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Logan raised an eyebrow at the dwarf, his mouth still twisted into an amused grin, and gave a short nod. A few minutes later, a bowl of pretzels and one of nuts appeared on the bar in front of the pair. Logan took another long look at Niven before shaking his head and moving to receive the order of one of the barmaids.

Niven took swigs from her mug of ale as Hoskuld spoke, nodding slowly, her head heavy, at appropriate places. Each time he paused, she opened her mouth to reply, but then seemed to forget what she was going to say and promptly closed her mouth again, or popped a piece of pretzel into it.

“I don’t recommend getting married too young. When you have time, you should take it,” the elfess said. “ My husband had an adopted elf son he wanted to let court a girl and he was barely twenty one!I Twenty one! Far too young to get married. A baby!” Pause to take a sip. "No, time is what is needed. To be older and wiser and more certain of your partner. I made the mistake of getting married too young and look where it has lead me!”

She opened her arms, waving her mug in the air, a pretzel stick in the other hand and almost fell off her bar stool. She leaned forward and gripped the bar, dropping the pretzel, miraculously not spilling a drop of liquor. “Whoa!” A huge amused grin on her face.

“Both of our species are long lived, and we were together 7 years before we actually got married, but clearly that was not even enough time for us to be strong enough to handle what the gods threw at us.” She looked melancholy for a moment before her face took on a more determined, even vexed look.

"You know, I expected better from him! He was a priest of the church for a long time! He should not have thrown away what we had so easily. He had often said that he’d wade through the fires of Aeternia to be with me. That I was the suns in his sky, the reason he breathed. He’s still breathing!!” She insisted, rather loudly.

“But clearly not!” she continued, in her inebriated state not caring that the other patrons of the bar were starting to stare as her words rang out, reverberating off the stones. “Clearly it was not about what I needed or how I felt about the news when it made itself known! Nooooooooo! It was all Dante this and Dante that. He wouldn’t be in the same room as me, let alone look at me. Froze me out. Never gave me a chance to explain! I didn’t ask for what happened it just did. And I was certain it had been a dream until it seemed it couldn’t possibly be!” A sip of her ale. "Of course, then there was the vial from the potion I found among my things later as well. I must have slipped it into my pocket at some point. That pretty much sealed the deal that it most definitely was not a dream.”

The druidess paused, thinking for a moment over everything she’d just said. “Dreams are funny things, aren't they? I did have a dream once that was actually a dream, but with real people in it. At least I hope it was a dream. It would be pretty messed up if it hadn’t been!!" Niven giggled. "Actually that’s how I met Kailin! In the dream. Well, initially anyway. We met in the real world about an era ago. Boy, were were surprised to see each other!"


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