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Her head still down, Niven heard Calanon poke at the fire with the iron and then lay another log on it,as I assume this is what you meant by stoke the fire but didn’t make any movements. She closed her eyes before he started to speak again.

Sighing, Niven forced herself to open her eyes and go back to her task. She opened the tin of tea and started scooping the leaves into the teapot as Calanon continued. Pausing, Niven tried to think of who exactly it would be that Calanon would want to be putting to rest. He did not explain, so she moved past it, dropping the spoon back into the tin and fastening the lid, before putting the tin back into the cupboard.

Turning to finally look at him, the elfess leaned against the counter, her hands between her body and the cold slab of stone. Her eyebrows lifted as he spoke of his near-death experience and concern filled her features.

“Thank the gods,” she breathed, a hand moving to rest on her large belly.

He continued and as he revealed that he had been rescued by another elf, the elfess’ eyebrows rose again.

“There was another elf there?” she asked. “A Sylrosian?” Niven raised a hand before he could answer. “I’m sorry. Continue.”

“A Sword Dancer,” she repeated, looking confused. “I remember them, they were fanatics, always going on about Phedos. I didn’t know any nor saw any, but everyone heard about them. There were none in my village."


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