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Originally Posted by Moss Oktra'rek View Post
Are there specific threads that gain 1 MP? Or can any thread fit that criteria, including social ones? Does the MP have to be used on a skill or craft or item related to the thread where it was earned?
You only get MP for threads that require moderation. It does not have to be used on something related to that thread, but it does have to be used on one of your skills and potentially possessions (in the instances where you own something like a farm, a mine, a shipping business, or something to that effect).

MP is basically a resource that represents the time and resources you have between threads and gives you a way to use that.

Originally Posted by Cherjaine View Post
1. So we gain 1 MP per thread, regardless of what happened like What Moss ask above.
If I have a workshop, do I gain more immediately?
No. You get more out of using MP if you have a workshop, you do not gain more MP. The instances of getting 2 MP will be for threads that are specifically aimed at your character getting resources, crafting things, and things like that.

Originally Posted by Cherjaine View Post
2. In the future, if I am training others in alchemy, is it XP worthy?
Maybe? The qualifiers that cause you to get more experience are all listed, if your thread fulfils one or more of these, then you do, if it doesn't you don't.

Originally Posted by Cherjaine View Post
3. Can I still roleplay crafting item out without MP and still gain that item and XP?
Yes, you can still roleplay crafting things. Whether you get experience for that or not will depend on if it fits any of the qualifiers listed.

Originally Posted by Cherjaine View Post
4. Do we get passive MP for owning a shop at the end of every month?
No. If you want to get MP to work with you need to be active and complete threads.
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