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If Tali hadn't still been in the process of recovery, she likely would have laughed at the pixie's comments. However, she managed a small attempt at a smile. "Uh, no he's a nimrban. His name is Nikomori, but I call him Niko. He usually doesn't harm people, he just likes to play a little rough. I'm glad you're alright, though." Was it rude to bend down and try to be a bit more on his level? Hopefully not because down she went! It was definitely on accident, however, that in doing so the crevice of her bosom managed to push itself a bit higher in the opening of her blouse. Oops.

"I'm Tali, by the way. It's nice to meet you." Another smile, a bit warmer than before spread across her pale features. Her gaze began to wander around the area in search of what had brought Niko and her pixie friend to this part of the city. "May I ask what brings you to Port Alyx? Do you live here or are you just passing through?"

Niko didn't mean to misbehave! He wanted to make a new friend, was that so wrong of him to do? How could he be punished for playing with the small creature? From the pouch came a pathetic whimper, pleading he be pardoned for his sins and released from the accursed pouch of timeout.

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