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Having learnt by now that assuming Niven was incapable of managing things such as bending to light a fire did not always go down well, Calanon wisely kept quiet as the elfess did just that. He had felt her gaze upon him before she stirred, had anticipated the question that was surely to follow, but she’d surprised him then, so he ate, trying not to grimace at the tartness of the fruit but glad of something in his belly regardless.

It was only when there the crackle of flames broke the silence that Niven did too, and the male’e eyes slid sideways to look at her, Calanon chewing and swallowing before he answered.

“I am usually up this early” he said carefully. It was true enough, the dawn having become his faithful companion some months back. He just wasn’t usually disturbed, so...that was different. Niven set sugar down on the table, and Cal gave in and sprinkled some over the grapefuit before he ventured anything further to the elfess.

“ It is easier to focus on things before the world is up and about and distracting me I find”. He said it lightly, though more than aware that it would lead them down a path of revelation that he had not shared with Niven thus far. He couldn’t remember why now. Why should she not know?

With the slight sweetness afforded by the sugar, Calanon found his breakfast went down much easier, and son he had set down the spoon and risen to clear away the remnants before he approached Niven and stilled her hand where it rested upon the handle of the stove kettle pot. “Here, let me”

Indeed, he knew he would find it easier to talk if he had something to keep his hands busy, so the male set about filling the kettle and then hung it from the hook above the flames, so he had his back to Niven when he spoke next.

“We have not spoken much, have we, of what happened when I returned to Sylrosia?”
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