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”What the Feth”

Daffydd felt the attack. The pain was excruciating. He felt that he was losing himself to the darkness, but as he was attuned to the entropic plane he wasn’t affraid of his destiny. If it was that he should leave the material plane then so be it.

He awoke looking upon the naked body before him, the attack he had felt was now shown on the woman’s body, blood congealed around the wound edges, the lifeless body, Grey and still, a certain beauty in the death pose in which it lay. Daffydd looked around him. The trees were still there, but less defined than before. Images were a little cloudy, or maybe obscured, by his brains own reactions to what had just happened. He had trouble trying to come to terms with the acceptance of passing, to being brought back to reality on the material plane, and then the changes to the objects that had been before him. The cloak was gone, the trees were somehow changed, and... ”Who in Jalat’s name is that?.

Daffydd’s voice croaked as he called out ”Serale?”

Perhaps it was just his mind playing tricks on him? Perhaps not, for he was sure he had seen someone, or maybe something watching him. The cold air was beginning to bring him back to his senses. If there was something watching him then perhaps they were friendly, but then again, in this place? The odds were stacked against that idea, but so far he hadn’t been attacked, except for, from a mental perspective. Perhaps this one watching had some form of connection to mystism able to control what he was sensing? Daffydd didn’t know, or couldn’t tell if he was being controlled in anyway, but he was going to look to see if this being was real that he could just perceive in front of him.

He then realised he was on his knees in the snow and ice, which wasn’t a good thing as he was now damp from the knees down. Perhaps he’d make camp, or find some place he could settle to dry off later, but for now, the way back was not available, the way forward? He would find out. He stood and after brushing off any snow from his legs, he would look to head forward a few paces to see if the image of the ‘watcher’ would improve. The way ahead was dark, but that didn’t bother him, for he was a part of that darkness himself. He would look out towards where he had seen this being, if it wanted to make itself known then fine, if it blended back into the darkness, Daffydd would Take a couple of more steps forward, checking his surroundings as he would approach where he had seen his ‘watcher’.
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