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Just had this random funny idea for the old fortuneteller one:

Hoskuld scowled at the old man, examining his ears to make sure they weren’t pointed. Usually it was elves that caused him this much aggravation. Without opening his mouth he emitted what sounded like the angry groan of a rusty hoist being worked for the first time in eras.

”Alright, Mister” he responded, glaring at the fortuneteller through the gloom that lay across the table ”I shall tell ye your fortune. I sense a presence nearby, poised in the darkness, something powerful although small. It means you harm, aiming to strike unseen at the first sign of weakness or folly.”

There was a brief commotion under the table, followed by a sharp cry from the old man as the dwarf’s toe found his shin.

”There, it is fulfilled,” Hoskuld declared crossly. ”Now tell me my fortune or give me my swords back, ya faker!”
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