemonk)
  116. [The Marauder’s Den Pub] Bad Company and I can't Deny it (Auer)
  117. [Shadow Market] A new wardrobe (private, Trickster)
  118. Hayan Hands
  119. Be Ye A Friend A Foe? [Ceva, Open]
  120. Children of Death [Seeking the Etos]
  121. Olvann's Apprentice Thaumaturgy Training
  122. The Secrets - Dicemonk
  123. Correspondence of the Past (Private -ATT Ceva Nil'riia)
  124. The Coil and the Victim (Whip Basic, Mod Please)
  125. Nil'riia Home (Pm for invitation)
  126. Daughter of Ashes - Kalinda
  127. A Jagara Seeks Allies in unlikely places (Open)
  128. Trapped in the Dark [Rhox]
  129. [Dimitri] A Message
  130. A Humble begining (Kalinda please)
  131. [Location] Slave Market
  132. [Raven Club] Treading Dark Spaces (Dmitri Wladisyaw)
  133. [Slave Market] That Crazed Girl Improvising Her Music (private)
  134. A Pound of Flesh Temple of Carnal Love (Kalinda)
  135. A Brief Glance at Freedom
  136. Facing the past (Private)
  137. Brief Obituaries (private)
  138. Voodoo. Who do? You do. [Amelia please]
  139. [Correspondences] To Anora With Love
  140. Aura's place of darkness
  141. [The Servant Market] I Could Not Stop For Death (Kalinda, please)
  142. The Ghost Doctor is In [private]
  143. [Raven Club] Veils and Visitors (Dimitri please)
  144. When shall we meet again?
  145. Because it is bitter and because it is my heart (Dimitri)
  146. Head Ache / Initiate Sorcery.
  147. Renewing the Old Alliance
  148. A Brightening in Har'oloth (Obalym)
  149. Servant of the Dark side (Amber Brightwing, Initiate Necromancy, Private)
  150. You Thump 'Em Right Back (Beginner Unarmed Combat - Self Mod)
  151. To Harness A Titan /Faust' D Rinishad/
  152. Rat about Town
  153. A shield of swords... [Self-Mod]
  154. [House Kitrye'veresi] The Status Quo (Kalinda please)
  155. Exchange of services
  156. Dancing in Puddles.
  157. Meeting at the Raven Club (Dimitri)
  158. Into the Beast [Private]
  159. Ah Pity the Fool! (GF'ed|Dicemonk)
  160. Rodenti Quarter
  161. Spreading ones wings
  162. It All Comes Out Eventually [Private]
  163. Seeking a Darker Death (Closed/Dimitri)
  164. The latest stage of development
  165. Portrait of a Family
  166. Rise of the Patriarch (Private)
  167. Eye of the Storm
  168. Gotta Hustle {Dimitri} Closed
  169. Schemes of deceit, webs of darkness (Kalinda)
  170. Meeting Dark Druids
  171. Finding One's Way
  172. Displaced - Open, Mod please.
  173. Sniffing out a trail
  174. Cleanse - [Closed Erenthril]
  175. Setting Rat traps (Dark... I think)
  176. Home of Vesper Sear - Theif and Assassin for Hire
  177. Realised at last
  178. A Grim Ghost (Kalinda)
  179. The Belly Of The Beast.
  180. ~Following the Faith~ (mod please!)
  181. Letter for Olvann Coia
  182. An Audience with Mother
  183. *Live a Life of Love~ (Kalinda, please ^^)
  184. Beginning a New Chapter (Kalinda?)
  185. Slave Selling Mishap [Closed, GFed]
  186. The Festering Wound - [Closed Kalinda]
  187. The Mushroom Stand
  188. Then On The Morrow We Shall Rise.
  189. Towards The Center Of The Mountains //Private {Kalinda}
  190. First Impressions (Open, Need some moderation please)
  191. Whats this? (Tror)
  192. The Final Blow [Closed - Kalinda]
  193. Walking around (open to ALL)
  194. [Location] House Kostith'elgg (House Embracing Oblivion), Second House of Har'oloth
  195. Amber Brightwing's Beginner Potion Making (peer-mod)
  196. The Maze of Memories - the tunnels to Hon'elgg
  197. [Location] Ruins of the High Collegium of Dark Arts
  198. Concert at the Raven [PUBLIC EVENT]
  199. ~ A Raven Returns (Private, Jenos)
  200. [Location] House Kitrye'veresi (House Crescent Moon), First House of Har'oloth
  201. A change of dietary habbits.
  202. The Art of Suffering [Private / Self-mod / GD Kalinda]
  203. Iloncera's hay-YA! training: Basic K'Tesh
  204. Enslaving the enslaver (Private, GD Kalinda)
  205. [Location] Marauder's Den Pub
  206. [Location] The Servant Market
  207. [Location, PC Modded] The Apothecary's Galenicals
  208. [Location] The Shadow Market
  209. [Location]Temple of Carnal Love
  210. [Location] Gioland's Prints and Forgeries
  211. [Location] Blue Hearth Armoury
  212. [Location] House Vhid D'issan (House Chaos Dawn), Third House of Har'oloth
  213. Man out for Bounty. [Private, PC Modded]
  214. Ilocera's hayan training (Private, Ilocera)
  215. Har'oloth's OOC Thread 2
  216. Iloncera
  217. Looking for the Brothers In Arms
  218. No Small Betrayals
  219. [Location] The Raven Club
  220. [Location] The Shadow Market
  221. [Location] Temple of Carnal Love
  222. [Location] The Apothecary's Galenicals
  223. Seeking House Kitrye'veresi (Kalinda Please, Open)
  224. Rincewin in the Reaper's den.
  225. Initiate Necromancy – Radar
  226. Unexpected Horror (Open, punish my PC for his foolishness!)
  227. Return for Vengeance...
  228. [Location] Gioland's Printing and Forgeries
  229. House of Uln'hyrrs
  230. Tools of Manipulation - xGM needed
  231. Searching for Kitrye'veresi (open) (Kalinda please)
  232. Lost in the Undercity [AGM Heikou]
  233. Return of the Prince (Kalinda)
  234. A Cold Night (Mod please)
  235. The Lowest of the Low.
  236. Imaji's arrival/getting drunk
  237. Selling Souls (Sahkree)
  238. A Place in Kitrye'veresi
  239. Bacde's House
  240. Down Amongst the Filth (mod optional)
  241. Maddness Breaks
  242. The Scent of Weakness (required)
  243. The Bonds of Marriage and other Pains (K'trenn)
  244. Intrepid Expeditions
  245. A Debt Repaid: Rebirth of the Dark one [Iseril Al'lende]
  246. Looking For Necromancy Training (Mod Please)
  247. Liack's Return (private, mod please)
  248. Women.....
  249. Going Down? ;) (Private)
  250. Night of Blood {xGM please}