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Aelyria Rules Hotpatch 3.409

Good morning, everyone.

We are gathered here today for a small rules change to do with how experience works.

In the past characters have gained one experience point per thread or two if they did a lot of stuff. Going forward we will be removing that cap, you can now gain as many experience points as you are able to earn throughout a thread.

The difference will be mainly in how you earn them, it's no longer enough just to use your skill to gain experience, you have to meet specific goals to do so. A fighting skill will make you have to face off against a worthy opponent, a magic skill will have you try to gather new knowledge on magic, etc.

Peer moderators are encouraged to point out to staff what a character has done to earn experience points.

In addition, we have thrown in a little something to maybe make things a little easier for those of you out there with crafting skills, or who are itching to imbue something. The introduction of Material Points which more or less signify how much time and resources a character gets between threads, these points can be turned into things in game, like a blacksmith might use them to make an axe, or a mage an imbuement.

For more information, please read here.

If you have questions, please ask.
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