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Niven would not have to watch Hoskuld closely for signs of recognition at all; they were all over his face -actually, they were all over *her* face, as a fine spray of beer, foam, and spit gushed out of his lips to moisten the lovely elfess’ features the moment she mentioned the names. ”Cala…” the dwarf’s voice choked out from somewhere behind the beer-scented mist. ”Aw, feth, pardon! Sorry ‘bout that,! he added hastily, apologizing for his companion’s sudden beer bath. It was a good thing he had already swallowed most of it so that she was merely dampened instead of drenched.

A few moments of wheezing and awkwardness followed, as Hoskuld tried to recover his composure, and then to make up to the elf for losing it in the first place. When he was ready to try to speak again he said: ”Calanon and Kailin! Niven, I know about ten people in all Port Alyxandrya, and those are two of them. I don’t believe it! Calanon, heh!”

He shook his head in disbelief, wiping the beer spray off his own face; he was reluctant to offer to do the same for the elf for all sorts of reasons, and so didn’t. Shoulda known that crazy elf would be in the middle of a ‘complicated’ situation, he thought to himself; however, he would have credited Kailin with more sense. She was so wholesome, after all. Still, they were together, so Cal’s problems became hers. Poor girl.

And his incredulity and amazement only grew as Niven recounted the further details of her and Cal's ordeals. A few moments later, these moods slid into outrage when Niven came to what had befallen her children. For a flicker or two, the dwarf thought the elfess must be pulling his leg; he eyed her sharply, waiting to see if she would break character. When she started crying instead, he could only shake his head in wonderment; he was almost too baffled by the story to feel angry.

”I-I…Haya’s stinkin’ hoo-hoo,” he swore quietly, ”I had no idea, Niven. First, I didn’t know Calanon had lost family to the Fog, though I guess I shoulda figured that. But…for a god to take your children? I don’t have words. Why would a god do that? To *you*?!”

He looked down and fell into awkward silence. What could you say to something like that? How did one possibly make things whole after that. Well…you couldn’t. But sometimes, his mother used to tell him, doing a small, good thing could help.

With a deprecating snort he said: ”I suppose the least I could do is get you a new drink. I think I spit into yours.”
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