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Hoskulds words rang true for the elfess as she considered them through her slightly foggy senses. Unlike a human, she had the time to take to raise her children before starting a career. She was only almost 100, plenty of time to properly raise her twins to maturity before pursuing a career. She didn’t have to be a Healer right away. But then she wanted to.

And then there was the work she wanted to do in the Sylrosian forest. The sooner that got started, the sooner it would be able to thrive and grow. And then it would be time that would restore the mighty oaks and other vegetation that had made up the forest so that once again Sylrosians could make their home among the trees.

Starting to feel more than a little light headed as her tankard got close to being empty again, she nodded slowly.

“Kailin is a human,” she said, rather stating the obvious. “She has a career. Painting. And shipping….or merchanting. Is that a thing?” Niven turned her head to look at the dwarf. “She’ll be old by the time the twins are of age. Could you imagine? Being fifty and old?” The idea seemed ludicrous.

A grin graced her features at the toast. “To dreams and fulfilment!” she said, rather loudly lifting her tankard. She then tipped it back and finished it.

Niven thought for a moment. She probably shouldn’t have another. But she was having a good time and the dwarf seemed to want another and it was rude to make him drink alone right? Eventually, she nodded.

The rap on the counter brought Logan over.

“Another?” He asked Hoskuld, wiping his hands on a towel. Logan then ventured a glance at Niven. He’d never seen her drink this much before.

he asked, holding up two fingers.

“Yes,” Niven replied. “Another. And make it what he’s having.”

The human bartender failed to hide his amused smile. “Alright,” he agreed amiably but resolved to keep an eye on the petite elfess. He took their mugs and returned promptly with two full ones.

Niven reached for hers and pulled it closer, bending down to smell it. It smelled alright. Definitely stronger than the mead she’d been drinking. Putting her hand through the handle she raised it to her lips and took a sip.

Not bad!

Putting it down again, she turned to Hoskuld. “So your brother married. Have you ever thought about it? Marriage I mean? Finding a girl, settling down, having mini-dwarves. Is there currently a girl?” Apparently, a little drink made the elfess’ tongue a bit loser and dissolved her filter.

As she waited for his response the elfess wrapped her other hand around her tankard as well and leaned forward on with her forearms on the bar.


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