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Hoskuld Coal-beard is a famous HeroHoskuld Coal-beard is a famous Hero

Hoskuld put his hand up to his face as he heard the elf respond to his story, apparently taking it seriously. It was a good time to have a beard, he thought. The dwarf turned his face down to hide it from view and he hit his other hand, formed into a fist, onto his knee a couple times, as if that were where the laugh he was trying to tamp down on lived.

After a couple moments he looked up at Niven again. ”Aye, maybe I’ll try that,” he agreed, not quite keeping his voice from catching as he tried to answer with a straight face. ”Mayhap I kin make a fortune from fortune tellin’. But not tonight. I’m not sure how beer affects my gi-*snrk* gift.”

And speaking of beer, he looked over at his own. It looked neglected, sad and warm. Unacceptable. He drank it down and looked back at the elf. I shouldn’t. I really shouldn’t, he thought. ”How you doin’ on yer drink there, Niven?” he asked. He wanted another one, and although she didn’t need more, it didn’t feel right to just order for himself.
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