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  1. A Simple Morning Visit (Adyn)
  2. Skepticism is the beginning of faith [Hay'aan]
  3. The Return of the Green (OPEN)
  4. For Those Who Seek The Truth [Sima & Dorian]
  5. Escaping the Past (Rhystlin)
  6. Stumbling into those most important (Dorian Liang)
  7. Je vais bien (Bastion Hill)
  8. Chasing Shadows (Open)
  9. A Dark Elf In A Dark Place
  10. Job hunting (Darian please)
  11. The Changing of the Seasons [Private]
  12. [Le Freeport Bazar] Window Dressing At Dusk (Tragedy & Darian)
  13. [Wall of Weeping] An Unforeseen Obstacle (Open, Mod please)
  14. Looking After the Actress
  15. Use the Force... Essence (Initiate Sorcery)
  16. The Appointment
  17. Return of the Fea Inventor
  18. [Eastern Jaedaxia] An Unlikely Beginning
  19. Time is money, but money is life[private Tal K'Pazhawrl]
  20. Just Off the Boat [Open]
  21. Hot & Spicy a Date with Kyanne (Indefinite)
  22. An Ogre at the Door? (Open)
  23. [CoC]Building a Pixie House
  24. [CoC]Looking for a bush in the forest of Carmelya
  25. [Gates] The High Flyin Pixie
  26. A Tash Family Portrait (Hay'aan)
  27. When Vengeance Ends [Kour'el]
  28. Nettles and tea (Sliucha please)
  29. Hedegmagery! Initiate Necromancy (Indefinite)
  30. Sorcery Training… Hopefully no Fatalaties
  31. Whales Wharf Pub[Cook]
  32. Jaedaxian Gang Removal [open]
  33. [OOC] name changed
  34. Forte et Honneur arrival
  35. Arrival to Jaedaxia [private]
  36. [Correspondence] Sweet Nothings of Ink
  37. I'd Like Some Cheese With That Wine Please!
  38. Oh the sights you will see (Rovain, Open)
  39. Paper Doors and Paper Gods (Barthelme & Lyna)
  40. A Carnival Fernhouse [Open]
  41. [Dreamscape] The Oubliette (Open to Twisted PCs!)
  42. Charisma is the transferance of enthusiasm [Saha]
  43. Flutter On In!! (Bu'fly please)
  44. Stargaze [Bu'fly]
  45. Vengeance in the City of Love
  46. Those who live in glass houses shouldn't cast the first stone [Private]
  47. Maximillian I
  48. [Location] Sima's House
  49. [University of Arcane Sciences] Seeking the light [Larien]
  50. Sleep is a Black Hole, Lost in Time, Like Death [Bart]
  51. Direct Applications of Force [Morholt]
  52. Opportunistic Flair [Hay'aan]
  53. First time's the charm [Hay'aan]
  54. Bon marché tire agent de bourse [Private]
  55. I'm taking that chair
  56. [Jekhipe Art Studio] Lollygagging? What other kind of gagging is there? (Martellus)
  57. Thanks for making me a fighter (Klue, please)
  58. [Jekhipe Art Studio] A customary customer! (Elzith, please)
  59. [The Gaol] Waking hands of fate
  60. [Le Bureau de Propriété] An Ancients Holiday Home
  61. The hammer and the Anvil
  62. This is Jaedaxia
  63. [practice] When you need someone to depend upon...(private, invite)
  64. Of Probability
  65. [Shop] Jekhipe Art Studio: Art for Sale
  66. Jaedaxia en été [Kour'el]
  67. As fleeting as lily blossoms (Sima pls)
  68. Rusty Dream Machine [Barthleme]
  69. Punch the bad guys
  70. Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope. [Private]
  71. The Parasol and Other Inventions
  72. Day Labor (Open)
  73. Adequate and Inadequate Ideas
  74. Fire, Ice, and anythin' nice (Tessa, OPEN for audiences)
  75. Scratchy and Scratchy (Madelyn and Burk)
  76. Eternally Yesterday [Mixie]
  77. [Music Hall] La musique et les autres choses (Sima)
  78. Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful? [Rovain]
  79. Green is the color of Spring
  80. Three Wishes [SELFMOD]
  81. The Potato [OPEN]
  82. Keep it tidy, tiny
  83. She's so Swishy in her Satin [Closed]
  84. Affinity with poisons (Charybdis please!)
  85. Tie Me Down With Cords of Love and Hate
  86. Out on the town (Open)
  87. A Cold Story [Darian, Private]
  88. A verse to awaken a heart (Indefinite)
  89. The Dark Side Beckons
  90. A Little Heart to Heart
  91. A message is bottle from a stranger and a friend...
  92. [Location] Le Manoir de Aquinas
  93. Never got to say farewell [private,Indefinite]
  94. Some Preparations Needed [Selfmod]
  95. As it was Written
  96. Once more, the sun rises (Indefine, private)
  97. Understanding Dynamics [Syris]
  98. [University of Arcane Sciences] Seeking employment (Open)
  99. [L'Epée de GeléeL'Epée de Gelée] One Contrivance Too Many [Lyr]
  100. [Cloison] Pulled Back In. [Private]
  101. At the edge of the sea, the house of the Sun
  102. Le Socrates de Ambergois Institut pour la Recherché - Alchemy (Training, private)
  103. Self discovery [private]
  104. [University of Arcane Science] 2nd time is the Thaum.(Training)
  105. [La Rangée du Négociante]Wandering the Range [Open]
  106. The Collector [Morkar]
  107. Liberation [Private]
  108. [Le Cloison de Pleurant] They Have No Mouth But Must Scream
  109. A Hook for a Hand (Gageteering Practice, Private)
  110. Time For A Change (Magnus, Private)
  111. Look for a Rose, find a Flower? [Indefinite]
  112. [Libre Les Lèvres] Catching My Stolen Breath [Indefinite]
  113. Small world (open)
  114. The language of...Love? [Archalen - Private]
  115. It all started with...(Cordelia)
  116. [University] The Search for the Source
  117. [La Terasse de la Cuisine] Serving Dreams... And Food!
  118. Starry Starry Night [Open]
  119. [Thanal Offices] Gifts are given without expectations (Indefinite)
  120. [Location] Otto's Hovel
  121. Rapier's Dance [Alastar, Rapier lvl1]
  122. [Collegio of Aethereal Studies] Eye of the Tigrus (Indefinite please)
  123. A Fire Shines Bright [Private / Self Mod]
  124. Pathogenesis (Indefinite please!)
  125. Call of nature (Le Parc) [Indefinite]
  126. A Little Bit O' Fun (Shaasskah training) (Aurelius) (Indefinite)
  127. [Blue Norther Tavern] Ho, Ho, Ho, to the Bottle I Go (Trevan)
  128. An Unfamiliar Home (open)
  129. The Daughter of My Enemy is a Dead Woman [Private; Indefinite]
  130. The Jaded Gentlemen (Trevan)
  131. Visit To The D’or Biche (Mod please)
  132. Jaedaxia Link Map and Information
  133. The Official Maps of Jaedaxia (Exterior & Interior)
  134. [Location] Reposée du Meublante
  135. [Location] Grand Magasin d'Épicerie de Grerradus (Grerradus' Grocery Emporium)
  136. [Location] La Petite Morte d'Michelle
  137. [Location] The Blue Norther Tavern
  138. [Location] L'Epée de Gelée (The Sword of Frost) Tavern
  139. [Location] Le Bureau de Propriété (Aedile's Offices)
  140. The time to relax is when you don't have time for it [Thistle]
  141. Letter to the Knights of the New Order and the People of Jaedaxia
  142. [Libertas Bay] Welp. That Escalated Quickly... [Links]
  143. We need breathing Room (Magnus Private)
  144. Pine-tar, caulking-cotton and mallets……check [job, open if curious]
  145. Chasing Dinner (open)
  146. Firm Foundations (Mod Please!)
  147. Hitch Your Wagon to a Star [Ysabelle]
  148. Curiosity Killed the Cat. Good Thing I'm Human. (Trevan)
  149. [La Terasse de la Cuisine] Reuniting is the best part of parting (Klue, please)
  150. Beginner Gadgeteering [Magnus, Self Mod]
  151. The great aim of knowledge is education..or is it?(Indefinate)
  152. Boil boil toil and so on (Master poison training, Goldstein please)
  153. This isn't in the Brochure(Open)(mod needed)
  154. A home is made of walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams [Magnus]
  155. Smithing Days (Magnus, Private)
  156. Education is not received, but achieved [Charlotte]
  157. The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action [Muchaka]
  158. [Location] First day on the job [Indefinite please]
  159. The Crucible [Alastair]
  160. The Short of It (Indef)
  161. The Lasting Pain (Private)
  162. Military intelligence is a contradiction in terms [Thistle-Chaser]
  163. Erasing a Debt, One Way or Another
  164. "E biondo, with glass-grey iris" (Shei'yein)
  165. looking for answers(bardism training) modneeded
  166. We Can Make the World Start [Private, Indefinite]
  167. Socrates de Ambergois University - A Forceful Start (Closed)
  168. [Location] Le Panthéon
  169. An Archdruid and a Katta (Straylor)
  170. Home is Where the Heart Is (Sebastien)
  171. Learning the Language [Basic Jaedaxienne]
  172. What the Night Knows [Private, Straylor]
  173. ... do not want~!
  174. [Defiance] Bureau du senateur, Jaedaxia
  175. Make Me An Offer (open to all!)
  176. To Catch a Thief [Tyana, Indefinite]
  177. [La Parc] La vie en Vert (Indefinite)
  178. [Location] Graphic Stand Tattoo Parlor
  179. Where have you gone? (Zera)
  180. A chance meeting
  181. When Going Spelunking For A Lost City Where Danger is Probable, You Best Be Prepared
  182. A dish best served cold
  183. Rain brings people together [OPEN]
  184. The price of revenge [Open]
  185. Becoming a Sacrifice [Private]
  186. [Rue Felix] An Open Letter to the Aelyrian Peoples (Open)
  187. One thing after Another
  188. Beware Ladies Bearing Gifts [Indefinite]
  189. 'Happy Birthbrightening' Doesn't Quite Have the Same Ring To It [Open]
  190. How To Hold A Sharp Pointy Thing [Stray]
  191. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
  192. Hide and Seek. And Stab and Kill and Bleed and Other Bad Stuff (private)
  193. A crazy goblin picked your senator? Probably better than democracy.
  194. Camping (Or IS it????) [Mirage]
  195. Pucker Up [Aglet]
  196. Of Man & Mousai [Indef]
  197. [Sword of Frost Tavern] They said the Darkening was over [OPEN TO ALL]
  198. First Time Realtor [Indefinite Please]
  199. Where have all the cookies gone?! [Indefinite/Charybdis]
  200. Yet more work (job) (Indefinite)
  201. I know a guy who knows a guy... [Mixie]
  202. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter [Robin]
  203. [Chambre du Commerce] Fixing familial faux pas [Indefinite]
  204. Thrillseeking [OPEN] (Mod Wanted)
  205. A Narrow Miss (Mod Please!)
  206. A Chance Encounter (Private)
  207. [Training] Laughing Bull Armory; Beginning
  208. Potion or Poison
  209. Anything goes [Open]
  210. [Le Bureau du Maire] Talk with a Spot of Tea (Indefinite)
  211. Wandering....
  212. Mind and Body (Private)
  213. You might not want to taste that (Indefinite please!)
  214. [Cloison] Brawling 101 at the Shool of Hard Knocks (Ossian Payne, self mod)
  215. [The Gaol] And then I manslaughtered them! Right in the face! [Ossian]
  216. Shortsword Training (Indefinite)
  217. [Courtisane Ruelle] Blind Dive (Indefinite)
  218. [Location] House Gamont Compound
  219. [Location] House Cherem Compound
  220. [Location] House Kulon Compound
  221. [Location] House Auliya Compound
  222. [Location] Socrates de Ambergois Université - A deception Weilds Power So True
  223. An Immodest proposal (Indefinite please!)
  224. Shiny Bells and Whistles (Open)
  225. [Blue Norther Tavern] To The Pain! (Cain)
  226. [Location] Clash and Contrast
  227. There is Always Room at the Top [Mixie]
  228. It's the Simple Things (Kailin Arabani)
  229. [Mavloix Arrondissement] Big News Travels Fast (Veleraen)
  230. [Jaedah's Mirror] When the Lights Go Out (Indefinite)
  231. [Le Rue Felix] I've Got Friends in Low Places (Hélène)
  232. Grerradus' Grocery Emporium (job) (Indefinite)
  233. Life Behind the Stage
  234. [Siege of Aelyria] - "Starfox" [OPEN]
  235. [La Petite Couronne] La Vie Est Courte
  236. [Haut Rouleau] Making a name for herself (Indef)
  237. Poaching Jaedaexia's Craftsmen [Mod Please / Open]
  238. [Nimaltown] The Eternal River
  239. [Location] Lourdes Academy
  240. [Le Librarie au Delà de Candace du Rose] Diary of a Bookworm (Private, Indefinite)
  241. [Location] La Clinique de Gerard le Guérisseur
  242. [SAIR] A Doctor and a Scholar (Private, Indefinite)
  243. Either Inspiration or Desperation [Ashandra]
  244. Love is One of the Hardest Words to Say and One of the Easiest to Hear [Akira]
  245. [Cloison] Les Incorruptibles
  246. [Palais d'Amethiste] Is anyone home? I've come for your head! [Cirandol? Open!]
  247. Strange bumps in the night! Not one of our girls with her clients this time! [open]
  248. Debt is the Slavery of the Free [Straylor]
  249. [Location] Le Bureau de la Loi Imperial
  250. First on tonights agenda: your face, and the punching thereof.