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Fanatics? Calanon barely suppressed a wince at that, thinking it did not bode well for the rest of what he had to tell. He certainly did not consider himself as such, but others? The male paused, not entirely certain how to go on.

“They….follow Phedos yes.” he settled on after a moment., then revisited her earlier question . “ The elf I met was a Quel’anthasan Sword Dancer. He had been laying the..” A flash of memory, bleached bones in his hands and Calanon was forced to swallow around the sudden lump in his throat before he could continue. “ Laying the bones of our kin to rest.” He could not bring himself to speak of how he had worked alongside Silevon in that clearing that had once been his home.

“Whilst I recovered he told me a little of his beliefs, Niven...and it spoke a great deal to me that there was no sign of any others there , doing as he did. It makes sense in a way, does it not, that it is our creator and his followers who would show most care?” Indeed, it was that which had made it not so far a leap for the Sylrosian to consider Silevon’s offer.

He had been vulnerable then he knew. Perhaps the Trelorean had taken advantage of that. But it had made sense to Calanon, and he had been trying to find his way through the faith required of him since . He watched Niven’s face carefully for some sign of her thoughts on his words, before he gave a shrug.

“ He offered, when I was there, to teach me some of what he knew. To wield my magic and my sword as one, to find the quiet and focus needed to do so….. And that is what I do, each morning. Sometimes more.”

He let that settle a moment, not sure how to explain exactly what else he’d signed up for, the knowledge that he could be called away any day having a different kind of meaning now, he realised, as his gaze dropped to take in the swell of Niven’s belly. And that he knew when he was next summoned it would be to Trelore.

Perhaps he remembered why he had not spoken of this, after all.
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