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Talindra Koranthil is a famous HeroTalindra Koranthil is a famous Hero


Thief/"Land Surveyor"

  • teacher: father
  • Per Sliucha, my line of work/occupation under the Governor is a 'land surveyor'

Secrets :
Thieving | Level: 1
◆◆gifted via starting package |


  • teacher: Griffith
  • learned a few things from Moss along our travels to Port Alyx

Secrets :
Mysticism | Level: 1
◆◆ |

Combat Training: Dagger

  • father taught me the basics, but nothing of real value beyond basic self-defense

  • received lessons from Barthelme
Secrets :
[Bladed Weapons | Level: 0


  • learned of the art through meeting Embel
  • learned some recipes from a witch in Port Alyx

Secrets :
Alchemy | Level: 1



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