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Niven nodded where appropriate during Hoskuld's story. She was happy for him, truly, that his family had managed to escape the same fate hers had. There was perhaps a lick of jealousy in there too. If only she’d thought to invite her family to see her and Dante in Demios. But would they have come after how things had been left? Niven frowned at the thought. Likely not. They had objected quite strongly to her relationship as if they had seen or known something that she had not seen. Perhaps they were trying to save her from herself.

But then who knew? Perhaps in her interest in making peace would have made all the difference. If she couldn’t have saved everyone, perhaps she could have saved her mother. Her mother would have had the chance to see her grandchildren, been there when she’d given birth to them. But then maybe they wouldn’t exist? Niven would likely never have been in Port Alyxandrya that darkening if she hadn’t gone to Moonstone to bid her family farewell. Things wouldn’t have played out as they had. The idea that her children would never have existed stopped her thoughts in their tracks. She couldn’t imagine a life without them. And wouldn’t want to.

Giving her head a slight shake, she broke out of her thoughts and focused once again on what Hoskuld was saying. Something about in-laws and Arconis?

“Yes,” Niven agreed with a soft melancholy smile, managing to catch the last thing he said. “You are very fortunate. I am sorry about your friends, though."

Logan reached for her soiled stein of mead and replaced it with a fresh one. Niven flashed him a grateful smile before smiling and raising her mug to meet that of the dwarfs.

“To all our people,” she echoed, letting her glass clink against his before taking a hearty drink.

“Mmmm,” she said as she put the back of her hand to her chin to catch a but of mead that had slipped down her face. “So how do you know Calanon and Kailin?"


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