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oocA Theory that s crazy mod Mod like person May be able to help...Me? This is going to get a little crazy :-). Shall we have some fun?

The bar tender had been standing, as most bar tenders do, behind the bar. He was watching the little one playing cards and discussing something that he had heard about a while back now. The bar tender was a little rotund in shape, but smartly dressed, with slick, oiled jet black hair. He had a thin moustache, also waxed, to a fine point on both sides of his face, with an intense blue iris in his left eye, and a softer Green coloured iris in his right eye. He put down the glass he had been cleaning, and approached the two fellows that were seated at his bar.

”Serale Gentlemen. I couldn’t help overhearing some of what you happen to be discussing this fine brightening. Now then, would you be looking to partake of some liquid refreshment this brightening whilst you discuss the disappearing forest, or you just want to discuss why it only disappears during the brightening candlemarks?”
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