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  • (1) Iron Dagger | stolen
  • Set of Thieves' Tools | a gift from her Father

Magic Items
  • (1) Ruby Ring | Level 2 Healing Imbuement | reward from Sliucha for Dolwoods Quest

Major possessions
  • Visa (1)
  • (1) Necklace | Given by her brother as a child (used to belong to their mother)
  • Map (1) | hand drawn with each city marked with the best exit routes and obstacles
  • Key to Room 232 (ZA) | Given by Sliucha
  • Journal | second page of the CIR is the contents/format of the journal
  • Jewelry Box | Stolen from the Church of Faith
    NOTE: It is made of whalebone and inlaid with narwhal ivory. The inlay work is quite intricate. It is secured with a small, well-made lock that she can't open right now
  • Lined satchel| bought in the markets so that Niko can have a place to sleep and store the treasures that he collects along the way
  • Sturdy Rope | bought in the markets for any sort of areas where Niko can't be trusted to roam free
  • Necklace | made from crystals found in a cavern within the Great Mountains | a gift crafted from Links

Miscellaneous Items
  • Blanket (2) | purchased in Port Alyx
  • lantern w/ oil | bought in Ziel Aerca
  • chalk | bought in Ziel Aerca

Potions and Poisons
  • (3) poisons | when consumed: near immediate paralysis, followed by a slow fade into unconsciousness for those with poor mental fortitude

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