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Hoskuld Coal-beard is a famous HeroHoskuld Coal-beard is a famous Hero

Special abilities
Apart from his unusual facility for maintaining his bearings underground, Hoskuld also has the following special abilities:

Leering and vulgar crotch-grabbing
These abilities are typically used together.

Deep meditation/contact with the Material Plane
Hoskuld is capable of entering a deep trancelike state during which he can come into contact with the material plane. This is accomplished by lying down (thus establishing contact with the Material Plane) and closing his eyes. He can maintain this state for several hours. Sometimes he snores.

Abilities involving his 'personal item'

Hoskuld's personal item is, as mentioned earlier, a strange rock about the size and shape of a finger, tied to a piece of string, which is looped into a groove near the rock's center of gravity. When allowed to hang freely, the rock is roughly balanced in a horizontal orientation.

Hoskuld's mother once told him that this rock possesses special abilities which might help him in his explorations and sojourns, but did not specify how. Through some experimentation, he has discovered some abilities that the personal item has.

Mystical Oscillation
Hoskuld can produce oscillations in the rock by swinging it back and forth on the string. This has the effect of mystifying people in the immediate vicinity as to what the dwarf is doing.

Hoskuld can cause the personal item to fly short distances by throwing it.

Elemental Resistance
The rock is highly resistant to cold, fire, water, and acid damage. The string from which it is suspended is less so, but is relatively easy to replace.
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