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With fae 'in hand' so to speak, the elfess began their journey through the city. She started with the basics, gesturing to taverns and inns along their path. In truth, it felt as if she were rambling a bit due to the level of detail she tried to remember in her previous explorations through the area. After all, one might never know when their killer will strike - best to air on the side of caution and memorize her surroundings.

There were a few times that she ducked into an alleyway, particularly when it came to nearly passing a tavern, but overall her movements weren't too harsh. Every now and then, however, the fae would feel something lightly smacking at his wing. Only to see nothing there. Strange.

In their travels, Tali slowly came to a halt. She hadn't meant to take this path, she simply got caught up in the sightseeing aspect of it all. It felt as if each time she blinked, that damned mask flashed in front of her face for a split second. Unable to rid herself of it, she took a sharp turn and began to move a bit faster. Once they broke through the shadows, the triple suns' rays brought emphasis to the lack of color in her face now.

Despite this, she tried to power on as if nothing had happened. She glanced over at her shoulder and offered a small smile. "Any questions so far?"

Bat. Bat. Niko was having too much fun messing with the creature's wings.

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