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The male watched as Niven sifted through what he had said, found a place for it, wherever that might be. He did not miss the flicker of her expression and he wondered what caused it, if she was somehow put off by his revelation. If that were so, he considered if it were not more to do with the memories it might conjure of her ex-husband than anything, for had he not been a Priest at some point?

He waited for her to arrange her thoughts, and when it seemed she had, he sought to answer the question that followed.

“ I do” A confirmation then, less alien than it might have felt a few months ago. His was not a blind faith, not yet. But he found it easier to acknowledge that perhaps the hand of the All Father was behind more than he might have realised. And then a slight shake of his head.

“Not yet...but I am learning. It’s a long path to walk, or so I have been told. And not an easy one. But I try”

Indeed, he had found himself tested already, enough to make Silevon’s warnings of the rigours ahead settle home a little deeper. And yet it had not swayed his course. And that he’d had that focus, that stability, in everything that gone on since Winter, had made it possible for him to cope, he was sure.

Not without the odd stumbling block, came a small, quiet observation from his psyche, and Calanon was not so proud as to deny it. He was not entirely changed after all, and there had been moments that he was glad his mentor had not borne witness too, for they had not been his most glorious. But here they were, in the aftermath of that storm, and things had settled, mostly.

He moved to pull out the chair a little more for Niven as she made slow progress toward it, shifting back to lean against the counter once more as she settled herself into the seat. He could not blame her, he supposed, for doubting him. She had after all, seen him in some of those less glorious moments….

But, yes, he had found some measure of peace in his practice, something to channel his restive energy into, rather than trying to subdue or mask it with his more traditional vices.

“It is good to have a focus, yes” he agreed, meeting her questioning gaze. “ I have been trying to make better choices, as you know, and it has helped I think, in that”

He felt fitter, sharper, in mind and body. And only part of that could be attributed to the fact that the thought of whiskey still made him nauseous. But before he could expound more on that element of his practice, Niven rather put him on the spot with her next question.

Aah. No. Not all there was to it. Not by a long shot. A fact that would become clear once he was summoned once more,and Calanon paused and swallowed, wondering how to go on.

“Uh...well. There are some tenets I must uphold. Nothing ridiculous “ he assured, for there were some faiths that made truly outlandish demands. Thus far, Silevon had revealed no such thing to him. “...and I am still learning, so I must go when my mentor calls. There is much that is unknown to me still, but for the most part, I meditate daily and run through the forms and it does not interfere too much with the rest of life”

He hoped that by sandwiching the fact that he might be called away again in the middle of that might mean her attention did not settle too fully there, and once he had finished, he turned toward the fire on the pretence of checking if the water yet boiled, though he knew it would not.
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