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Scene with nekked man on a couch.

Warm rays of sunshine streamed through the windows of the studio where a nude man posed on a fainting couch for an artist. One of the windows was open and as a light breeze wafted through the man gave a shiver.

“It’s cold in here, can I close the window please?” he requested. A petite woman peeked out from behind a large canvas perched on a wooden easel, her eyes peering at the male model over thick black rimmed glasses. There was a paintbrush in her mouth and paint on her nose, forehead and cheeks. Her milk chocolate coloured hair was all twisted up in a knot at the crown of her head, the handle of an old paintbrush holding it in place. She gave the model a once over and then sighed. “Fine,” she said after taking the paintbrush out of her mouth. “Just stay put.”

Walking across the room to the window, her paint-splattered smock flaring as she moved swiftly to her goal. Quickly she pulled the window shut with a bang, before walking quickly back to her easel.

“Thank you,” the man said a grateful look on his face.

Once again, he struck the pose he’d been hired for. His hand once more came to cradle his head, his other arm resting on his hip while the rest of his muscular body was stretched out across the length of the couch. He gave a sexy smoulder.

“Hold it riiiiiiiiiight……..there,” the artist said, giving him a thumbs up.


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