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Hoskuld Coal-beard is a famous HeroHoskuld Coal-beard is a famous Hero

Hoskuld gazed at the trace of foam around the edge of his beer and grinned at the thought of Calanon as a father. The image of him getting baby pee or spit-up on his face amused him; it also briefly made him think of elves a bit differently. You looked at their cool, composed features and smooth, ever-perfect skin and never thought of those features and skin getting babied on. And to his surprise, he didn’t take too much glee from the idea (not *too* much); it was actually endearing, a prospect that made those seemingly aethereal beings seem more down-to-Telath.

More serious and sobering were the concerns Niven voiced about her future. He nodded sympathetically. ”Yeah, that can’t be easy,” he offered, unable to think of much else to say. But how to continue that observation? The dwarf knew all about needing money and having uncertain prospects; however, he had never had anybody but himself to take care of. How would *he* want to have a couple helpless hungry infants to worry about as well, he wondered?

And no, she didn’t want to stay here. She wanted to do many other things. Become a healer, rebuild Sylrosia…it was a lot. ”I guess that’s a difference between us and humans,” he observed. ”Humans have some kids, they stop and raise ‘em, and by the time the kids are all grown the parents are already middle-aged. My parents had eight kids over about sixty eras. When the youngest moves out, they’ll still be fairly young, with centuries of health ahead of them. Who knows what all they could do with that time?”

He gestured towards Niven. ”You might not want to wait that long, of course, to do all those things. But you *could*. Bein’ a full time mom wouldn’t cost you half your career like it would a human.” He stopped himself and shrugged sheepishly. ”I don’t know if it helps to think about that or not.”

A bit of awkward silence followed, as the dwarf seemed to mull something. Then, perking up, he said ”I hope you’re able to accomplish everything you want. It sounds like a lot, but there’s nothin’ wrong with dreaming big.” He picked up his mug. ”To dreams, and their fulfilment.”
After draining it he set the tankard down with a sharp rap. Three he thought. ”Another one?” he asked the elfess.
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